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  1. i got an egg as a gift, but it has less than two days to live and it hardly has ANY clicks. i need people to click it!!!! it's the golden egg on my page, and it's up in the ER on silvi's lair page. https://dragcave.net/user/auroradragon93
  2. I was clicking some eggs on silvi's lair page, and I came across and upside-down egg!!! I took a screenshot of it. can someone explain this to me? Is it a glitch?
  3. i haven't even been lucky enough to get the new pretty purple or gold eggs ;-; not sure how i'm gonna get lucky enough to find the easter eggs..
  4. i've heard this phrase used a few times, but i'm not sure what it means or why it's so special. what does "CB" mean?