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  1. I just cackled! Yes there are soooo many rankings and I'm still not convinced I understand them fully myself. I LOVE what you've come up with. I'm going to credit you with a total of 10 francs since this is so in-depth. That puts the King's Court at 101 francs, (actually more, but I haven't caught up today) and means a tapestry has been unlocked! I may not be able to make the official announcement and changes to the King's Court Hall until tomorrow, though, I'll try and get it out tonight!
  2. I'm kind of leaning towards the second, @Ninjakittee with perhaps expanding later on to involve other groups of pirates. Perhaps maybe start with a small fleet that's captained by a rag-tag pairing involving my cutthroat lass (who I'd imagined as a sort of pirate princess) and your green eyed captain? Was the offspring donated a lineaged one? If so, it's probably already been announced and you don't need to worry about forms until there's marriage.
  3. I hadn't considered it - I suppose more people might be interested if there are multiple captains/ships? What's your preference?
  4. I love. Anything I'd come up with wouldn't be too technical in most aspects (I don't care a bit about describing ships and such). Just a good setting, a plot that allows for battles, pillaging, and a little romance (PG-13 of course) without being too constricting. I might consider adding fantasy elements, though I'm not sure. Pirates are v cool by themselves.
  5. You could do a character inspired by him! I'm thinking of it mostly being original characters (with mentionings of historical figures), and I see no reason your character couldn't be based on him as long as it's not straight up plagarism. Yay francs! King's Court is so close to unlocking a tapestry. Never? D: Ahh, that's too bad.
  6. @Mochi ugh my bad, it is only CBs. >.< Sleepy me is bad at things. Also random question but how does everyone feel about pirates? I've been reading about them tons lately and really want to start a pirate RP but I'm not sure if there'd be enough interest - the RP sections seem kind of barebones.
  7. @Mochi I've accepted your offer! Feel free to regift if it isn't what you need (it just won't earn points again). Do you need the egg back? I have earned Favor for my Clan! Name: pretty_thumb Link to Scroll: Link Clan I belong to: Sky Clan #1. I Donated a CB hatchie Egg or Hatchie: hatchie Points earned: +2 points to Sky Clan Recipient of Gift: @Mochi Lineage Code of Gift: cxuKH
  8. I'll record your points in a bit! Yes, the additional francs unlocked for the event are found here Since Princes/Princesses are technically that old-timey word for "born out of wedlock", they should take the surname of the Affair.
  9. What a beautiful hall @Kelkelen I'm so jealous! ETA: Does anyone from Jade Clan need a consort/concubine? I'd like to gift a CB Hatchie Clan I belong to: Sky Clan Color / Gender of Hatchie: Green (I can't remember if I precogged it...) Lineage Code of Hatchie: cxuKH Teleport Link: Teleportie
  10. Everything's been updated! The King's Court is now only 9 francs away from unlocking their first bit of heraldry!
  11. Good morning all Had a doctor's appointment this morning so I'm actually up and at it quite early! I'll be working on Courts Intrigue for a while and then will work on updating the spreadsheet for Sky Clan! Hope everyone's day is going well.
  12. I'm not sure that she was speaking on anything other than hypothetically, though? (I could be mistaken.) I would wait until she weighs in officially before doing so.
  13. I have earned Favor for my Clan! Name: pretty_thumb Link to Scroll: Here Clan I belong to: Sky Clan #3. I own 25 correctly named Dragons Points earned: +2 (5 additional correctly-named dragons) I think? Names / Lineage code of Dragons: Group Link 26. Junzhu Yanmei Hua 27. Princess Xiaodan Hua 28. Lotus Master Hai 29. Consort Xing Tian 30. Prince Longwei
  14. @esse I'm going to offer on the male sky just as soon as this freakin' silver hatches and I can get a dummy egg. ETA: Offer made! @esse
  15. Oh no, dear I hope everything is okay. Hopefully you'll be able to come back to the game when things settle down? Sad to see your scroll is gone, since you could always come back to it, but I'm sure you have your reasons! Feel free to PM me if you ever need to talk or just vent.
  16. I'm not sure on this either, though I would LOVE to be able to breed Imperials to Imperials. When the project first started I read about a really bad Chinese concubine who rose to power and even betrayed her husband for her brother. Would make for such an interesting storyline/pretty lineage!
  17. I'd like to be placed on the Wait List for a Sacred Line Egg Name: Zidya Clan I belong to: Sky Clan I own a 2nd Gen Heavenly Line Egg: Yes I'd like to be shifted from the Heavenly Line Wait List: N/A
  18. Slow and steady wins the race! Yay, I'm glad you realized and didn't lose a baby! Agreed! @Mow, you have a fantastic lineage in the works.
  19. Made an offer on lil blue ETA: Thanks @Kigyptnee!! She'll be loved (and named soon!)
  20. Congratulations to the Queen's Court on such beautiful heraldry! And on such a leap in francs! King's Court - we aren't far from unlocking our first tapestry for the Court Hall! Keep up the excellent work! Don't forget there are several new ways to earn francs to help earn the final 19 needed to unlock.