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  1. On my birthday.... ;-; Lele Pons was born.
  2. I think this is getting too global. We have to think about people and animals as individuals as well, not just look at the global/bigger picture. For example, if I (a human) were to be murdered by somebody, it wouldn't really have an impact on the environment or anything. Life would go on for the rest of humanity as well. I'm just one person and I don't have a huge impact on such a big planet. That doesn't mean it's okay to murder me, though, does it? Similarly, if earth were to be completely destroyed tomorrow, the rest of the universe would be fine. Planets get destroyed all the time.
  3. I just think it's rude to pull the "shouldn't you be donating to humans?" card when someone is donating to help endangered animals and animal shelters. As long as they're donating towards a good cause, why are you getting picky? Go donate to help humans, since they are so very important to you, and let people donate towards things they believe in and support. It's a good thing either way. Don't criticize someone or get picky about their good actions. Imagine donating some money to a homeless man in america and someone comes up to you like "shouldn't be donating to homeless people in afric
  4. I wanted to be nice and let the other player have an upside down mint yesterday and I thought .. it is okay I'll catch an upside down mint later. (I arrived pretty late to the event and just didn't understand anything at all) Ended up egglocked and with no upsidedown mint I come back today and I'm like I'll get one this time! Then I realise I can't. Wooooow I'm a complete idiot Note to self: be selfish next time or life will make sure you pay the price
  5. Most definitely being completely on my own, on the streets, or lost somewhere, with no one ...forever. Alzheimer's disease is close second, though. Closely followed by full-body paralysis and not being able to communicate in any way through it.
  6. Omg the flavor text on this one hurts my heart I just want to tell her I like the flowers?? I went back after she greyed out to let her know somehow and "More? But I got you so many! You haven't gotten me anything! You're just using me. You don't love me!" aaa I just wanted to say thank you RIP
  7. I'm sending a good balanced amount of serious & sweet messages As well as (harmless) jokes My favorite flower is the shimmering iris so far
  8. .... clicked a heartseeker instrad of a valentine in the cave and now I am egglocked and have no more hope
  9. I want incubation to remove grab cooldown.
  10. Have: CB arsani. https://dragcave.net/teleport/e21ea61b13e4993ecb9478cc2b2cb7ab want: one of the following: (CB only)
  11. Now I can't catch any valentine eggs and I've been trying since the beginning of the event
  12. I forgot to influence my gold... It's the first gold I breed myself, and I have no precog dragon to be able to know what it's going to be It's a 50/50 chance now... ugh, silly me.
  13. I caught both the mom and dad from the AP, I bred them a few times and they always made royal blues. Finally, they made a silver - and it gendered correctly! boy! Edit: @Dorchet huge congrats <3 That's super impressive! I have no idea how people manage. Very well deserved catch for sure
  14. I have a fear of one day finding out that I am stupid. This fear has ruled my life for years. I don't study for tests, thinking to myself, 'like that if I fail, it's not out of stupidity, it's just out of laziness'.
  15. ...it rains outside. I can't believe...
  16. https://dragcave.net/group/35123 Woooo my pride and joy <3 I'm done breeding my own, now I'm gonna try to get a few bred from other people as well
  17. I just got (cuber) and I'm so excited?? This is incredible because I'm actually an avid rubiks cuber ! I also got a winter magi with the code (NoADD) and don't even get me started on (999yo) ....
  18. I caught an egg in the AP that said 15 minutes left. It had 1 view.... I managed to hatch it!