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  1. I support this! I like the idea, even a text/notification/email is helpful. Yes I might not be able to fog the egg or hatchling right away but at least I know what's going on; I would prefer that over getting home and then getting the nasty surprise that the egg's died while I was away and had no idea. Besides, a helpful system like this means dragcave's "gettin with the times" LOL
  2. LOL YES I DID merry christmas ya filthy animal!
  3. SO GOOD. Love everything about this show: soundtrack, characters, screenplay, direction, storyline... ughhhh love this to bits.
  4. I'm totally with this! Just a plain parchment coloured background with black text.
  5. I can't say that I have a single favourite but one of my favourites is definitely korean spicy instant noodles (the black pack, used for many instant noodle challenges). So good despite the inability to taste anything in your mouth afterwards. I'd willingly lose all feeling and control of my mouth and nose if it means getting to eat a pack of these guys.
  6. @innate I live in Canada so yes that would be $26 a month for me! USD though so that would be converted to CDN which is some more haha oh well! That's really cool though. Maybe I'll check it out, or other subscriptions that are similar to that, because that's pretty cool! Oh my goodness that sounds soooo good! Yeah palettes are way too pretty! wow that's a really good review, I'm looking forward to checking it out when I'm done exams. Yeah Huda was huge on instagram first I believe before she started making her own makeup lines and whatnot (if i'm not mistaken)! I saw her on instagram a while back, and I think she started out with lashes and whatnot and now she's killin it with the palettes! Anyway thanks for the info--I will def be checking those out!
  7. omggg girl I know, ABH pomade for life!! it's so good! the pot lasts for a million years. love it! ahhh haha, nice!! sephora's so great Wow, what's boxycharm? I haven't heard of that! I just dropped some money at colourpop too since they have that free international shipping atm. I've heard of that one from Huda! my goodness apparently Huda is really good--gotta start working and saving up if I wanna buy one HAHA
  8. Doggos are great. They really are. Whenever I come back home for weekends from school, maybe once a month, i'm just excited to see my dog.
  9. These are songs from the summer break. reminds me of some great timesss Reminder by the Weeknd Magnolia by Playboi Carti Madiba Riddim by Drake Can't get enough by J Cole.
  10. grxcew

    Christian bands

    Mostly Hillsong, Hillsong young & free, Lecrae, All Sons & Daughters... I'm pretty basic with the Christian music LOL but they all have beautiful songs. Lecrae and other Christian hip hop is great too for my tastes.
  11. I love make uppppp, esp when you're going out later and you're just feeling yourself, like to a party or the club or whatever. but regularly like in school it's either bareface or just brows/mascara--abh pomade & too faced better than sex. sephora is one of the greatest places for retail therapy. having said that, it's a super expensive habit
  12. honestly, what would best describe is the urban decay heat palette. or the tarte just peachy paletteee
  13. Studying for my biomechanics quiz the coming week, writing a discussion post for my online course, and organizing my notes for my molecular bio exam that's coming in like 2 weeks. ded