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  1. On the third fay of Christmas, the Dark Lord TH fabr yo mr: three new announcements, two as a limit, and a biome full of old CB eggs! Black bears give Alabama computer science professor the scare of a lifetime on North Carolina road.
  2. Happy Holiday -- the Manhattan Transfer version
  3. New ACC Dragon(s) LXVVe Story f8aaT Chance
  4. On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me 2 rainbow coppersl a 2G prixe and a Holly! We decided to move the furniture so we could dance.
  5. Right now, my brain is alternating between Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, With a Little Help From My Friends by The Beatles, and Getaway Car by Taylor Swift.
  6. I had dream the other night where I was staying in some kind of penthouse or something with a bunch of other people, and there was another group of people in a different identical penthouse. The penthouse didn't have a normal bathroom; it had a big locker-room type bathroom with one of those big communal showers, and for some reason everyone living there had to shower at the same time, but it didn't bother me because we all showered fully dressed. While I was showering, one of the other people got out of the shower early and called me to come look at something. She and a few other people were gathered around a set of those coin-op binoculars that they have at tourist sites, and she handed me a quarter and told me to put it into the slot and look through the binoculars, and I would be able to see into the other penthouse. When I did, I saw one of my childhood friends in the other penthouse, and he just said "Oh, gosh!" and then I woke up.
  7. Augment ============ Relevant
  8. heavensin

    Song Name Game

    So It Goes... - Taylor Swift
  9. Excite =========== Fearless
  10. On the first day of Christmas, mt reiw locw gsce to me a 2G Prixe and a Holly! It was text from a predictive text generator program that I was messing around with.
  11. Continuous ============= Gorgeous
  12. New ACC Dragon(s) 55 MPHis the Speed Limit Power sRGe1
  13. I hit the "submit reply" hutton too early; hence, U must edit in the next person's challenfe. Everybody's a fairy and my heart's throwing pebbles and the tractor in another bedroom.
  14. New ACC Dragon(s) GUlyf of the Farallones
  15. New ACC Dragon(s) H2Lly Wood Sign 3dDIE Cochran BO0ut Strap Protocol
  16. ...the world coming to? My name is...