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  1. @deja and this is for anyone else: My art is free to use, but please don't pass it off as your own art. Then, I'll have to plaster ugly watermarks all over it. Please. This may be a little graphic or sensitive, but it's sn animation that I'm proud of and it's dragons and stuff, so I just wanted to share it. (Warning: Blood, violence, potentially triggering situations.) 11/22/2017 https://sinnexcryllic.deviantart.com/art/Nothing-is-Fair-716426436
  2. Oh boy oh boy @deja 11/20/2017 Fire Gem Dragon Dragon Cave http://dragcave.wikia.com/wiki/Fire_Gem_Dragon I love these dragons
  3. @Yukino Go ahead! So, I'll do Deja's sketchy stuff first, then I'll see what I can do for you, VixenDra.
  4. 11/19/2017 Thunder Dragon Dragon Cave http://dragcave.wikia.com/wiki/Thunder_Dragon "A Thunder dragon's roar is considered to be an omen of misfortune." Sprite credit goes to Dovealove and Shiro Shitoro. I didn't go too overboard with the lightning, did I?
  5. Alright, @Yukino. I'll be waiting for @deja's reply, so might as well sketch summat.
  6. "Style" as in posing (from back), or "style" as in type (sketch with glowy lines)? Either way, yes.
  7. Thank you! I've only posted my art here and on Deviantart. Perhaps another person?
  8. 11/14/2017 (Draft) Random Derg, possible future oc. WIP. Will edit after done. trying out a new way of drawing by emphasizing and building around musculature. Based on mix of wolf and bird muscles. (ignore the oddly lined hands. Had to resize.) [[Notes: Reline hands, Make sternum sharper, chest deeper. Fix Tail - make more weighty.]]
  9. What is "mass breeding?" I've seen some screenshots with 5 eggs per pairing.
  10. Should be studying for huge civics exam, but isn't Should be doing math for some big test, but isn't Should be reviewing mock case material......but isn't I am expert procrastinator
  11. 11/12/2017 Radiant Angel Dragon Dragon Cave http://dragcave.wikia.com/wiki/Radiant_Angel_Dragon
  12. I AM TOOT TOOT MCBUMBERSNAZZLE too many funny naems
  13. Too many books at once. Invasive Procedures, Orson Scott Card, author of Ender's Game. Great book so far.
  14. 11/10/2017 Dragon Cave Dragon http://dragcave.wikia.com/wiki/Desipis_Dragon Desipis A personal Favorite.
  15. If you ever want to try drawing digitally in a more comfortable manner, try downloading free software. I use Firealpaca, and maybe medibang again in the future. Also, if you want, this black friday, you can get a drawing tablet cheap. They help massively. I think it's good for a first time! I like how you did the neck and the muzzle. Try looking at A LOT of pictures of cats, if you love drawing them. They will be helpful in making your cats look realistic. Try copying. Copying will help you realize where the ears, eyes, nose are, etc. Just keep drawing!
  16. 11/9/2017 Desert Zyumorph Dragon Cave dragcave.wikia.com/wiki/Zyumor… So tell me how you're sleeping easy How you're only thinking of yourself Show me how you justify Telling all your lies like second nature Listen, mark my words: one day (one day) You will pay, you will pay Karma's gonna come collect your debt - Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (Set It Off)
  17. Everything can be found on my DA page, https://sinnexcryllic.deviantart.com/ I wanted to share some of my art with y'all. Please give constructive criticism! Thanks. I specialize in animals and dragons. I like speed-sketching. I've been drawing digitally for two years now. I believe that the key to improvement and continued interest is support of the artist, no matter how beginner or advanced. Requests for anything is OPEN. !! If any Creator or Spriter has a qualm about me using dragons for fanart, please contact me and I will remove/change it.!!