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  1. Naming Form - Hope Dragon Owner: Lady_Kilana Name of Dragon: Queen's Hope Everlasting Lineage URL of Dragon: https://dragcave.net/lineage/nQ1d7 Hope i did this right! And I do have a mate as well. I'm not quite ready to try and breed, but perhaps when I get used to logging on more often I can. Thank you again, for the Dragon!
  2. Hello! I am interested, but Ive not yet met the requirements, so I'm still reading up on things for this project, and will soon pick something out. I'm mostly interested in the Cherokee as it's the one I know is in my heritage, but I'm unsure which clan I'm most interested in (besides Wolf). I'll keep an eye on this thread! (or I'm silly and read the first post wrong. Either way!)
  3. I read the rules, but I am looking to see if there is a rule about requesting a Hope egg, and a Remembrance egg (in the same post). If this is a rule, I apoloogize for not seeing it. I am mainly interested in the Rememberance egg/lineage but I'd love a Hope one as well. I want an egg from the Breast Cancer Hope lineage – Please add me to the waiting list. Link to scroll - https://dragcave.net/user/Lady_Kilana Preferred generation (gen 5 – 13+ available) - any is welcome. --- I would like an egg from the Remembrance/Honor Lineage – Please add me to the waiting list. Link to scroll - https://dragcave.net/user/Lady_Kilana *Generation of egg requested - any is fine *Breeder - (purplehaze or saika if possible) *Breeding pair - *any gen egg, from either breeder listed above. I'm wishing for a nicely named set of parents. Otherwise I don't want to be too particular. Thank you. ~ Lady Kilana (aka Fae) ((I need to wait a day or so for eggs. But I am expecting the waiting list to be longer. Afterwards I'll make sure I have enough room. Thanks again.)
  4. Looks more like the bold is causing it to appear connected. The original font still shows the dot above the i.
  5. I want to stay up another three hours or so for mine to hatch so I can play in the Abandoned area too. 😖
  6. I was ok on my pc, then i think i gofed something up, and now both mobile and pc arent showing costumes. the javascriptreload try didnt work at all, and clear.ing caches didnt seem to change much either, on the mobile. im only slightly bummed, as i do ned to switch devices this week alot, im more interested in being able to still get candy and maybe later one of the pcs will display well.
  7. Lady_Kilana

    Stephen King

    Its all horror for stephen king, but the type of horror that you like depends i believe, on which books draw you in, keep you there, or just distance you from the story and makes people go 'eh'. For me, my first was Dead Zone, and its what got me hooked on his writing. Back then, he had psychological thrillers as well as supernatural, paranormal, evil human horrors, unsettling scenes and unconventional endings. After awhile I saw more gory and more swearing and violence. (Unsure about his more current writings.) I prefer the first types rather than the latter types. Probably why The Stand and Eyes of the Dragon were my next favorite reads. (And Dark Tower!) I like the fact that many of his books have subtle ties to one another - either by recurring character, location, or mention. Been ages since I've read his stuff, though. I need to catch up on his books. I'd recommend starting with a book of his short stories. They usually have a good mix in them, and not too time-investing.
  8. I hope for a witchlight. Though im not even as concerned about it being cb. And thank you to people breeding previous ones! I own a shadow walker now! And cavern lurker!
  9. I'd found out about the raffle a few days ago, so I went to check it out. It said Entry Requirements, Raise 0/3 dragons. And then I entered. I figured it would keep track for me. Reading this means... I entered successfully and I had zero. Checking back a moment ago, and I have 1/3 but it does still say I entered successfully. Figured even though I'm backwards, I'd post just in case either I help, or I mess things up more in figuring how to fix. (I'm actually unsure which dragon hit adulthood to give me the 1/3; didn't think I needed to pay attention. I can give more info later if needed.)
  10. My to do list consists of: being patient. I developed a habit of checking every half hour knowing the eggs wont hatch for two days. i was collecting one of each, but i realised some i want pairs of. and breed hybrids is also on my list, but being newish, and only having 5 eggs max tends to cut into breeding, cuz i get impatient and end up collecting eggs instead of breeding. ill also one day make friends and learn trading 😊