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  1. I've been playing on mobile on my Samsung galaxy tablet for a while with just a little bit of lag when I go to look at my dragons, but now I cannot play the game because I end up crashing the browser or freezing the browser everytime I try to go to my dragons. I'm using google chrome for this. I've already tried clearing my cache and restarting my device and the browser, but it just doesn't work.
  2. Thank you @Dracleia for the gift! And thank you to the pseron who donated the bonus!
  3. Ive gotten 3 of each now! Probably gonna hoard the rainbow pygmies, they look so cool!
  4. Name´╗┐: Reshiram5875 Member #3? I dunno´╗┐ Egg Gen: 2 and if you are one of the first three, add this: Lineage Type of Choice: Male straight i guess? Ive got a female skysilk, and have 3 new shadow lantern eggs too.
  5. I wonder if these guys are going to be rares? The pygmy kind of seems like it would be a rare.
  6. I support this idea myself! I personally havent spent any shards myself, but im saving for a gold. It would be nice to get shards if you didnt win, so that at least you can Feel like you have won something instead of the getting the "sorry you didnt win" message everytime you dont win.
  7. Yay! Ive i have been wanting some chocolate for a while now..... Drops some colorful feathers, cause why not?
  8. (Took me a few seconds to realize what the number was) Tewnty one
  9. Are my birds sick? I hope not, we dont have an avian vet nearby....