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🐉  Do you need an eggsitter? Influencer & Incubator? Info on profile! 🐉


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    I want Monster Hunter for Smash. Their final can be two monsters screaming for 5 min.
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    I'm currently obsessed with JJBA and Love Live!

    I'm always open to eggsit! I have a set sleeping schedule (1 AM - 11PM Dragon Cave Time) and I usually have DC open either on my phone or computer. I check VERY regularly.

    If you ask me to hatch:
    - Can check if Influences and/or Incubates are open!
    - Will keep until the dragon hatchie reaches 5 days. (I can keep it for longer, but that's really up to you!)
    - Can also tell you, step by step, how I hatch my eggs (ie what hatcheries I use, when I place eggs/hatchies in what hatcheries, etc)

    If you ask me to only eggsit:
    - Can keep until the egg reaches 1 day
    - Will never put them in any hatchery
    - Always, always, always, have whites ready to help sickness

    - I will notify you if your egg reaches 1 day or your hatchie reaches 5 days.
    - I can teleport the entire trade. I usually leave a teleport for you to pick up whenever.
    - I will never steal an egg. CB Golds, CB Silvers, 2nd Gen Alt Sprite Kins, 2nd Gen Prizes are safe with me.
    - I understand if you don't trust me at first. We can start small!! Again, I leave a teleport for you to pick up. It's no pressure my dude
    - Always have Bolts for stunning
    Also I type kinda silly so if that bugs you lemme know!!! I can type all prim and proper if you'd like lmao

    - I can take care of 2 of your eggs/hatchies for any 1 of my wishlist eggs/hatchies
    - The rarer the egg, the more I'm willing to watch of course~
    - I can also accept multiple of the same egg for freezing
    - If they have a gender in front, then I would like a hatchie with that gender. Eggs are fine, but ungendered hatchies are not. If they don't have a gender listed, then I can accept either one

    W i s h l i s t
    - Wishlist: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1t-Qaa18-J_CMJCc3EeFUL_nmAoGe9TIuIB_imxeWQXI/edit?usp=sharing
    - Any Holiday x Green/Red/Aeon/Purple/Orange/Pink/Bolt. Can be any Lineage type up to 10th gen. Alt sprite kins also very accepted.
    - Any Holiday x any Prize Dragons. Up to 5th Gen. Any lineage type. Alt sprite kins also very accepted.
    - Code with any variation of the word jojo, jjba, or just jojo bizarre adventure codes in general!!
    - Code with any variation of the word love, live, muse, or just love live! codes in general!!!
    - Really just any codeword dragon, I'll take a look. I also love codekins!!. I'd love to look at your code list!!!!

    Nqli has fully payed their IOU.