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  1. I claimed your last one, thank you so much!
  2. I just read the the entirety of this thread and answered my own question lol. Thank you though for letting me know!
  3. My first ever April fool's event on here and I got eaten What was the egg I missed? Is it an outcome I'm going to miss out on or was it just a fun artwork type thing?
  4. I would edit my gingerbread house from last year, I want to add some more things but as soon as I add anything new, the layering on my roof gets screwed up and then I have to exit out of all of it without saving in order to get it back to normal I mean, I like the way it looks, I just noticed some decorations I wanted to add to it and some of the trees I wanted to place next to it. Anyways, here are my own decorations: https://dragcave.net/wreath/DarkPhoenix1191 https://dragcave.net/holidays12_house/DarkPhoenix1191 I'm still working on my tree, the first time I decorated it, it was horrible haha.
  5. Thank you very much, now I can go make even more recipes I thought I would need to get first lol!
  6. So....I'm confused. I managed to get ice cream and had an apple pie I'd made earlier so I combined the two according to the google spreadsheet to make Apple Pie a la mode and I got it. But then I realized that I was supposed to have had a recipe card to even make that in the first place...and I did NOT have the recipe card before making it. Is this a bug or did the recipe card requirement get dropped?
  7. So a Christmas Eve miracle just happened to me, @Siliskor noticed my post on here and managed to grab the exact egg I was lamenting on having lost. Then they messaged me on here and sent me the egg back, thank you so much! I hope it's okay I mention you by username on here with the wonderful surprise I had this morning.
  8. It's sad but I've accepted it. Oh well, maybe I'll find another cool code next year. I do have this lovely that I changed into a Zombie dragon this last Halloween: eDERP
  9. Waaaaa, I didn't realize I was egg locked, bred my holly for a 2nd gen and got an egg with this code SOlSt as in...SOLSTice.... and it got auto abandoned. T_T WHYYYYYYY I keep refreshing the page to try and see if I can adopt it straight from its page but apparently not. Gah I feel so bad.... In other, more happy news, I managed to get a CB of the 2017 holiday dragon which I missed. ~/view/ link changed to /lineage/ link~
  10. For the better chance, yes. I made one last night! Also, I made it to 452, almost 100 higher than my last highest of 380. I think I'll do what a few others have done and place down one of each of the dragons for viewing purposes...if there IS going to be a viewing option after Halloween!
  11. Happy Halloween everyone!!!!! In other news, I just noticed the code of the dragon I just successfully revived. edErp ... ... ... WELL I GUESS I DERPED ON THAT ONE
  12. I'm using this setup too, though I replaced the front greens with reds since in my mind it made more sense. So far I've only lost one red dragon and that was back a little bit before round 114. My GoN has been summoned multiple times, pretty much as soon as it's back off Cooldown so I guess I was lucky with that?
  13. Bahaha, this just happened: ROUND 61 Oct 28, 6:20 pm EDT Four new zombies rise from the earth. Ice Dragon is resting. Guardian of Nature releases a wave of bright energy. 2 damage dealt to Zombie Zombie is defeated! 2 damage dealt to Zombie Zombie is defeated! 2 damage dealt to Zombie Zombie is defeated! 2 damage dealt to Zombie Zombie is defeated! Magma Dragon breathes fire. 1 damage dealt to Zombie Zombie is defeated! Ice Dragon is resting. White Dragon is resting. Ice Dragon is resting. Thunder Dragon is resting. I didn't even SEE the darn things and my GoN is just like "Nope, Bye!"
  14. Just finished my Trick or Treat collection ^.^ Now to get max level in the tower game. I'm liking it so far, it's been fun. The highest I've managed to hold out for was 86 rounds, though I went through this thread and am trying out the one that has a wall of green dragons in front. So far, it seems to be holding well. Time will tell after I wake up tomorrow!
  15. oh awesome thank you! I just noticed the holiday biome was gone and automatically assumed they were done dropping.
  16. Of course I forget to come on during the holiday and grab this year's valentine's dragon....if anyone could help me out I would love just one hatchling. I have a bunch of rare dragons I can breed or I can put you on a waitlist for the next holiday for a dragon breeding as well. If anyone could help me out I would greatly appreciate it! Here's my scroll link: https://dragcave.net/user/DarkPhoenix1191
  17. I forgot to pick up my eggs on Christmas T_T maybe I can get one next year if the Holiday zone opens up again.