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  1. I can not believe out of the four I picked up I got 3 females and one male.
  2. -sobs- I legit have not done any art for the past two months so my skills have kinda tanked lately. And with being sick I have had less motivation. I did doodle/sketch these girls though because I thought it was better then nothing. They are crude and not great but at least its something. But I was to sick to the point to even finish trying to block in the colors. But these girls are my fav non-rare or even dragon (And I dont even like wyverns). Hopefully I can try something cool with them when I am over being sick. >> I still have an overwatch picture that has been on hold for AGES.
  3. OOOOOOOOOOH okay, also Jak and Daxter is my fav
  4. Happy halloween! >> are these found in the temp halloween area?
  5. Its okay I figured something out. How many new dragons are normally set out each year? Or is it different? But I believe you can do it! lol
  6. Time for me to die. Though, I have one that will hatch in 13 hours...... Guess I don't need that black marrow........ But I want that witch light and pumpkin......... I will figure something out -sobs-
  7. So I take it the candy is just to dress up the hatchling? And no new dragons have been released this year? (Yay for me because that means I was able to get at least 1 of every breed from past years.)
  8. Yeah I thought so, I just spammed F5 and got two. My first event on here so no idea what these eggs will hatch into.
  9. Do eggs drop every hour? Or? I am not sure, I thought I saw someone say every 5 mins.
  10. Hello! I am still new to the forms and what better way to get to know people then to make an art thread? All of my new stuff is Overwatch related. So I hope you don't mind. But I do plan on sharing dragons once I draw some. And maybe once I start drawing dragons again I will offer up trades. (I am looking at them Xenowyrms I have a need for.) Anyway enjoy! I might also post wips to if anyone is interested. Some of these might be kind of large. None of these are in order from when I made them. So enjoy and nice to meet you. I hope this one of Hanzo isn't to graphic for the forms. If it is just let me know and I will remove it.
  11. Wows that a huge update. Nothing for Bautas sadly. Though they are new, so figures they wouldn't have anything. Also kinda ironic how many spelling and grammar errors are in some of theses, when to describe your own dragon your expected perfect English.