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  1. this is so sad press f to pay respects
  2. Yeah, I think getting food was more important than collecting dragons
  3. These seasonals have totally grown on me. They look like they can finally... breathe and grow? They actually have wings and posture and are more dignified. They have....... shoulders thank god my friends look like they can function gyudf5tfyuilmaooooooooo Also crossing my fingers that the slytherin eggs look cool!!!!!!! That's my house lmao
  4. @Tinibree Like, imagine old drawing of medieval dragons. Like, if a person from that time drew a dragon on a piece of paper. They didn't know what dragons looked like, they just kinda drew with what they thought looked like one. Like this, or this, or this silly clip art. Arms up and ready to attack. Like what people of those times thought dragons looked like, not the "now" dragon. As if people from those times drew a dragon on a scroll.
  5. Errr, I think what's the matter is that @Alexiel Dragoness liked how the red dragon had a theme! Like it looked liked medieval style and they grew fond of it that way. But now that the update happened, it looks like a normal dragon or just one without a theme. Trying to perfect the dragon threw away it's theme or gimmick. I honestly did not care for the look of the red dragon before, but that was cause that's all I saw it as. A dragon that was Red. Alex say it as something special and cool. I don't really care cause I didn't like it before and now I think it looks more true to what it is on the time: a dragon. That's red. But I do get it, cause like, it was a cool story book dragon that matched to the description. But now it's just a red dragon. We didn't lose anything precious, but we just lost what made the red dragon more it's own. I still way prefer this new one, but I didn't like the older one in the first place either way so
  6. The ravenclaw eggs are the prettiest!! But the slytherin hatchlings are the my fav!! I want to see them grown already!!!!! I can't wait
  7. Yay! First dc anni for me! This is so neat!! Also thank you so much for changing the reds they looked so........ ugggly b4
  8. I think it'd be funny to breed the red-tailed wyrm with a pumpkin pigmy... Just imagine the tiny thing trying to constrict a whole pumpkin!
  9. "Thank you for playing Dragon Cave Beta. For 3 payments of $99.99 you can now play the full version. This includes: - 200+ new dragons - A dragon market place - A "past platinum" trophy - Plus so much more! If you do not wish to buy the full version, your account will be terminated in: 23:59 hours."
  10. I have never wished death upon anyone, but you're awfully close to being the first.
  11. Heartseeker!! Heartseeker or Khusa?
  12. I'm glad you said that because there's a part two to this tale After telling someone this embarrassing story, I asked if she'ed be willing to trade and influence as male and turned out that they had no male pinks ready, so after trading it back to me, influence gone, I checked my spreadsheet and noticed that I actually needed a female so I can have one male and female of the species.................................................................... god help me
  13. Prereced, saw my egg was female so I go to get my male pink only to grab my female pink and think as I clicked to influence "is this the right sprite?" and influence my egg female...
  14. Oh, I'm sorry, the link must be broken. Please click here to contact me. Sorry for the confusion! I hope I find someone to trade with~
  15. Can you tell which eggs are my fav? Either way, if anyone has any of the eggs in my signature for trade please click here to contact me!
  16. Once you click on them and view the egg, their location says cave Location: Cave If you have an upside down mint, it also says Location: Cave You can't really know unless you actually view the egg ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  17. Um, I know the upside down mints can't be traded, but can "cave" mints be traded? I really want one!
  18. Oh these dragons are perfect! I only collect dragons that look like they could be beautiful with holiday dragons and just hearing the purples were suppose to be valentine dragons warms my heart!! I also love that the alts look perfect for Graves and Halloween!! 💘💘 Ah, I'm in love!!!
  19. Fun fact: There are no dragon types beginning with Q or J (Unless you count alternate colors, like Jade Green Gemstones)
  20. I wanted to be a cool kid and freeze all the stages, but I have.............. like no freezes fhuaibnawemfieoaw someone help me lord
  21. Ok this is all fine and dandy but who the heck is the one person looking at Volcano are you ok are you lost
  22. @Omen Thank you omen for your validation and if ya'll need me it's been real it's 12 am and I'm tired so gn ya'll an' good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!