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  1. ????? <Status: Stable> <Current Song: "Dubwoofer Substep"> <Location: ???> ~~ Ah, good, they noticed the music. This was going to be fun. "Let the show begin." ~~ Because of the extreme amount of bass, listeners' discretion is advised. ~~ Rayla, Alolan Prodigy <Status: Briefly Dazed; Shocked; Has a headache> Tsuki, the Beast That Calls the Moon <Status: Briefly Dazed; Surprised; Has a headache> <Location: Space!!> <People: Twilight | Sorey | Parker | Ace | Jin> ~~ The music changed in the span of several seconds, and both Trainer and Lunala found themselves assaulted by hard-light attacks. "Whoa, nelly--!!" "Oh sweet Arceus-- This is going to be a bumpy ride, Rayla--!!" Tsuki dodged as much as she could, but was caught completely off-guard and struck by bright pink hard light. Instead of hurting them physically, however, the hard-light attack caused a brief but awful buzzing sound in their heads, leaving them with a bit of a headache. The buzz in her mind was enough to have Ray reeling for a few seconds. "...ugh... talk about a head-pounder... You okay, Tsuki?" "I'll be okay as soon as we're not being assaulted! Whose idea was it to do this to us?!" "How am I s'posed to--" Wait... Ray's voice and train of thought trailed off when she realized the hard-light attacks were timed to the music's beat. Even with that in mind, she knew that this wasn't going to be so easy, after all...
  2. Illidan Stormrage, Lord of the Illidari <Status: Stable> Temeraire Rhowa, Warrior of Light <Status: Stable; Annoyed> <Current Class: Ninja> <Location: Lara's Shadow World> <People: Xander | Tien | Stan | Lara | Utakata | Joker | Mona | Sieghorse | Oracle | Skull | Fox | Enterprise> <Potential Enemy: Shadow Lara> ~~ Wow, someone was brazen. Still, Illidan merely watched the Shadow, even as she presumably shapeshifted. In his Spectral Sight, the aura was the same, with only the basic outline shifting into each new form in turn. He didn't say it out loud, but he knew what it felt like to feel incompetent. Even so, his way of feeling incompetent was linked to that blasted brother of his. As far as he was aware, Lara had no such siblings. So he kept silent, tightly gripping his Warglaives, watching to see whether he'd need to fight or not. "Ugh, gods dammit, Skull." Temeraire came out of the shadows after Skull's little stunt. "What part of 'be quiet' don't ya bleedin' get?" She pinched the bridge of her nose. "No, no, that can be saved for later." She then turned to look at Lara. "Tien's right, Lara. Runnin' from the truth ain't gonna do squat - believe me, I tried that too. Thought that I could bury the past by pretendin' it don't exist, but... it just plain don't work like that. Yeah, the past hurts, but facin' it lets ya come out stronger in the end."
  3. Seto Kaiba <Status: Injured; In Battle> <Active Monster(s): Blue-Eyes White Dragon> Hibiki Tachibana <Status: Seriously Injured; In Battle> <Gungnir Symphogear: Active> <Current Song: N/A> <Location: Sector 1 - Midsection> <People: Riza | Utakata | Renarin | Neea | Peter> <Enemy: The one hostile creature that isn't dead> ~~ Hibiki was not prepared for the thing to clamp onto her. She was all for friendly hugs, but this was not friendly nor a hug and was definitely not what she'd had in mind. Like her leg before it, her shoulder began to bleed from the bite. Was this it? Was this how she was going to die? Ikiru no o akirameru na!! No! I can't just die here! Not now! Hibiki grabs each of the creature's jaws and pulls, prying it off of her, and pushed it away before the pain from her injuries caught up to her. "Kaiba-san!!" Kaiba had only been able to relish in his victory for a few minutes before he heard Hibiki's voice. He had recalled Assault Wyvern into its card before he'd turned and looked... and regretted doing so. Seeing her in such a state... That creature had to die. "Again, Blue-Eyes! White Lightning!" The dragon obeyed, letting loose the same beam that the wooden creature had suffered from, clearly aimed at the stone creature this time. ~~ <Battle Summary:> <Stone Ram Rear Half held on to Hibiki long enough to injure her further.> <Hibiki pries off Stone Ram Rear Half.> <Blue-Eyes White Dragon attacks Stone Ram Rear Half with White Lightning.> ~~ Millaarc Cranstoun <Leader: Shem-Ha Mephorash> <Rank: Noble Red - Vampire Commander> <Status: Stable> Shem-Ha Mephorash God of Sector 7 <Status: Stable> Lycus pyr Abito <Leader: Gaius van Baelsar> <Rank: Tesserarius (Messenger)> <Status: Stable> <Location: Sector 7 - Yggdrasil Interior> ~~ "Ah, so he does speak!" This pleased her greatly. "I am Shem-Ha Mephorash, the god of this sector. As for how you came here..." She paused, briefly considering her words. "In a way, you could say we all were 'dropped' into this realm, in a sense. Aye, even our nervous messenger here." Lycus was at attention the minute he was mentioned. "L-Lady Mephorash is right. Even Legatus Gaius van Baelsar - my Lord and commander - was dropped into this realm with no explanation as to how or why. Y-You see, my Lord rules the neighboring sector to the east, and I am one of his messengers." "Gaius leads Sector 14, as Lycus explained, but some of us leaders have taken to naming our sectors, and Gaius chose to name his sector 'Castrum Multaversum'. I was about to travel there to speak to him in person." Millaarc's eyes widened. "A-Are you sure, Shem-Ha?! With no escorts?!" "Do relax, my little vampire, Vanessa and Lycus will accompany me." Shem-Ha looked to Vyre then. "Would you like to come along, Vyre? You can make friends in very high places in this realm, you know..." ~~ Blixer <Status: Stable> <Current Song: N/A (not in battle)> <Location: Sector 6 - Just outside the castle> ~~ "Hey!" The sharp voice was enough to grab Blixer's attention, and he looked up at its owner. No sooner did he look than he saw this person - whom he assumed to be the castle's owner - waving something around. So that's where that bird went. "Is this your pet?!" "Wh-- No??? That's not mine! I swear I've never seen it before in my life!" Now that he saw a few more of its details, it didn't look like any bird he'd ever seen. Heck, it barely even resembled a bird. He wasn't sure what was going on with that thing but it wasn't pretty. "I don't suppose it's your pet, now is it?" Blixer figured this guy wouldn't have asked if it had been.
  4. Blixer <Status: Stable> <Current Song: N/A (not in combat)> <Location: Sector 6 - Just outside of the castle> ~~ Ugh. He still felt like a sour note. Blixer didn't trust this place, but then again, he hadn't seen any heroes or villains either. The last thing he'd seen was a bird in the sky, and he knew birds didn't exactly have a moral compass (good or bad). "...ugh, god. I wish I wasn't lost right now. First I wake up in god-knows-where, then I find that I have my crown back for some reason, then I see myself in this weird new body..." He groaned just from thinking about it all. This had undoubtedly been the strangest day of his life so far - and he'd had plenty of strange days! Here was to hoping whoever owned this place wasn't hostile. He began to approach the castle. ~~ Millaarc Cranstoun <Leader: Shem-Ha Mephorash> <Rank: Noble Red - Vampire Commander> <Status: Stable> <Location: Sector 7 - Yggdrasil Interior> ~~ Millaarc kept an eye on the stranger as she led him through the corridors of Yggdrasil - couldn't be too cautious these days - when she caught sight of a Garlean messenger. "Well, if it isn't Lycus! How's the old man doing?" "H-He's been doing well, Lady Cranstoun... A bit concerned as of late, but otherwise in good health. I was about to go inform him of your leader's decision on an upcoming meet--" The messenger's voice trailed off. "Who is this? A newcomer?" "Ah, shoot, didn't get a name. I was about to bring him to meet my leader herself." "May I come with you, Lady Cranstoun? I feel your leader did not tell me everything to relay to Lord van Baelsar." "Sure, you can come with me, Lycus. Something must have come up after you came--" "Something did come up, Millaarc. One that requires both my and Gaius's utmost attention..." The newcomer then looked at the stranger with violet eyes, red rings glowing ever so slightly. "...so be swift. Your god cannot wait this time. Who is this?" Shem-Ha Mephorash Goddess of Sector 7 <Status: Stable> <Location: Sector 7 - Yggdrasil Interior>
  5. Illidan Stormrage, Lord of the Illidari <Status: Stable; Slightly worried> <Location: Lara's Shadow World> <People: Xander | Tien | Stan | Lara | Utakata | Joker | Mona | Sieghorse> <Potential Enemy: Shadow Lara> ~~ He was never more thankful to be used to the cold. Seems I do have something to thank that blasted undead freak for, after all. Even so, his wings had curled inward on instinct in an attempt to conserve body heat. He was honestly just glad to still be in one piece. He hoped Temeraire was okay - as far as he knew, she was still gone. The sound of Lara standing up reaches him, and he stands in response. He'd needed to move, anyway, but then he heard her moving, quite quickly at that. "Lara, wait--" Illidan growled under his breath when she didn't listen, and swiftly but cautiously followed, a few paces behind. He was sure he heard other voices, too, but he paid them no mind. Eventually, they came upon what was unmistakably a monastery - Illidan recognized the basic structure - but the voice inside sounded... just like Lara? Another Shadow?! Good grief... how many Shadows were they going to run into?! This was the third one today... ~~ Temeraire Rhowa, Warrior of Light <Status: Stable; Worried and relieved at the same time> <Current Class: Ninja> <Location: Lara's Shadow World> <People: Oracle | Skull | Fox | Enterprise> <Potential Enemy: Shadow Lara> ~~ Upon seeing Oracle motion to be quiet, Temeraire blends in with the shadows and follows her into the small hallway, putting her skills as a ninja to work. Looking in, however, she recognized the person who was (figuratively, thankfully) frozen in place. That's Lara! Thank the Twelve she's okay... Temeraire knew, however, that if she pissed off her Shadow, she wouldn't stay okay for long...
  6. Seto Kaiba <Status: Injured; In Battle> <Active Monster(s): Assault Wyvern | Blue-Eyes White Dragon> Hibiki Tachibana <Status: Injured; In Battle> <Gungnir Symphogear: Active> <Current Song: N/A> <Location: Sector 1 - Midsection> <People: Riza | Utakata | Renarin | Neea | Peter> <Enemies: Multiple hostile creatures> ~~ Not good, not good, not good--!! Hibiki saw the stone creature shift once more, aiming to attack again. She was quick to shove her savior out of the way, but that didn't leave any room for her to get out of the way herself. This was going to get messy. And got messy it did, as this time the creature struck her left arm and her right leg with its jaw, causing nasty wounds on both and causing her next strike to miss. God, it's the Nephilim all over again, she couldn't help but think to herself... And she shuddered at the thought of what that foe had done to her. Oh, god, Tachibana's not doing well... For a brief moment, Kaiba looked down, briefly considering sending Assault Wyvern to help Hibiki... And that's when he noticed the eldritch glob near his foot. EW. Kaiba lifted his foot up and unceremoniously crushed the glob underneath his heel. Play time was clearly over. "Assault Wyvern, again - slash it apart!" The smaller dragon flew in, wings once more as blades, and slashed at the wooden creature. Then it darted up and away, allowing the larger dragon to get a clear shot. "Now let's finish it off, Blue-Eyes..." Kaiba grinned as he called out his dragon's signature attack: "White Lightning!!" A brilliant beam of bright blue light was fired from the Blue-Eyes White Dragon's mouth, tearing across the battlefield and aimed right at the wooden creature. If that didn't finish it off, Kaiba didn't know what would. ~~ <Battle Summary:> <Hibiki is struck on her right leg and left arm by Stone Ram rear half. She took this blow while defending Peter.> <Kaiba lifts his leg away from Twisted Glob and squishes it underneath his heel.> <Assault Wyvern attacks Wood Ram-Tree.> <Blue-Eyes White Dragon attacks Wood Ram-Tree with White Lightning.>
  7. Seto Kaiba <Status: Injured; In Battle> <Active Monster(s): Assault Wyvern | Blue-Eyes White Dragon> Hibiki Tachibana <Status: Injured; In Battle> <Gungnir Symphogear: Active> <Current Song: N/A (previous song was interrupted)> <Location: Sector 1 - Midsection> <People: Riza | Utakata | Renarin | Neea | Peter> <Enemies: Multiple hostile creatures> ~~ Hibiki was not prepared for what happened next, as the stone creature shifted and changed and lunged straight at her. The blow was enough to leave a nasty gouge on her leg, bringing her down to her knees for a bit. "Tachibana--!!" Assault Wyvern flew up to dodge the wooden whips, only to let out what sounded like a horrified screech as its master was struck across his left arm. Okay, now I'm mad! Kaiba drew out another card - it was time to bring out the big guns. "Let's go, Blue-Eyes White Dragon!" The aforementioned dragon took its place on the battlefield, with its imposing height being twice that of Assault Wyvern. It immediately tried to attack the owner of the whip that had struck Kaiba... Kaiba cursed under his breath as it missed. It won't miss a second time... The whips also had tried to strike Hibiki as she got up, but something had shoved her back down before that happened. "Um, hi," the voice said. Hibiki looked and smiled - the new guy had saved her! "Thanks for the save..." She then got back up, ready to sing again (as the stone creature had interrupted her song pretty badly). ~~ <Battle Summary:> <Hibiki is struck on her left leg by Stone Ram rear half.> <Assault Wyvern dodges Wood Ram whip.> <Kaiba is struck on his left arm by Wood Ram whip.> <Kaiba Summons Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Its attack subsequently misses Stone Ram rear half.> <Hibiki is knocked down by Peter, causing Wood Ram whip to miss her.>
  8. Rayla, Alolan Prodigy <Status: Stable> <Location: XDRS Base -> Space!!> Tsuki, the Beast That Calls the Moon <Status: Stable> <Location: XDRS Base -> Space!!> <People: Twilight | Sorey | Parker | Ace | Jin | Caspian | Zagreus | Grimnir> ~~ Seeing that they were going into space at long last, Ray hopped up onto Tsuki's back, and the Lunala took off to join the others. It'd been far too long since she'd had a good flight. But where to go first? Space was vast, after all... Hm...? Now she knew she was hearing music. It sounded beautiful... Even if it had a bit of a beat to it. "I think I know which way we should go first. Does anyone else hear that music?" "Yeah, I do, and it sounds pretty good, too. Sounds like a plan, Tsuki. Lead the way." ~~ ????? <Status: Stable> <Current Song: "Dubwoofer Substep"> <Location: ???> ~~ God, he was bored. He'd been bored since he'd ended up on this miserable rock. But as he looked into the distance, he saw more creatures, more people. It wouldn't hurt to have a little fun... ...and play them a little song.
  9. Seto Kaiba <Status: Stable; In Battle> <Active Monster(s): Assault Wyvern> Hibiki Tachibana <Status: Stable; In Battle> <Gungnir Symphogear: Active> <Current Song: "Believe in Justice, Grip it Tight"> <Location: Sector 1 - Midsection> <People: Riza | Utakata | Renarin | Neea> <Enemies: Multiple unknown (and hostile!) creatures> ~~ The bubbles could explode. The BUBBLES could EXPLODE. Kaiba suddenly found himself regretting calling them flimsy, although he tried to mask his shock. There was no time to think... Especially when one half of the now-split stone creature rushed for Hibiki. "Tachibana, watch out!!" "I've got it, Kaiba-san!" Hibiki then began to sing, and as she did, her armor reacted, first in piston rods extending from the armor of her legs. They pivoted and soon snapped back into place, their momentum launching Hibiki into the air and out of the stone creature's path. Hibiki then gripped and pulled back the gauntlet on her right arm, revealing more piston rods. These ones didn't snap into place immediately like the ones in her legs, however; she soon dove back down from the air and delivered a punch that was satisfying to watch. As soon as Hibiki's fist connected with the creature, the piston rods (and thus the gauntlet attached to them) snapped back into place, adding the momentum to Hibiki's punch. Hibiki then jumped off and leaped a few paces back from the stone creature, a determined look on her face. Damn, she just got serious. Well, if she can, so can I. It was time to go on the offense. "Slice and dice, Assault Wyvern! Show them no mercy!" The dragon's wings became as if they were blades, attacking the closest wooden branch to it. Wow, Kaiba-san's no pushover, either. Hibiki could swear he'd been commanding dragons his whole life, even if they had only been mere holograms before coming to this strange world. The two could muse on each other later, however - the fight wasn't over yet... ~~ <Battle Summary:> <Hibiki dodged Stone Ram rear half.> <Hibiki attacks Stone Ram rear half.> <Assault Wyvern attacks one Wood Ram limb.>
  10. Seto Kaiba <Status: Stable> <Active Monster(s): Assault Wyvern> Hibiki Tachibana <Status: Stable> <Gungnir Symphogear: Active> <Location: Sector 1 - Midsection> <People: Riza | Mystical | Utakata | Renarin | Neea | Rude> <Enemies: Two unknown creatures> ~~ At least Riza was respectful of Kaiba's preference, he had to give her that. But to hear that Utakata didn't even have a last name... that was just sad. And then... another voice? Was there yet another group of people? Things just got stranger and stranger... "Uh, what are those? What are those?!" The machine's words snapped Kaiba out of his thoughts, and her words couldn't have been more accurate. WHAT ARE THOSE?!?! The strange creatures approached, fast, and left very little room to think. Utakata's actions made Kaiba question whether he was mentally stable or not, and the bubbles he sent out did not help that image at all. Still, at least Riza was content with doing something useful. And then Rude transformed into a sword. What. The. Hell. Kaiba was sure he'd woken up in hell now, but there was no more time to think. He held Assault Wyvern's card in his hand. "Tachibana, if you've got anything that can help us fight, I suggest you bring it out!" Kaiba then Summoned Assault Wyvern to the battlefield once more, and the dragon took form and went to its master's side. "I know you're itching for a fight, Assault Wyvern... well, you're about to get one." Hibiki gripped her pendant tightly. She did sorely need the practice... She opened her mouth and sang. "Balwisyall nescell Gungnir tron..." And in a flash of light, she was back in the armor she'd been wearing when she and Kaiba had met. Her armor... is powered by song?! No, now wasn't the time to get distracted. "...wait for an opening, Assault Wyvern." The dragon he'd summoned lowered itself, waiting patiently for its master's command. Hibiki took the cue and decided to lie in wait, as well. ~~ Millaarc Cranstoun <Leader: Shem-Ha Mephorash> <Rank: Noble Red - Vampire Commander> <Status: Stable> ~~ "Wow, you are lost. In more ways than one." The girl sighed, jumping down from her perch to the ground. "Sector 7 is all the area under the command of Shem-Ha - my leader. Shame it couldn't be the entire world, but hey, gotta start somewhere, right?" She then grinned, flashing her fangs. "By the way, the name's Millaarc. Now let's get you inside - we don't want people getting the wrong idea about you, do we?" A false sense of security before striking him down... or maybe even getting him to be an ally? So many choices and so little time... But it would ultimately be Shem-Ha's decision.
  11. Towa Akagi, Princess of the Hope Kingdom <Status: Stable> <Form: Civilian> <Location: Ancestral Steps - Main Camp> <People: Add | Hikaru | Nugget> ~~ All the screaming made Towa want to cover her ears. "...oh, dear me, this has gotten quite out of hand already, hasn't it...?" Maybe I should have stayed at the base a little longer, she thought to herself. She was starting to think maybe Hibiki was better suited for this... "Ugh, Towa, could you take the bounty statement out of my pocket and show it to-- Hikaru stop squirming-- Nugget?" "O-Oh, sure, Add!" Towa reached for the bounty statement and took it in her hand. Nugget then bombarded her with questions upon hearing her name. To be honest, the curiosity displayed by the cat creature reminded her of Haruka - always energetic, that one. She answered the questions as she stooped down to show Nugget the bounty statement in her hand. "Yes, my full name is Towa Akagi, and I am indeed a princess. My friends chose this particular dress for me, though; I'm sure I have some much nicer and, uh... softer dresses back home."
  12. Illidan Stormrage, Lord of the Illidari <Status: Stable; Confused> <Location: Stan's Shadow World> <People: Xander, Tien, Stan, Lara, Utakata, Joker, Mona, Sieghorse> <Enemy: Shadow Stan> ~~ Stepping out of the portal, Illidan immediately recognized the nervousness in the air, and was distinctly confused. "Why are you guys so uncomfortable? It's not like there's anything deadly in here--" The aura of a large, vaguely bovine creature in his Spectral Sight changed that tune awfully fast. "...well, never mind that. Good thing I love a challenge." He drew the two Warglaives of Azzinoth, watching as Xander - once more - selflessly dove into the fray. Then he watched and waited for an opening... There! ...and dove straight at the bovine creature, whose features were all but lost on the blind Demon Hunter, both Warglaives aiming to slice it apart. Here was to hoping it worked...
  13. Rayla, Alolan Prodigy <Status: Stable> <Location: XDRS Base - Gateway> Tsuki, the Beast That Calls the Moon <Status: Stable> <Location: XDRS Base - Gateway> <People: Twilight | Sorey | Parker | Ace | Jin | Caspian | Zagreus | multiple Lumas | sweet Arceus what IS that thing--> ~~ Everything seemed to happen so fast it was almost a blur. Another fight broke out, and soon Tsuki was protectively curling around her Trainer. Good thing one of the newcomers decided he'd wanted nothing to do with that fight... Poor Ray wasn't sure she wanted to do the whole "save the multiverse" thing anymore. Sure, the sound of being known throughout numerous worlds was amazing, but... it didn't sound like it was worth the risk anymore. At this point, she just wanted to go back into Ultra Space, beat Necrozma, save Nebby, and go home... but no, she could at least finish what she'd started and help Twilight first. "Tsuki, please, I... I think I'll be fine." The Lunala hesitantly uncurled from around Ray, and she approached Twilight. "With all due respect, Twi, maybe we should get going? Them stars ain't gonna explore themselves, y'know..." Tsuki turned as she thought she'd heard something. Maybe it was her imagination... Did I just hear a song in the distance...? Among the stars, perhaps...?
  14. Will be NPC'ing Ray for this guy during the course of the space sub-mission thingie Name: Blixer (true form) Origin: Just Shapes and Beats (post-game) Info: Blixer is a man with a bad attitude and a temper to match. Music isn't just his passion; it's his life and his power, although he has always felt as if there was a greater purpose for him than just DJ'ing and pumping out sick beats all day. After a colossal error in judgment caused him to go mad with power, however, he is wary of finding such a purpose out of fear of losing his mind a second time. Abilities: He can create an untold number of "patterns" and weapons out of hard light as long as there is music playing to fuel it (usually a song of his own choosing), essentially giving sound a physical form. These weapons include (but are not limited to): A hand cannon, his personal favorite. While it usually only has a single barrel, it can have up to three. (In his true form, he becomes the cannon instead, in both single-barrel and triple-barrel variants.) Laser beams. This is his most common "pattern" outside of the hand cannon. Circular sawblades of various sizes. Depending on the situation, he can either create one sawblade about the size of his own body, or numerous smaller sawblades. A scythe, which he brandishes as a melee weapon. The scythe, both blade and shaft, are the same color as Blixer himself. He might not look like it, but he possesses enough strength to cause shockwaves with a single punch. It's not known what happens when a punch hits another living being, but it's likely not pretty. He doesn't like resorting to this method of combat, however, only using it when his other powers would be a liability or when they cannot be used for whatever reason. He possesses a limited form of flight, typically only enough to hover about a foot off of the ground. He can temporarily boost his hard-light patterns and his flight abilities with the power of the triangle in his crown. However, doing so risks exhausting him and is typically a last resort. Link to wiki: https://justshapesandbeats.fandom.com/wiki/The_Boss Extra: While his true form is simply a circle with a face, horns, and a crown, he also possesses a sort-of "in-between" form with pesudo-limbs. However, he almost never uses this particular form anymore. Nobody knows how he got his crown again or how he regained his empowered self, not even him. Thankfully, he's not using the triangle's full power and has no intentions to do so anytime soon.
  15. Towa Akagi, Princess of the Hope Kingdom <Status: Stable> <Form: Civilian> <Location: Ancestral Steps - Main Camp> <People: Add | Hikaru | Nugget> ~~ Oh, a camp. How quaint. Towa smiled as she took in the sights, noting all of the strange cat-like creatures around the area. "I knew XDRE wasn’t the most prestigious organization in the multiverse, but I had thought they’d have established larger bases across the dimensions." "I honestly wouldn't know. I'm fairly new to XDRE myself..." Towa admitted. One of the cat creatures, she noticed, had approached and grown curious, introducing herself after Add noticed her presence. Nugget, she called herself... strange name, but Towa wasn't going to judge. She wasn't quite sure what to say, so she kept silent. This "multiverse" thing is going to take some getting used to...
  16. Seto Kaiba <Status: Stable> <Active Monster(s): N/A> Hibiki Tachibana <Status: Stable> <Gungnir Symphogear: Inactive> <People: Riza | Mystical | Utakata | Renarin | Neea | Rude> ~~ Kaiba bristled at Riza's words. "...I would prefer it if you used my last name, Hawkeye," he said through clenched teeth. He was on a last-name basis with everyone and he'd rather it stayed that way. As they moved, he was lost in thought. Everything was so new and so different and so utterly terrifying. Yet he knew he couldn't show any fear - he was Seto Kaiba, for god's sake! Seto Kaiba feared nothing, not even the unknown. Sera, when you warned me about other dimensions all those months ago, was this what you meant...? ~~ "Well, well, what have we here?" A young woman, looking no older than her early 20s, looked down at this newcomer to her master's sector with interest. She wore a red dress, had what appeared to be bat wings upon her back, and had black hair with a red streak. Her bright golden eyes had that "pierce into the soul" look behind them. "You look lost, honey. Tell me, what brings you to Sector 7?" Millaarc Cranstoun <Leader: Shem-Ha Mephorash> <Rank: Noble Red - Vampire Commander> <Status: Stable>
  17. Towa Akagi, Princess of the Hope Kingdom <Status: Stable> <Form: Civilian> <Location: Gathering Hall> <People: Add, Hikaru, Light, Vaccaria, Evonna, Adolin, Karen, Qaksh, Myrrh, Eren> ~~ Towa gracefully accepted the guild card, looking over it a few times. She wasn't too keen on having to hunt monsters - after all, every creature had more than one side to a story - but if it meant keeping balance in the ecosystem, she was willing to help bring populations into more balanced terms. "Oi. I got a mission. Did you need me around for anything else, or can I go do my job?" Towa glanced up at hearing Add's voice. "Add, do you... Do you mind if I join you? I'm sure I'd be more pleasant company than just Hikaru alone, and besides..." She glanced over towards Vaccaria's group. "...I'm not too sure I want to be joining them. Better to be a little more spread out than to all join one single group, right?" She looked down and lowered her voice so that only Add could hear. "That and Vaccaria creeps me out a little."
  18. Seto Kaiba <Status: Stable> <Active Monster(s): N/A> Hibiki Tachibana <Status: Stable> <Gungnir Symphogear: Inactive> <People: Riza | Mysical | Utakata | Renarin | Neea | Rude> ~~ "I will FIND you, human! You hear me?! Your visage is burned into my memories! I will make your world perish!" Oh, that threat did not sound good. That all but confirmed that the metal monstrosity to the east was hostile... which was not news that Kaiba wanted to know. Still, a number of the others in front of them introduce themselves. A prince and a count's son... Quite the motley crew we have here, he couldn't help thinking to himself. Suddenly the thought of him being able to summon flesh-and-blood monsters didn't sound so strange. He then looked at Kimono Man again - he'd introduced himself as Utakata. Bubbles, seriously? That's his name? ...or maybe he meant vagrant instead... Eh, details. They're both negative connotations. ...where Kaiba was from, at least. For all he knew, they could be a badge of honor in Utakata's world. ...yeah, right. What kind of backwards world would that be? Kaiba had yet to hear of any place that didn't treat wanderers as criminals at first glance (as sad as it was, that included his home, but he quickly tried to distract himself from those thoughts). "If we need to go over stuff, I think I have you covered there." Now's as good a time to mention you can summon things that fly, genius. "I've got that front covered, too - I just so happen to be able to summon creatures that can fly..." Kaiba turned to Utakata. "...and no offense, but I think my dragons can carry a human's weight a lot better than a flimsy bubble, even if you can blow one big enough." Hibiki looked at Kaiba. "Or, you know, we can skip both and sneak underneath it? It looks big enough - as long as we're quiet, we can pull it off, right?" Kaiba stared for a few seconds before averting his gaze in anger. Great, she's one of the observant ones, he thought to himself. She'd be no fun if she just pointed out the obvious route every time... He next heard talk of Xinschi and Alethi - what were those? Some kind of language? The way they were speaking certainly implied it... and the way Renarin spoke in particular made it sound like their words were being translated through magic. Great. More nonsense. "I don't know what Xinschi or Alethi is, but Renarin-denka has a point - something here is translating all of your words into Japanese, the language I speak." Hibiki slowly approached the metal creature. "And it's okay. I still want to help, in any way I can. I'm not going to make you fight if you don't want to." Something about the way Hibiki spoke... No, no, don't let them see that it's getting to you. Kaiba couldn't let anyone be anything remotely close to a "friend", especially not this soon after meeting them. "....Might be good to go west and see what they're up to." "Oh, yeah, before I forget," Hibiki turned back around and fished in her pockets for one of the strange objects from earlier, pulling out the yellow one that fluctuated between various states of existence. "There's a bunch of these--" "And pink ones, too." "...yeah. Anyway, both these and a bunch of pink ones are scattered across the ground a little westward from here. We... aren't quite sure what they are... but Kaiba-san and I both have a feeling that they're useful in some way." "At any rate, they're probably still there, so if anyone else wants to play scientist with at least one, be my guest. Anyway, heading westward sounds like our best bet. If people that way are hostile..." Kaiba paused, looking at the sole Blue-Eyes White Dragon he had left in his hand. "...well, they won't last long against all of us."
  19. Seto Kaiba <Status: Stable> <Active Monster(s): N/A> Hibiki Tachibana <Status: Stable> <Gungnir Symphogear: Inactive> <Location: Sector 1 - Midsection> <People: Hibiki | Riza | Mystical | Utakata | Renarin | Neea | Rude> ~~ Kaiba had to blink a few times when the newcomer had vanished as quickly as she had appeared. Whatever caused this warp must still be unstable, he thought to himself. Maybe it'd bring a card or two of his back to him? Ha, I wish. “Hello. Do any of you know where this is, or what that is?” "No, and no," Kaiba simply answered. He hated not knowing the answer to either question, but he also hated lying. Still, he bristled slightly; these people were actually three people and a machine of some sort. The man he'd just answered had two hair colors, one other had blond hair... What is he wearing?! Kaiba rubbed his eyes at the last one. Either he'd been pulled back about 400 years, or this person had been brought forward, but even so, did he have no shame in how he appeared? And how was blowing a bubble going to help against that gigantic metal monstrosity in the distance? Kaiba put these thoughts out of his mind. Now wasn't the time for them (but by god, did this person's horrid fashion sense irritate him). "By the way, my name is Seto Kaiba." Hibiki smiled at all the others - so many new people! So many potential new friends! She still wanted to get back to her old friends as soon as possible, but for now, she may as well enjoy herself. "I'm Tachibana Hibiki! It's nice to meet you all!" Both she and Kaiba listened as the man in the kimono spoke. Kaiba had to admit, he had a point, and the Duelist had a sinking feeling about it moving and trapping them. "Worst comes to worst, we'd need to get over that thing." He wasn't wrong in that regard. If push came to shove, Kaiba knew he could always use his flying Duel Monsters to help them get over, but he'd consider that option if they were actually trapped. Still, he couldn't shake the feeling that something bad was going to happen soon.
  20. Illidan Stormrage, Lord of the Illidari <Status: ???> <Location: Mauna Kea Beach, Hawaii -> ???> <People: Xander> ~~ Oh, thank Elune, Sieghorse was calm for the most part. Illidan was glad that he'd found Xander so quickly. "You can probably see it from here, but... Long story short, everything has gone to hell..." Before Illidan could elaborate further, he heard gunshots ringing out and whipped around towards the direction they had come from. Instead of a shootout, as he'd expected, he instead saw a portal made of dark magic. OH HELL NO! He was not about to let anyone be kidnapped. Before Xander could even speak, Illidan had drawn his Warglaives and rushed into the portal as it closed. It wasn't long before even his Spectal Sight went black. ~~ Temeraire Rhowa, Warrior of Light <Status: Stable; panicking> <Location: "Sapphire Avenue, Ul'dah"> <Current Class: Ninja> <People: ???> ~~ When Temeraire next opened her eyes, she felt dazed. What kind of doozy just hit me...? One minute I'm dodgin' bullets at that party, then Lara and that other girl had been talkin', then there were gunshots, and then... The next thing after that had been a blur. Just... where am I...? Taking a look around, Temeraire found herself in... Ul'dah...? Why am I in Sapphire Avenue? And where is everyone? She hadn't expected to be back home again. Looking at the sky, she saw that it was nighttime (or, at least, it looked like nighttime - it certainly didn't feel that way). The appearance of the place was almost surreal, though; Sapphire Avenue - the busiest market street in all of Ul'dah - was deserted, mostly destroyed, and littered with... stains? No, not just any stains. Blood stains. Oh gods, there's... so much blood. Temeraire - brave, reckless Temeraire - was starting to falter and tremble at the sight. There was blood everywhere: on the road, on the walls... hells, even on the tarps covering what few marketplace stalls hadn't been destroyed. Please no please no please no please no-- "Yo." Temeraire spun on her heels, daggers drawn, to see... Herself? "What in the seven hells--?!" It was like staring in a mirror - everything from the facial markings, to the fluffy tail, to even her hairstyle, was identical except for the eye color. The eyes were a very unsettling yellow, and glowed slightly in the dim Ul'dahn moonlight. And when she spoke, even her voice was identical. "Oh, don't look so surprised, Temeraire - if that even is your real name. Oh, wait, it's not." "How do you know that?" "I'm your shadow. Your true self. Duh." Temeraire groaned. "Of course this had to be some stupid 'dark side of the soul' auroch s****." "You call it that, but denying it ain't gonna make me go away." "Then humor me: if you ain't s'posed to be some sick opposite of me, then what are you supposed to be?" "The part of you that you tried to leave behind with the Vulture tribe. The part of you that gets sick to her stomach from killing people, and feels guilty from causing so much as a single bruise in a fight. You'd rather die yourself than have to kill another living person. "You're still guilty about all those deaths that the Lord of the Inferno caused, whether it was through his Amalj'aa lackeys impaling Ul'dahn people on spears, through the Immortal Flames that died trying to protect their oh-so-precious crystal cargo, or through those poor refugees who had to die due to being tempered by you-know-who. You were powerless to help and you're guilty because of it. All those people died because of you, V'rasto Rhowa." "No... No, you're wrong! That ain't me! THAT'S NOT ME!!" In a lot of ways, Temeraire was lying to herself - as much as she said otherwise, she was very guilty at having been unable to help all those who had died. With the tempered people, it had been inevitable as that had been the only way to free them from such a fate, but with the slaughtered civilians and the Immortal Flame caravan guards? The guilt ate her alive. No sooner had Temeraire spoken the words, however, than the mirror Miqo'te was surrounded with a dark aura. She looked angry and a little sad. "...suit yourself, then - I'll kill you and take your place!" And then the "other" Temeraire no longer resembled Temeraire, but now had the form of a giant flying monster. The beast vaguely looked like a bird, but had fangs instead of a beak and a body covered in fur instead of feathers. Temeraire drew her daggers in a panic, trying to back away. "O-Oh gods--!! Someone, anyone, HELP!!"
  21. Illidan Stormrage, Lord of the Illidari <Status: Stable; worried> <Location: Mauna Kea Beach - Hawaii> Temeraire Rhowa, Warrior of Light <Status: Stable; shocked and confused> <Location: Mauna Kea Beach - Hawaii> <Current Class: Ninja> <People: Stan | Lara | Amanda> ~~ Oh gods firesand explosions-- The fireworks were enough to startle Temeraire, while it prompted Illidan to turn towards the sound and sigh. If this was who he thought it was-- Yep. The voice just prior to the fireworks. Illidan buried his face in one of his hands. "Goddess dammit, Stan." Then, everything became a blur. Men storming the beach, and some sort of monster. From the sounds around him, a fight was breaking out, fast. Illidan loved a good fight, but right now, he knew there'd be an extremely startled horse from the fireworks (he knew animals didn't react well to sudden loud sounds). "You handle things here, Temeraire. I'm going to try to find Xander." He knew it shouldn't be too hard now that Xander's a demon, but still... Maybe if he found Sieghorse, he'd find the king himself. "Wait, Illidan, I--" Too late. Illidan was gone. "Gods damn it all. Just when I need help." Time for a little dodging and weaving. Temeraire dodged attacks, watching her opponents, not yet drawing her daggers... She turned to try to find the monster, but... there was no monster. Not anymore, anyway. Now there was just a blond Hyur woman, apparently having a stare-down with Lara. "Whoa, what?!"
  22. Rayla, Alolan Prodigy <Status: Stable> <Location: XDRS Base - Gateway> Tsuki, the Beast That Calls the Moon <Status: Stable> <Location: XDRS Base - Gateway> <People: Duke | Jowan | Natsuki | Raine | Sorey | Antoni | Giorno | Kelsier | Mista | Twilight> ~~ "Just a simple little patrol, then? I'm sure just me and Tsuki could pull it off, but then again... You never know what could happen. The more the merrier, I always say!" Ray smiled - she liked the idea of getting to know Twilight better, and was still a little surprised that the alicorn knew what a Pokemon Trainer is. She turned to watch the other mission's group get ready and immediately wished she hadn't. Somehow, she'd managed to see Giorno turn a strand of hair into some sort of larva. On one hand, it was amazing that he'd been able to do that, but on the other... why something so gross?? "I know that look. You're grossed out now? You went through the Lush Forest surrounded by Bug-type Pokemon just fine, I don't see why--" "None of them were squirmin' little larvae, Tsuki! I don't see how you're not grossed out." "I'm more disturbed by what I saw! You're telling me you didn't see that?!" Ray raised an eyebrow in confusion. All she'd seen was the hair turn into a larva. "See what?" Tsuki lowered her head in disbelief. "...oh my Arceus, Rayla..." Unlike the human Trainer, Tsuki had seen a third arm on Giorno for all of maybe ten seconds, and it had been enough to disturb her a little. Humans weren't supposed to spontaenously grow limbs, were they?? The larva, thankfully, wasn't a larva much longer. Now it was a beetle of some sort, and the beetle had flown to Mista. Ray calmed down a little, still utterly fascinated by Giorno's mysterious power. Maybe she'd ask him sometime when he wasn't so busy... Then she saw Natsuki approach and speak. "Your Tsuki will be invaluable on this mission, Rayla; it’s good that you’re going." Ray smiled - it was good that Natsuki thought of Tsuki as helpful. "Thanks, Natsuki. But really, I was barely able to handle myself on the last one. If anything, these missions are a team effort, and I ain't just talkin' about my Pokemon. Every little thing counts." Tsuki watched Natsuki carefully, listening to their voice, observing their mannerisms. "You don't need to be awkward around me, Natsuki. If there's something you wish to say to me directly, you need only say it." Ray, meanwhile, turned to look at Antoni. "...I ain't entirely sure who Sorey was talkin' to, either, but hey, I just chalk it up to bein' another weird quirk of the multiverse. He's got friends that not a lot of people can see or hear. I still ain't sure if anybody can see or hear them... Still, I'm glad you're comin', too." Rayla then turned towards Twilight. "By the way, Twilight, Tsuki can fit one more on her back besides me. Just let me know if anyone wants to ride with me, and who. And, most importantly, when we'll be off."
  23. Seto Kaiba <Status: Stable> <Active Monster(s): N/A> <Location: Sector 1 - Midsection> <People: Hibiki | Riza | Mystical | Satsuki> Hibiki Tachibana <Status: Stable> <Gungnir Symphogear: Inactive> <Location: Sector 1 - Midsection> <People: Kaiba | Riza | Mystical | Satsuki> ~~ Kaiba spared a glance in the direction Riza pointed out before he realized the unicorn could speak. Sort of. It didn't quite sound like a voice - telepathy, maybe. Still, what the unicorn had 'said' gave him pause. "...wait, slimes?" Before he could get an answer, he felt something headbutt his leg, and it felt pretty big. Do I want to look? Curiosity won over, and he looked down. He saw that a pink-ish ball of slime with a face was right next to his right leg. It was... surprisingly big (that thing was almost up to his waist in height... almost), and if it weren't for its size he'd swear it had come straight out of a cartoon meant for children. Next to it were much smaller and very strange objects - some pink like the slime itself, others a yellow color and looking like they weren't entirely there. Tentatively, Kaiba stooped down to see if the yellow ones were actually not entirely there, and he was startled to find that they were completely solid despite their appearance. He picked one up and looked at it, noting how it seemed to fluctuate through various states of existing and barely-existing. Hibiki, too, had grabbed one of the yellow ones off of the ground and was looking at it. "Any idea what these are, Kaiba-san?" Kaiba shook his head. "You've got me there, Tachibana. Still..." Kaiba's voice trailed off as he was lost in thought. Looking at and twirling this strange object in his hand, he was reminded of how he was displaced from his own home. He had a feeling this might be useful in some way later on (though in what way escaped him), so he pocketed it. Hibiki, meanwhile, was grabbing as many of the strange things as she could spot, which was three of the pink ones, before a new voice spoke (or, rather, shouted). Hearing about a robot scaling the mountains was very worrying to both her and Kaiba. Kaiba then let out an exasperated sigh when he noted that this new person - Satsuki - had come from the east. Which was now dangerous thanks to the giant robot in question. "...yeah, considering it hostile sounds like the best option. As for knowing anything, that's a no on all three of those, the robot especially since that's the first I've heard of it." Hibiki then spoke up. "Kaiba-san is right, it's the first I heard of it, too, so we don't know much there. I don't think we know much about the situation or the area, either, but we started seeing these things all over the ground." Hibiki then held up one of the pink objects she'd picked up so that Satsuki could see it. "...so." Kaiba glanced towards the east. "Looks like our plan of going eastward flew out the window. Now what?" Hibiki once again pocketed the pink object. "Probably try to warn those guys Riza-san pointed out. Then maybe we can all come up with a way to get past that thing or find another way out of here." "That's the best thing I've heard out of your mouth all day, Tachibana." Kaiba then looked at Satsuki. "By the way..." He gestured to Hibiki. "Hibiki Tachibana." Then to Riza. "Riza Hawkeye." Then to the unicorn. "...Mystical." Then to himself. "Seto Kaiba. There. With that out of the way, let's get moving." Before something else happens.
  24. Rayla, Alolan Prodigy <Status: Stable> <Location: XDRS Base - Gateway> <People: Tsuki | Duke | Jowan | Natsuki | Raine | Sorey | Antoni | Giorno | Kelsier | Mista | Twilight> Tsuki, the Beast that Calls the Moon <Status: Stable> <Location: XDRS Base - Gateway> ~~ So Mista hated the very concept of the number four? That was... strange, to say the least. Oh well, to each their own. "So there's an anomaly 'round these parts that some of us have to investigate, huh? Good - I was gettin' bored." Ray tossed the ever-familiar PokeBall in the air. "Tsuki, come on out!" And out came her signature 13-foot-tall Lunala. Tsuki rubbed her head a little and shook it, then looked around. "...oh boy. Quite the crowd we have here today... Something important going on?" "Yeah, Tsuki. Some of 'em are going off-world, but the two of us are gonna be joining Raine to investigate an anomaly somewhere else in this universe." "Sounds like my kind of thing." Ray smiles. She loved Tsuki to death and back - if anything were to happen to the Legendary, she'd be beside herself. "Twilight. Raine. I hope you guys aren't opposed to me riding on Tsuki's back."
  25. Illidan Stormrage, Lord of the Illidari <Status: Stable> <Location: Mauna Kea Beach, Hawaii> <People: Xander | Temeraire> Temeraire Rhowa, Warrior of Light <Status: Stable> <Location: Mauna Kea Beach, Hawaii> <Current Class: Ninja> <People: Illidan | Xander> ~~ "...what the hell happened here...?" Illidan was absolutely stunned - he had not expected to come back to... whatever this was. The first thing that caught his attention, though, was Temeraire pacing back and forth in what he recognized was sheer anger. "Knock it off, Temeraire, you're going to wear holes in your shoes. What happened here?" Temeraire crossed her arms and made that strange cat-like huffing noise, only this time it sounded angry instead of amused. "...I don't wanna talk about it." Oh, how the tables had turned. "You sound like you need to talk about it." "...fine, but I'm making it short. In a nutshell, I pranked a guy, yelled at him, and pissed off Lara." "You made Lara mad? I just-- oh my goddess, Temeraire." Yep, this definitely wasn't Illidan's night. "She told us not to cause a scene, and you went and did that anyway!" "The guy had it coming! He was trying to steal!" "So you thought it would be a good idea to prank him?! Look, Temeraire, I love a good prank as much as any mischief-loving demon out there, but they're only fun if everyone is having a good time... and from the sounds of things, Lara and whoever got pranked were not." "But--" "No 'buts', Temeraire - what you did was childish and stupid, and yelling at the man only made things worse. You should have just gotten Lara, or Xander, or hell, even me, and we would have handled it in a way that wouldn't have pissed off anybody." He sighed, pausing and listening to the sounds around him for a few minutes. "Look, I don't know how things work in this 'Ul'dah' place you keep mentioning, but this isn't Ul'dah. Whatever worked for you there won't work here." Temeraire averted her gaze. Now that she thought about it, she had overreacted. Illidan was right; this wasn't Ul'dah. She needed to stop acting like it was. She looked down, clearly embarrassed with herself. "...guess we're even now, huh?" "...you could say that." Temeraire looked at Xander. "...what happened to him?" Illidan opened his mouth to speak before his ear twitched a little. "...I'll explain later. Do you hear that?" Temeraire paused, and her ears, too, twitched upon picking up the noise. "Yeah... It sounds like thunder..." Not a cloud in the sky, though, so... Her eyes widened."...oh, that can't be good. Wanna blow this joint and check it out?" "You read my mind, Rhowa." Off they went, towards the sound...