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  1. Times like this, I dislike the fact that you have to catch at least one egg in the cave before you can get them from the market. Everything is gone before I can so much as blink still.
  2. When is the proverbial avalanche of holiday dragons going to start? I feel like it might be tomorrow but I'm not sure.
  3. At least this one came around while I was trying to re-balance my gem count, which is to say I'm totally free. Alas...these eggs are flying way too fast for me to catch right now. (Oh hey first page! That's a first!)
  4. You're probably going to have to wait until next year to have a chance at a CB. They're too popular rn due to being last year's new breed. I've found that they look decent with Rift Wyrms.
  5. In which I'm glad I had some Reds handy to speed-hatch four eggs. Just need one more of each to unlock encyclopedia sprites, but that can be put off for a few days.
  6. Is the site down for everyone else, or is it just me?
  7. I wasn't aware that a normal Mint was an outcome. That's probably something that should be stated on the news post next year.
  8. https://prnt.sc/n9sr6o So here's last year's April Fools Mint, shown upside-down as he should be. And here's this year's. https://prnt.sc/n9srh6 Am I the only one having this issue?
  9. Are they only upside-down as eggs/adults?
  10. Vampire attempt failed yet again, like 9 times out of 10 previous attempts have.
  11. So I was just picking up some CB eggs when I saw this one particular description. stared at it for a second and then clicked it because I didn't recognize it IT WAS A GOLD AND I GOT IT
  12. Today reinforced my idea of "good days" being terrible days in disguise. And by that I mean I started getting optimistic about my upcoming work program, and then my dad went and outed himself as being misogynistic. And I am a female of the species.
  13. Woke up to find that we now have two guinea pigs instead of one this morning, and also just summoned my second GoN.
  14. Basically what the title says. Probably just my OCD talking, but the fact of any undead dragons being sorted as what they used to be, and therefore being all over the place, is honestly a little frustrating. Even more so when I can't remember off the top of my head which exact dragons had been used to make the aforementioned zombie-dragons. tl;dr having them sorted as Undead would make them easier to locate.
  15. Pretty good day, considering we brought home a guinea pig. :3
  16. Forewarning that I stink at wording things. So the current thing of "This action is unavailable for X day(s)" is...really, really vague. And irritating to some degree if you have a bad memory or anything along those lines. My suggestion is basically to just add hours/minutes to the cooldown message, like after the 1-day mark it'd be "This action is unavailable for (2+) hours" and then be "This action is unavailable for (1-59) minutes".
  17. the more conflicting stories I'm seeing about Siyat colors' hatching times, the less i'm liking them.
  18. Eggs cannot hatch until they hit the 4-day mark. It's always been like that.
  19. I haven't actually influenced it. XP I'm just saying that I have this thing where, if there's two sprites for each gender with a dragon, I'm pretty obsessive in keeping the pattern correct. And the adult Silver I have right now is female, as well as my only other Silver not counting the egg. If that made sense. I'm not good with words.
  20. I bred my one CB Silver to a CB Radiant Angel, finally got an egg...and then realized that my OCD will want me to influence the egg to be male instead of female.
  21. Not being able to get a single Soulstone. I spent hours lurking the biome for a CB. =_=
  22. Exactly my thoughts. IMO lineages with Alts are ruined the moment a pink one gets thrown in because of clashing colors. That, or going back to 1-color-only.