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  1. So has the new egg dropped?
  2. That's pretty cool. I still think there should be a thread or something discussing the references/origins of the sprites, partially because I get the feeling there are several references that I'very missed. | v |'
  3. I was wondering... maybe it's just me, but I would like to see a gallery for the little treats you find around site. Like, it shows the sprite and explains any references that it might represent. I think it would be cool. Is there anything like that somewhere?
  4. Hey, is anyone else having a glitch wheremost of the outfits are invisible? Because I am and it's annoying and confusing. Maybe it's just because I'm on mobile, but it was working fine on Friday..
  5. I have a book I bet no one here has ever heard of: The Beast Hunter: A Keltin Moore Adventure by Lindsay Schopfer The story takes place in a sort of 19th century steampunk type of setting. The main character, Keltin Moore, hunts beasts for a living. We're not talking wolves or bears or whatever; we're talking nightmarish creatures straight out of the realm of the Horrorterrors netherworld, amalgamations of body parts that should never be combined (like tentacles and pigs). The atmosphere is very serious, a cold, harsh world. The book and its sequel Into the North, are frightfully descriptive, whether it's the beasts themselves or the unfortunate victims of them. A tale of hardships, guns, big scary things, and friends who are by your side to the end, this is a little known book you won't regret reading. The book was self-published by the author, which is why very few people know about it. My family knows him pretty well, and one of my really good friends painted the cover. There's nothing cooler than knowing people like them. It's books like this one that inspire me to sit down and write.
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    YO WEBTOONS I have so many I follow... A few of my current ongoing favorites: No Way - pretty nsfw at times, hilarious, stupidity and queer shenanigans Ghost Teller - bloody, kinda gorey, spooks, kinda horror, occasional sillyness The Dummy's Dummy - pg, toys from the darkest depths of despair, amalgamation ghosts, talking puppet who's done with everything Lackadaisy - 1920's prohibition and illegal alcohol trade but with cats
  7. I wasn't expecting so many fellow Ravenclaws. Wow. Anyway... anyone else super happy/excited for the Witch outfits in the Halloween event? Now your dragon can join you in your House!
  8. I recently joined FR. I'm having a good time so far! It's the Riot of Rot right now, my first Festival! The Plague Flight is pretty cool, so I like all the stuff they have. I agree with 888888 though; the coliseum is really annoying. I keep getting adds that force me to scroll down.
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    Pokefarm Q

    Hello! I migrated from PFQ to here, and try to be active on both. I know that there haven't been any new posts in over half a year on this forum, but I figured I might as well.