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  1. Thank you all very much for your nice comments <3 Here comes a new art piece: (on da: https://purefluffiness.deviantart.com/) It's my third time drawing a human-like creature so I'm fairly new to this! She is one of my Characters, Dukah and she's like... a rouge / assassin
  2. How did I hatch when i'm boiled ooh... yeah... i trief to inbreed once per accident, luckily it failed :^D huuh animated series is much work woah. I'm more thinking about memes that kinda stuff
  3. You're not supposed to be born wow thats mean^ poor drako :c aa my eyes are normal. and yeah, sounds good :^) i always wanted to try an animation but i'm too lazy ha. If i make one it should be clean and smooth,
  4. I was kinda dead ^THIS ONE IS GREAT well after all... i have 4 years more experience than you Just keep practicing
  5. Are you an austroraptor well ur english is far better than mine, respect :ô
  6. Why are you so dull colored :^D I love how ur names sometimes tell stories hah Well i'm German. I guess these Names don't work well in other Languages It's spoken like Yarr-lo-pe(long)
  7. Welcome Come on in and never return * cough * aloha, dear visitor! This is my little drawing thread Where i show you my drawings and sculptures of dragons and cats. But i don't want to restrain you for too long, so please enjoy! ~You can also visit my deviantArt~ HOT: Sneak Peak on my newest picture: ○○○○♡○○○○○○♡○○○○○○♡○○○○ About me A few things are said about me. You can call me Dukah, I'm 16 and I like ... drawing. I draw digital as well as traditional and i do create sculptures! I'm happy about any comment, whether critique o
  8. I also always return to Pokemon, i always play the new games (like sun but not Ultra sun) and... League of Legends. I just love playing with friends and haing fun in a non-competetive way. I'd love to start playing RPGs or such things but i don't rly have any friends that are interested in such games :^)
  9. I am allergic against EVERYTHING that flies in the air... every. single. pollen. Summer is torture for me :^) Well grass pollen are the worst tho. I can't amke any sort of sports in summer outside and my eyes start hurting and crying :c Well i take Citirizin, some anti-allergic stuff and it's fine with this :3
  10. Even if it's in the wrong category I think I can answer you... Well, in english, you write the "I" always capitalized : ) Simple as that : D That is not an error of the side. why? "Why do we capitalize the first-person pronoun, I? The short answer is because we do. But that’s not a very satisfactory answer. Even though it feels natural to English speakers, capitalizing I is unusual. In fact, English is the only language that does. " "At first, the new word, i, was left lowercase. However, it began to grow taller than other words. It grew for a silly reas