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  1. Oof a 4/5 death disaster. Hmm..
  2. I just tried it and got a skittish hatchie, so it does work. Made sure it was closer to hatching to hope for better chances so there's that.
  3. Two of volcano one of desert. Not bad!
  4. Finally got some of each! I know what the purple noodle is and I'm so happy to see them! Oh and four babies, unique second stage AND adults! I don't know if I remember the two head but I'm more than happy to see what they become.
  5. It's still there and got me, geez
  6. This sounds nice since I've had zero luck with getting a pink sapphire. They get snap up no matter how quickly I click! I don't have many sapphires to breed with but I'll help where I can ^^
  7. Wow are pink sapphs super hard to catch! I'm not used to the AP being this stalked
  8. I missed this!! Nuuuuu, this is going to be so hard to collect all the GORGEOUS new Babs!
  9. I recognize these DR dragons! How fantastic!
  10. Hehe, all the greenies went female
  11. NGL I don't remember what four eggs means sprite wise.
  12. Stooop being so faaaaast, zoom zoom
  13. Thaaaaats a lot of forms! Six grey eggs and four green! Let's do this!
  14. Blazebacks! Blazebacks! I remember these DR dragons! I was right, just couldn't remember the name!
  15. It's been a looooong time since I've even looked at the DR but I think I recognize the flame babe. IIRC this dragon was a pain to get right, flames will do that.
  16. Oof everyone is ravenous for the eggs!
  17. I completely missed the flood gosh darn it. *Hits knee with dusty hat*
  18. I just keep missing releases, ohno!
  19. I missed the end of the wall darnit
  20. I somehow managed to snag a code of iseep which I adore so much
  21. And this lovely ad popped up. What the heck