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  1. Just "Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man" Most of my names are purposely weird so I'm usually only surprised when they are taken
  2. Another Junkrat went out of his way to waste his ultimate just to kill me (he was angry at me because of how many times I killed him) I tried to fly to Pharah as Mercy and got caught on a wall and got shot As Torbjorn I was too busy trying to fix my turret to pay attention to that one Reaper A Pharah used her ultimate and shot at me first because I was Mercy and I got launched into the air I was McCree and I walked towards the payload from behind cover and didn't see Bastion till it was too late Scatter arrow
  3. Overwatch. On Xbox One. I don't have any new games atm so I'm considering going back and actually finishing The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.
  4. Sleeping, I guess. It's only 11 pm but still.
  5. Dust, some type of grass and... cats :c