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  1. I'm so happy there are four dragons so I can get two of each lol! The market idea is super cool! I caught all the new dragons and then bred my: Zyumorphs, Xenowyrms and some Shimmers to get my max of 100 credits. Figured if I bred these dragons they would be snapped up fast in the AP. Good luck to everyone still hunting!
  2. Wew lad these are going quick! Glad I left my scroll open, I had a suspicion there was going to be a release.
  3. Sweet! This makes up for me only getting one egg during the March release lol
  4. Waaaaaait.......upside down eggs? I got one - so does the mint remain upside down forever? I missed last year so I'm in the dark right now
  5. Any ideas on why I can nab any of last years holiday dragon in the holiday biome? When I click it says I'm maxed out at the two I got last year....
  6. They are all stunning! I'm in love with the white one the most - so slick looking!
  7. I can't wait to see what the orange adults look like! The hatchlings are really colorful
  8. .............oh man. Yeah, I guess I do have them mixed up. I thought for sure that the grey ones were the diamond hatchlings. I feel like such a major derp right now
  9. That's so weird....it's not what I'm seeing at all.
  10. Ok....I need help. I just checked my scroll and my eggs have all hatched. However, I had FOUR diamond eggs and THREE leaf litter eggs....but now I have four leaf litter hatchies and three diamond hatchies. Basically the diamond eggs hatched at leaf litters and the leaf litters hatched as diamonds. I check the biome on each and it's confirmed.
  11. So...since Luminas can produce Black Luminas I wonder if the CB version will wind up being rare. Like, TJ will drop a bunch and then -bam- no more in the cave and only obtainable by breeding. Could you imagine the scrambling and outcry from everyone who didn't bother to get them in the cave, assuming they would be super common??
  12. Really loving the male Frilled sprite! And the updated BP is beautiful....love the fact that she's no longer dwarfed by other sprites. Can't wait to continue my BP/Black even gen lineage!!!
  13. I'm going to try them with Deep Sea dragons
  14. Happily egg locked with 6 more new eggs and one Chrono Xenowyrm. Whoop!
  15. Interesting BSA....I'm really curious to know exactly what it does. Maybe it's used on themselves to allow breeding?
  16. Sweet! Just caught 20 of them! And here I was being a smarty pants thinking this was just a joke. Dang, actually caught one!
  17. Thanking the dragon gods that I happened to be in the cave last night when these first started dropping. I'm wondering how rare these are going to be, especially the orange egg.
  18. OMG I'M IN LOVE!!!!! These guys are totally awesome!