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  1. Have: CB Blue Desert Zyu with Double z-code AND correctly capitalized word code! (zOwlz) Want: Offers! I love omen wyrms (especially the ones with blue saltkin), the new halloween, and many others - just offer! Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  2. I got “O P” for the beloved shallow water dragon https://dragcave.net/view/uwLCS
  3. edit: y'all the soulpeace legit just killed all 15 zombies on the board Edit 2: the end is near, my friends. They have broken through the green dragon. 739 rounds. Edit: 731 rounds and counting with no more lost. Currently at 716 rounds. Magma line in front (leave one line of buildable space before starting this line) Green dragon on far left, then alternating white - ice - white - ice - white, then a magi to protect the (useless) soulpeace back row has 2 thunders on both sides of the tower. 2 holes so far inmy magma line but thankfully magmas attack in a 2x3 instead of a straight line. The guardian of nature is also a blessing.
  4. Because they can't hum. Why are school buses a pit of torment?
  5. For gaming: Markiplier Jacksepticeye For entertainment: Roosterteeth Buzzfeed (+ branches) For science: Professor Stick Sam O'Nella Academy ASAP Science
  6. Ezar's brain still hummed with haunted thought, but he tried to put the gory scene behind him, literally. He could tell from the Khusa's disturbed look that it wasn't commonplace to see mass killings here. Shuddering, he shook his head and wrinkled his nose as the trio came to the human den, still struggling to get used to dragons and humans intermingling. He had to force himself to stop looking around like his head was on a pivot, but it was hard not to. The two males and the female lowered their altitude before touching down in front of a large square den. There was a hole in the wall, blocked with a different material than the wall itself. The Zyu sniffed around the rectangle as the two Khusas spoke, not wanting to make himself seem more like a deadweight. He stepped back as the female came forward and pulled on a stone, snapping his head to look at the hole in surprise as it made a noise. Warily, he watched the female push her way into the entrance, the material swinging away. Ezaryth gulped. That was a very small hole to squeeze through. He glanced at the male Khusa, heading to the entrance. His ears barely caught on to what he said, and the dragon nodded slowly. "Ignore them. Great. Okay." He moved forward, pushing the swingy sheet of what looked like wood but didn't feel like the ragged wild bark that he knew. There was a lot of activity in front, but he kept his eyes fixed on the Male Khusa. Ignore.
  7. Ezaryth was hesitant, even after his delight of recieving help, of going into a heavily populated 'building.' He took a discreet calming breath, and nodded, letting the Khusa take care of other business with the large red dragon. He did not wish to hurry them, but a prickle in his chest warned him to hurry. No more should be slain unnecessarily by them. The Zyu nodded again as the Khusa spoke, but he was nervous about who this 'someone' would be. Maybe whoever they were could possibly be working with the Bandits. Ezar huffed at himself. He had to trust these dragons, but it was hard to allow himself to be led into this den. As the copper they were traveling with zoomed away, Ezaryth noticed that they left the big red dragon at the edge of the wall, and he started to follow the copper before seeing that his Khusa guide (friend? Acquaintance?) was flying in a different direction. His confusion was allayed by quick words, and he followed the Khusa down into the high stalks of stone sprouting from the ground here. It was like a garden. All of it smelled like the bandit base, but slightly less aggravating to the nose. Humans. The Zyumorph looked shiftily around, making sure no nets would appear and ensnare him in the coarse rope. Thankfully, none came, and he just relaxed his clenched talons when the scent of blood hit his nose. There! To the front, rapidly approaching, was a thin strip of ground between two stalks. And... Blood, bodies, motionless corpses heaped up like so much rotten fruit, a wing here, an arm there. Some were still twitching, but that may have been his horrified mind. His chest caved as he struggled to suck in breath. That figure, standing amongst bodies piled high... Ezar came to a screeching halt above the alley, eyes strained and terrified. Where had he seen almost that same figure before, in the same scenario? The figure looked up, and he felt his breathing calm a little. Its eyes glinted a dull purple, evil purple, unlike the icy blue he remembered. Wishing not to hold the Khusa back, the zyumorph sped up again, blindly trying to find the feathered male. Anything to escape the figure's gaze.
  8. Ezaryth was anxiously awaiting the Khusa's reply, before a Copper edged his way into the conversation, seemingly berating the other male in humantongue. He decided to remain quiet, seeing as the Copper was slightly annoyed at the Khusa, who didn't have enough time to reply to him before he moved on to talking with the female Khusa. Besides, his humanese was very bad. The Zyumorph hastened his wingbeats, trying to minimize the damage of his intrusion, staying by the male Khusa's side. He was looking nervously at the Copper, sure that his conversation mate would decline his offer and hurry along his own business, before his voice caught his attention. Ezar turned full attention to the male as he laid out his plan, shooting the Copper a wary look as he intruded again, thinking over the offer for a second. Hopefully, with the speed that they were flying now, they wouldn't waste much time explaining or gathering allies. These were a very fast-paced group, unlike his normally casual pace. Ezaryth caught the Khusa's eye and nodded, accepting the offer. He began to talk. "I'm after some nasty humans, all of them riding on some Black dragons, the leader's some man who calls himself Chet. They caught me, and imprisoned me in their lair for many a day before I was able to break out of their pens." The blue Zyu snorted with contempt, resisting the urge to scratch some bare skin under missing scales. "After I got out, I explored a little. There were corpses of other humans, recently killed. They seemed to be... have been prisoners of that group, as well. The walls held blood in its history. I've been stalking them with intent to avenge the slain ones, and myself. They seemed to have been stopping here, as I followed from a distance. This is the time to kill, but all of them against me... I thought to take them on myself, but now, seeing you and your group, I have realized that I would die if I tried that." Ezaryth tried to keep it brief, but some elaboration was needed to convince the posse that those humans needed to die, and soon. "So, I hope to ally myself with others well versed in the art of killing." In the silence that followed, he turned his eyes to the front. "Where are we going now?" The den was larger than even the biggest dragons' lairs collected as one. The swarms of humans and dragons below looked like termites above their hill. His nose wrinkled slightly. Clearly, human scent was an acquired taste.
  9. Ezaryth was glad that the two didn't turn on him and attack, but also a bit let down as he saw the male Khusa keep his indifference, giving him a warning look. He nodded politely, and chuckled slightly to his response. "Ave." He said solemnly, even though he'd never had much experience with other humans other than the Black Air Bandits. For now, that entire group of scrawny worms spoke for their kind. Another pair of wingbeats made his head turn to look behind them, like the male Khusa. A large, red dragon was gaining on them, and by the other dragon's unpanicked experession, Ezaryth let himself relax around the other dragon, some sort of volcanic type that he'd never seen before in his life. It was very large. Ezar looked back at the Khusa he was talking to as he spoke again, a spark lighting his brain. "Well, if you need help, I'd be willing to help you rid the human den... A sittee? The sittee of your nuisances, if it wouldn't take much time." He was fairly sure that he could help whatever these dragons were doing, then recruit them and have enough time to catch the bandits and put an end to their sorry existences.
  10. Ezaryth beat his wings powerfully, the specks on the dark night sky which he had been following for a very long time burning themselves into his mind, fueling his fire. His long body wound through the air undetected. A smudge on the horizon below quickly turned into a blob, then a human den, a big one. The dragon noticed that the den had many other humans and dragons inside their walls, seemingly equal, but not quite. His golden eyes landed on a group of other dragons, some of which he recognized the species of, but some foreign to him. They were flying back and forth outside the human den strangely, going at a hurried pace only to later take to the air again, speeding the way they had come. Two otf them met in midair and seemingly squabbled for a bit, then flew off in the same direction. Ezar looked up at the slowing Black Air Bandits, then back again at the humanless dragons doing their strange thing. Some help always was appreciated, even if said help was seemingly half crazy. He'll start with the two dragons flying together. The Zyumorph circled down, wanting to stop one and ask for its help. He came perpendicular to two flying Khusas, veering to fly alongside the dragons to try to talk. "Greetings, dragonkin. What are you doing?" He asked, half yelling over the whistling wind. "There's some bad humans that need killing!" Ezar tried to appeal to their bloodthirsty side.
  11. Ezaryth explored the arm-like cave, pausing once to bash and cut off all of his restraints. Sticking to one side to make sure he wasn't lost in this sprawling lair was a trick he had learned while exploring another set of far more treacherous caves in his youth, and the same curiosity that had driven him to explore those now led him by a string here. Of course, the Zyu padded along quietly, not sure when more reinforcements might spring out of the walls and start stabbing him. He finished his examination of the farther, finger-like offshoots, then entered into the main cave. Immediately, he sneezed, his body trying to cleanse filth from his nose. So this is what human residences smell like. Ezar wrinkled his nose ad hurried past the cave, stopping only to examine some interesting rocks or possessions of the bandits. The long, roughly circular passageway to open air was quickly hurried up by the dragon, cool air curling around him. He stood in the opening, heaving great breaths of unburdened, free air, and looked to where his home should be. An itch, though, made him stop and focus after the trail of scents leading from the opening; scents of the bandits. Ezaryth's eyes narrowed, and he made up his mind. He would follow them, kill them and their dirty mounts, then go back home. His keen nose lifted, he inhaled, the scent of bandit in his lungs. The zyu lifted his wings, beat then once, then launched himself upward to begin the pursuit.
  12. Have : All the aegides you'll ever want Lineages: https://dragcave.net/lineage/63Eu1 3rd gen Aria x Aegis https://dragcave.net/lineage/1XbhE 3rd Gen Black x Aegis, Mother is an alt black https://dragcave.net/lineage/z2YTn 2nd Gen Enraged x Albino https://dragcave.net/lineage/J8GPv 2nd gen Spinel x Aegis Willing to trade up to three for one New Holiday Release Message me!
  13. Ezaryth's head cleared, clearer than it had been since he was captured. The frightful dream seemed to swipe away the fog. The beating of wings drew his attention. The bandits were mostly, or all gone. Perfect. With the meal of the leftover meat, the Zyu felt strong. Stretching slowly, he inspected the bars with fresh eyes. It was designed to hold a mid-strength dragon, or a heavily drugged stronger one - like him. Currently near his prime, the dragon arched his neck, trying out a stiff shoulder against the bars. They held, but they shed some dust.He could feel a slight wiggling near the edges. Ezar allowed himself an ugly smirk. Just wait. He could wait, but the anger coursing through his veins made him hurry to move. Anything was better than being cramped up in here. The dragon turned to face the back, trying to perform a vicious tail swipe. Ezar took a deep breath, and twisted his body violently, bashing his arms against the stone. With a loud groan, his great tail crashed against the bars, ripping the iron from the stone they were set in and clattering against the floor. A pain stabbed up through his tail, but that was quickly overshadowed by the view of the unbarred lair. Tentatively, he stretched an arm out, meeting no resistance. The Zyu slid the rest of his body through with some squeezing, then stood in the open, breathing deeply. The scent of blood came to him, and he followed it. Maybe it was more food? As his eyes lit upon the slain humans, a shiver went up his spine. Not food. Maybe these humans were good, before their death. Why else would the bandits take them hostage? Ezar turned his back, exploring the lair.
  14. 12/18/17 Just one more time before I go I'll let you know That all this time I've been afraid Wouldn't let it show Nobody can save me now, no Nobody can save me now Stars are only visible in darkness Fear is ever-changing and evolving And I, I can poison the skies And I, I feel so alive -Battle Cry (Imagine Dragons)
  15. Ezaryth looked on at the images his mind conjured with horror, unable to help the dying dragons and unable to close his eyes. Shocked by the volume of the corpses that previously held so much life and potential, he struggled to tear away from sleep, but was held by some otherworldy force. He was terrified. Never before had one of his dreams ever caught him like that, forced him to live some other life. The Zyu had never believed in dream-death, but now, he wondered if he would truly die here, and his body in another existence would decompose. A heat in his chest grew, burning, boiling until he couldn't feel the heat and it became a burning cold. He was beginning to think that there was no end, but suddenly, a dark figure appeared, wearing the skinned remains of a black dragon. The humanoid's eyes burned like the fire in him, but the opposite way; an ice so cold it was burning. The voice that called to him was even colder. "Fight, or die!" He knew those words, although they were in humanese. Fight. Die. His eyes snapped open, and he inhaled, his body going into a spasm of surprise and fear. To his relief, he was him again, regular old Ezaryth. He settled his head on his claws with a sigh, head clearer, washed by the strange nightmare. Strange. Very strange. If - no, when he got out, he would find that human, and get answers.
  16. 12/12/17 Beacon Bills How much is the utility bill for Taiyang with Yang growing up? Maybe that's why Ruby has short hair...
  17. 12/9/17 Blake Belladonna and Zwei bond over Ninjas of Love. RWBY Been on a hooman phase lately.
  18. Ezaryth flinched back at this sudden display of insanity. He'd never seen this type of unhindgedness in a human before, but then again, he hadn't been exposed much to humans. He turned his neck to protect his eyes, rearing away from the sharp jabby. He could see the Black dragon run away, knocking down something else before running off. The Zyu peeked out of the bars and saw another human, golden furred, coming towards the enraged leader, looking like something rolled on - ahhh. He must've been the obstacle the black dragon had crashed into. The messenger looked very uncomfortable, and Ezar glared at him, too. Humans. His eyes smoldered, but were fogged. He jabbered to the Chet, and apparently what he said infuriated the more dominant male. The leader broke the jabby, and cast it on the cold ground. Well, at least the stick wasn't pointed at him anymore. Uncoiling from his defensive position hesitantly, the blue dragon stared at the talking humans, catching some snatches of words he knew. "...night... stick... dragon." Upon that last word, the leader turned and lashed at Ezar with that omnipresent whip. The dragon growled, shrinking back with greater anger, uncomfortably contained inside the shell of tranquilizers. With another few words from the golden boy, the leader stopped with a sneer and turned away, barking orders. As soon as the hated bandit was out of his sight, the dragon settled back, scales cold and scraping. A scent floated to his brain, and he lifted his head. There, just outside the cage, the halves of the stick and the meat the black dragon had left. Belly growling, the Zyu tried to reach for it through the bars, but couldn't quite get it. His eyes lit up, and he turned, thinner tail scraping out to sweep the meat towards the bars so that he could snatch it. With a talon, Ezaryth dragged the meat into his cage, too hungry to care about that disgraceful dragon's bites all over it. He devoured the entire leg, cracking the bone to suck out the marrow, then crunch down the bones to try to fill more empty space. Licking his lips, the dragon sighed, the food helping slowly clear the fog a slight bit. Now more sated, the dragon looked outside again, noticing the broken sharp stick. This might come in useful. At the very least, it could be used to reach out further past the bars. Maybe, if he had a good time to use it, it would prove a good weapon. For now, though, Ezar merely slid both halves in the back, hidden from view. He settled down, the berries and small amount of food dragging his eyes down. The time will come.
  19. With half-lidded golden eyes, the Zyumorph tried to lash against the walls in anger, but merely managed a flick of the tail. The humans had caught him in the great Desert, then forced some sort of food into his throat so that he was forced to swallow, or choke. Soon afterwards, they had tied his muzzle, and hobbled his legs and wings together with minimal trouble, for a great heaviness had settled over his limbs. Their despicable leader, Chet or something, had walked in front of the prone dragon and coiled a thin bullwhip through his hands. Needless to say, he had clearly had experience subjugating wild dragons to his will, and with the sedative, the young dragon had been forced to comply. Ever since then, they had kept him bound by the limbs and fed a sedative in his food every time he started to shake the drug off. If he did not eat, he would be forced to, with some "encouragement" by their leader. If he ate, he would be helpless. It was a lose-lose situation. For now, kept wary of the whip and various knives of the other humans, he ate, making sure they saw his gnashing teeth. The cell was awful, cold, enclosed, and it stank, the exact opposite of his desert home. Why did he fall into that devil's trap? Currently, he had eaten the morning of, and the sedative was heavy, like a fogbank over his brain. He could see Chet walking towards his tiny cell, with that dirty rotten puffed up Black dragon following him around with a swagger. Ezaryth, for that was his name, lifted a lip and sneered at the other dragon, rumbling with slow, mocking laughter. It might get him another lash or pried scale, but he didn't care. No dragon should ever sink to that level. If he ever got out of the cell, Ezar would start his vengeance with ending that Chet, and his dragon. His eyes shifted to the human, who had picked up a pointy stick, unnaturally straight and hewed (like much of the human's possessions), and jabbed it through the bars. The Zyu sighed to himself. He knew what the leader wanted, and he hated to comply, but he had to keep his strength up for that day that will come soon. Lacklusterly, the dragon hefted a growl, quiet enough that the human would not be provoked further. His long body twisted, and the dragon performed a clumsy roll, scales scraping against the floor. Finishing with his legs back below his body, the golden eyes turned to stare into Chet's, promising death with the intensity of the stare, even though he was sedated. His jaws opened, and he growled in a low voice with his limited knowledge of the human tongue, "Death."
  20. O boy I never thought I'd ever be needing this thread, but... Hey, shows ya what I know. So this morning, my pet guinea pig, Tao, passed away. He was only a guinea pig, and we only had him for 10 months, so I guess the loss could have been worse. It was just awful, these past few days, seeing him start to eat less and lose weight. I guess all of us were just denying that he was sick, and that doomed him. It might've been depression, because we introduced a new guinea pig a couple of weeks ago, and he may have been jealous. Whatever it was, we just kept doing stupid stuff, like rubbing his stomach to try to help pass any blockage. What we should have done was taken him to the vet, but we were too scared that this might be actually happening. Our denial killed him. We got him from another person who didn't want him, so we never knew how old he was. Maybe it was age, maybe it was something else. He was the best, calmest, most docile cavy anyone could ask for. Last night, I went to bed with a feeling of doom and I dreamt of death. This morning, I found him splayed on the floor of his cage, cold and not moving. I didn't turn him over to make sure he was dead, because I know that would make him truly dead inside of me. My sister cried. She's older, and I never see her cry. She loved that guinea pig. She's also been suffering with suicidal thoughts, though they've gotten better, and this, I deeply hope, is not going to be the last nail in the coffin. I used to look on this thread with a feeling of god-awful superiority. I felt that the pain should be palpable. I see now how cruel I was, and I'm sorry. I had to perform in two concerts today, and all the while, I just kept thinking about how the stupid, loving little guinea would never wheek for my attention again. It's good to just tell. I don't need support, per se, but I did need to release this torrent. RIP Tao: ?-Dec. 7th, 2017
  21. 12/6/17 Lined, colored, not shaded because I still need work on shading... I love RWBY too much for my own good.
  22. 11/27/2017 Just an idea I had for a tiger grimm in RWBY Tiger grimms please please Roosterteeth hear my plea