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  1. If I leave presents on the fort (I mean, if I do not collect the refunds from them), will they be visible after the event ends or will they be washed away like damages?
  2. Ah, thanks. I thought they alternate as well!
  3. So this dragon is female only? Wasn't it to be male this year since garlands from last year are also only female breed? Very cool concept and sprite btw
  4. Finally! Forum name: Miaplacidus Lineage you made: Cut you down Add to front page? Yeah! Will you breed siblings for others if requested? Sure
  5. Yeah, I began when the wall was at about 3d 4h but it takes me more than 10 minutes and I'm putting eggs everywhere!
  6. This Omen from SA is my favourite. Had fun reading the names of the grand-grand-grandparents haha This one is full of SA ancestors And these two shadow walkers purebreed.
  7. Very cool dragon! What's the problem with the AP this year?
  8. Agree with this. Event dragons are meant to represent the festivity spirit/meaning/themes and traditions, are they? Halloween is all about death and fear, spirits and souls of the dead, and so on, so I think it's right having evil and beastly dragons this time of the year. Having a cute and cuddling dragon for Halloween would be out of theme like having a hateful one for Valentine's.
  9. True, but I was talking about stuff that needs to be hatched Every egg that is >6 days is already fogged.
  10. I have a sunsong that needs views, everything else is hidden, so no bad
  11. Uhm... so posting here there's a chance my scrolls gets added everywhere? Wow, so much easy than to open every hatchery all by myself. Not all evil comes to harm, after all.
  12. WHOA. I mean. WHOA. My Luckiest day in the cave!
  13. Forum name: Miaplacidus Lineage you made: Fairy Godmother's "I need a Hero" Add to front page? Yes Will you breed siblings for others if requested? Sure
  14. Forum name: Miaplacidus Lineage you made: Hoist the colors Add to front page? Yes Will you breed siblings for others if requested? Yes Not quite the result I wanted, alas.
  15. Two "almost" codes: an almost pony horse and an almost Tesla geode .
  16. Forum name: Miaplacidus Lineages you made: Top of the World - Greek Fire Add to front page? Yep Will you breed siblings for others if requested? Yes of course
  17. https://dragcave.net/lineage/xZZZj ...Cool.
  18. Are they... parrot dragons? Have they a beak? I really hope so. (The purple-golden ones, I mean)
  19. Oh ok, now I understand what are you talking about (in fact where I live summertime changes at the end of this month). I didn't know this fact, good to know. So thank you all for answering my (stupid lol) question!
  20. Daylight savings time? Sorry, haven't been on so much during the week. What does this means?
  21. The breeding cooldown is 7 days, right? 4th march was 7 days ago but this dragon still can't breed... Am I missing some game mechaninc/doing wrong math or this is actually some sort of bug/glitch? These bloodscales x hooktalons are driving me crazy. This is a curse lol