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  1. Forum name: SaltySenpai Song or work: Song of the Ancestors Current generation/progress: -- CBs/Breeds still needed: CB Anagalis Dragons
  2. Yes only one. I didn't think I could use more than one for the Splash. I'm egg locked but will look out for more to see if it helps. Is there anyone I can talk to to confirm or deny that it's still obtainable? Cause if it's not I won't look for more since I'm on a project that needs me to be egg locked for awhile.
  3. So I've been playing since 2012 and have had a Shallow Water Dragon for years and clicked "Splash" more than I can count, and still don't have a Magikarp badge. Does it no longer exist?
  4. Soulsborne-->SaltySenpai: Zyumorph (White) (Accepted)
  5. Last game I played where you could die was Persona Q and I died cause I thought I could kill a Cute Baby enemy with my team cause I had mostly tanks. DON'T DO THAT.
  6. Sims 4 cause I'm a murderous trash god when I play 😂
  7. THANK YOU. ONE MORE TIME FOR THE PPL IN THE BACK. As a disabled person, I know what if feels like to be unwanted from a parent because I was born "wrong" and was "unwanted". Growing up I wished my mother just ignored my father and aborted me because ppl like my father made me feel like a burden because I was too much work. He forced her to carry me knowing something was wrong, then when I was born disabled was SHOCKED and angry. They couldn't afford a sick child and he didn't want to raise one. This could have been prevented if he let my mother get an abortion. The abuse I suffered from him messed me up for a long time. Now, in 2019, I've cut him off going on four years and I live happily with my mom. I'm glad she had me. But I never forget what brought me here, and in school, for the handicapped, I knew other kids just like me. Suffering. And some are no longer here because they couldn't handle it anymore. Pro-lifers are all for the baby TIL it's born. After birth, your on your own. Don't ask for handouts either, because you are a burden to the government. This is why women need a choice. It's not just for the mother, it's also for the fetus. Cause chances are, their future is going to be full of suffering.
  8. My birth father was Germanic Jewish, then turned atheist as he got addicted to drugs and alcohol, and my mom is Roman Catholic so growing up was, different. But I was never forced on way or another. I was allowed to chose. I think there is some sort of higher power and after life, and whatever you want to call it, I respect that. I don't really call myself Jewish or Catholic. We really don't know what happens after we die and it's natural for us as humans to seek comfort in religion. I do. And it's okay not to fit in a group like I do. Be you with your beliefs.
  9. Socks. Fuzzy ones would be the most treasured. I swear I'm one of the few ppl in the world that loves getting socks as a gift
  10. Here in VT and and it's the first day of snow on the mountains. We poor suckers down in the cities and towns have maybe a few days before we get hit
  11. cause it looks like he sceaming into the void (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA) but also I love Spirited Away :V
  12. Betrayal by Harold Pinter (maybe I'm bias cause Tom Hiddleson is in it 😅)
  13. One Punch Man season 2 and Houseki no Kuni
  14. never had it but I'd be down to try so Yum Maple Syrup Flavored Oreos
  15. Lately I've been consumed by Lizzo and it's so far from what I normally listen to(70's&80's rock, anime openings, vocaloid, Ramstein) but she just gives me life y'all like, "No, I'm not a snack at all Look, baby, I'm the whole damn meal" THOSE LYRICS SLAYED ME
  16. Welp when I get totally smashed with my cousin on weekends, our drunk anthem is "Dance" by Big Sean. I'd normally never listen to otherwise tho 😂
  17. I want to request a gift! Forum Name: SaltySenpai Scroll Name: frostgiant Scroll Link: https://dragcave.net/user/frostgiant Message Link: https://forums.dragcave.net/messenger/compose/?to=234554 Today's Date: 11/7/19 Will you accept an inbred dragon?: yes Will you accept a messy lineage?: yes Dragon Breed List to be placed on: Zyumorph (White) (Optional) Any specific conditions that must be met: nope
  18. I'm happy to see parts of this get fixed! Thank you TJ! I'm having a blast!
  19. How long does it take to gain snow? I'm still at lvl 2 and can't really do anything since I have 1 piece. 😕 P.S Merry Christmas everyone!
  20. Yay! I can't wait! This should be fun and Happy Holidays TJ!❄️🎄