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  1. New ACC Dragons X0bBY Town USA h0Nd6 Fit rEgec Operator I Don't But yOud0 The Charlotte h5Nits asBstos Siding Y2K27 Bug Bill Nye7E The Science Guy
  2. New ACC Dragons Spilling Wine in the Bath TuqB1 M0V6R and Shaker t0oaT My Own Horn ShrImPSauce buqse La Verdad Hatched v4Egg CCAHN You Believe It
  3. My Soul to Keep - The Creepshow It's so different from anything they've ever done, but I love it.
  4. New ACC Dragon O8VRE and Over and Over Again
  5. Getting ready to snow! My class is canceled for tomorrow - yay!
  6. I'm not a good artist, but I'm... kind of okay at coding? I've done a bit of coding it professionally (though what I've done is very different from egg clicksites). And I've made As in all my web development courses I'm not sure what I could do, but I'd love to help if I could!
  7. ...Ready For It? - Taylor Swift
  8. When I was like 11, I thought this song was: "We're going down down and a-noolling around and sugar we're going down swinging I'll be another one with a bullet I know you got contacts, cockpit and pull it" I don't know what I thought "a-noolling" was supposed to mean, but for some reason I didn't question it I also heard "I'm just a nothing of interest, for you, just a la-dee-da-sahh" instead of "I'm just a notch in your bedpost, but you're just a line in a song"
  9. That California Girls song by Katy Perry... mostly because of all the times I've told someone I'm from California and they immediately started singing it or asked me if I wear daisy dukes with bikinis on top.
  10. New ACC Dragon You Don't Gotta Go To WurKf
  11. Curious - Hayley Kiyoko Yeah I need a drink, whiskey ain't my thing But s*** is all good I can handle things like I wish that you would You've been out of reach, could you explain? I think that you should What you been up to? Who's been loving you good? I'm just on the phone like a murder Been looking through the texts and all the photos But don't you worry, I can handle it No, don't you worry, I can handle it If you let him touch you, touch you, touch you, touch you, touch you, touch you (yeah) The way I used to, used to, used to, used to, used to,