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  1. But if your hand touches metal, I swear by my pretty floral bonnet I will end you. The table can be stored in a B-tree using the primary keys to organize the data.
  2. I had a dream that I went to some kind of weird event with some people I went to high school with. We were given big floppy hats and told to climb up and down walls and through caves. My hat was so big and floppy that the back of it it fell far past my shoulders and almost looked like a cape. I found a clothing store in one of the caves, but instead of normal clothing sizes, the sizes were called "You comin' at me, or what?", "Almost there", "I can try to put this on you, but you're not gonna like it", and "Dang right you're not gonna like it!", and instead of the sizes being printed on the tags, an obnoxious disembodied voice would say the size name when you moved close to a piece of clothing, and then chuckle creepily. Then, another person at the event nonchalantly told me that the world had just exploded. When I panicked, she quickly clarified, "It didn't explode a lot. Just a little bit."
  3. The colors red and yellow are known to increase a person's appetite, which is why it's commonly used in fest f00s ;ofos To paint is to love again, and to love is to live life to the fullest.
  4. Sunbeam ============ Uninformed
  5. At least, bu some small muracle, I know where the comma is on my phone keyboard. I have like 10,000 blankets. It's not going to kill me to have another blanket on my bed.
  6. But in that case, where did the chicken laying the first egg come from? It's true that there have been extremely rare cases of chickens giving birth to live chicks, but even in those cases, it happened because the egg was fertilized while still inside the hen, so there was still an egg involved.
  7. Vlutenfree shopping, cooking and baking firstly requires reading plenty of small prints! But we were typing, typing with our eyes closed, eyes closed.
  8. ...read the comments on a YouTube video. Problem forumlation is the process of...
  9. Conversation ============ Inheritance
  10. All Hail Lord Starscream! Tyrant of the Firmament! Our company is shoddy at best. A lot of people don't see that there are ways to fix this.
  11. I baked cinnamon cookies today, with plenty of almond! My girlfriend baked peppermint cookies today, and she's going to send me some!