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  1. I'm happy got all the past releases now to wait until they grow to get the new ones
  2. Huh i thought dead eggs only count for 24hrs only?
  3. Is it risky using "Earthquake" on val eggs??
  4. Aeon; Will always want these,Cb or bred doesn't matter. Almerald Dragon; 3 Male,3 Female Avatar of Change; 1 Female, 1 Male Avatar of Destruction; 1 Male,1 Female Any Stage,Any Time Avatar of Creation; 1 Male,1 Female Any Stage or Time Frame . Copper; Bronze, 1F 1M Green, 1F 1M Red, 1F 1M Any stage~ Dino; Any colour,Any Gender (1 of each,preferably). Dusk Plgmy; FireGem; Any Gender Gemshard; Blue male Green,1 Male and 1 Female Red,1 Male and 1 Female Glided BloodScale; 1 Male and 1 Female Ice; Will always want these,Any gender. Lunar; Indigo, 1 Male and 1 Female Magma; Will need quite lots of this,any gender. Neglected; 1 Male or 1 Female Paper; Any Stage,one of each gender. Risensong Dragon; Any Gender,atleast 2 of each. Seasonal; Any stage and any gender. Silver; 5 Male,5 Female. Cb or Inbred Any Stage. Striped River; 1 Female,1 Male Any Stage Sunset; 1 Female and 1 Male. Any stage. Thunder; 2 Female and 2 Male. Any Stage. Zyumorphs; Zyumorph - Forest; 1 Female and 1 Male. Any Stage. Zyumorph - Jungle 1 Female and 1 Male. Any stage. Checkers; Rosebud x 2G White Heartseeker x Tsunami Radiatian Angel x Snow Angel. Mutamone x Mageia Xeno Soulstone x Horse Shadow Walker x Walker Stalker. Aegis x Pink Grave x Alt Black Desipis x Brute Witchlight x Soulpeace.
  5. Well sent my first batch of eggs to my giftie!! The only problem is if he/she gets them on time...
  6. I got bred silvers but no cb ones I nearly caught one after the released Christmas eggs finished dropping but i was tooo slow. Well I'm mostly waiting on my hatchies to grow before i start breeding or aleast try too for my giftie
  7. Could anyone help me look for a CB Silver for my giftie....so horrible at finding them ;'(
  8. Ooohh reds and an Aeon hatchling! Hopefully most of my hatchlings grow up tomz
  9. @Toyo haha i do that sometimes too!~ hmm yeah i need reds but leaving 2 spots open until my other hatchies grow
  10. Hehe the joys of using different usernames for things i guess
  11. Wow it was pretty quick to get the new dragons so that's sorted,yay! Now just need 2 hollys,1 yulebuck and 1 Ageis then I've got them all and the rest of them grow up in an hour,yes!
  12. I wpunder what the egg description will be like
  13. Managed to catch nearly all apart from 1 yulebuck,1 Ageis and the two hollys yess!~ just waiting on them to grow up now so i have space for this years
  14. Have a CB Snow Angel Hatchling I believe for trade! 5days 11hrs left!! Want; Aeon eggs Pink,red,purple or Green eggs! CB Ageis eggs Offer here! Quote this
  15. Yay! Got my changes in on time!~
  16. I want to change my Wishlist! 1) Same 2) Same 3) CB Aeon or hatchies (Need some),CB Magma, CB Thunder, CB Blusang,CB Ice 4) 2G Avatar of Destruction,CB copper 5) CB BSA dragons -Pink and purple perfered- 6) Surprise me! 7) CB Frostbite Is this fine,now?
  17. I want to change my Wishlist! 1) Same 2) Same 3) CB Aeon or hatchies (Need some) 4) CB Copper 5) CB or onbred any Trio (Ice,Thunder and Magma) 6) Surprise me! 7) CB Frostbite
  18. Does anyone have any idea what the event could be?
  19. Hmm when does the new dragon be released? Tonight?