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  1. Time to toot my own horn, I guess. If you want to, check out some links... I guess. Guessing, I guess. I'm pretty proud of being a self-taught artist that's.... okay, I guess. (DA: https://sinnexcryllic.deviantart.com/ It's a secondary account, with little watchers.) I'm good with a slingshot I read Harry Potter in second grade. I can play two instruments - bass guitar and violin I know three languages - English, Mandarin, Spanish I'm currently a first-dan brown belt in japanese karaate, might take my black belt test next year. I'm a straight-A student, but then again, it's all been in middle school and elementary, so who knows what'll happen in high. I write meh-ish stories ( https://www.wattpad.com/user/SinnexCryllic ) I plan on going to college, becoming a marine, and then being an artist or a designer for who-knows-what. I feel as bragging has therapeutic qualities. One tends to focus on the things they do well in life when bragging, and that may induce a euphoric effect. A.K.A. Bragging makes you feel real good.