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a86a643540bd0b4fe379a64f5ea25efa_w48_h48 fa1a026db2fc50a77a8a2e9945a5c254_w16_h16  My scroll || Welcome for PM ! || 歡迎中文PM || Really want a CB Gold, welcome to contact if there's anything I can do for exchange, thank you.

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    Hiya everyone, I am Hvergelmir and joined DC world at November 2017.

    I can accept IOU !
    Please feel free to PM me if any need, I am always in front of the computer, the only thing is please kindly confirm you want to finish the trade with me, or just tell me it needs to be cancelled. I only hope can be noticed timely.


    || Wishlist ||

    2 Gen Soulstone from a CB Gold father
    2 Gen Gold from a CB Soulstone Mother
    Offspring from Spriter's Alts
    Sunsongs with pretty lineage or CB
    Blunsangs with pretty lineage or CB
    CB Gold (Always dreaming for this)
    CB Silver
    CB Almandine


    || IOUs Owed To Me( Will clean the list after finish) ||

    [CB Gold x 1]


    || The dragons I owe ( Will clean the list after finish) ||



    || The person I Refusal-to-deal ||

    PREDATOR --- Send me a PM to initiate an IOU for my CB Z-code Yulebuck on 2017/12/21, and confirm to trade, but have not receive the Yuleback from my one-way teleport link. I have keep PM until 2017/12/25, but there still no reply, although system shown the message has been read.


    Thanks for reading, and really want to thank you the people who traded with me or gave surprises to me !