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  1. All Gold dragons transform into Mints exactly two weeks after hatching.
  2. heavensin

    Song Name Game

    End Game - Taylor Swift, Future, and Ed Sheeran
  3. It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas
  4. heavensin

    Song Name Game

    To a Modern Love - Repeat Offender
  5. Creased (Sorry, I didn't see that "rater" had been used recently.)
  6. heavensin

    Song Name Game

    You Belong With Me- Taylor Swift Sorry about that!
  7. Support. This seems like it would be really useful, both during the holidays and in general.
  8. heavensin

    Song Name Game

    Lodestar - Dead Letter Circus
  9. On the fourth day od Christmasl the forums gave to me: four brand-new help threads, three more suggestions, two reports of view-bombs, and a bunch of drama over Hollies! I bought this with the money I was going to spend on our honeymoon to Cape Canaveral.
  10. Happy Holiday is still stuck in my head, but now it's mixed with the Star Wars theme.
  11. heavensin

    Song Name Game

    Monsters in the Dark - Nina May
  12. Engulf ============ Submerge