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  1. I do sometimes because I just don't need them for anything. You can't use them for VS Seekers if their IVs aren't any good, and I don't battle at level 100.
  2. Someone just PMed me to thank me for breeding them a Shiny Surskit. Too bad you didn't get it, Holly.
  3. Need to actually get around to doing the hunt, hmm.
  4. I have 136 boxes, atm. Like Biggins, I don't really open them very often because I've kind of lost interest in trinkets. Some of them are pretty, but I hate having to sort through a lot of ones that I don't like in order to find them...not to say that they're bad, because I'm sure someone worked very hard on each of them, only that most of them aren't to my taste.
  5. Woot! Did the whole thing today, hooray! Just need to do about 1k more to beat my previous click record, too.
  6. They aren't, not at all, or at least not from what I remember. So long as you found one of the three Shinies during the hunt, you receive the winner's prize. You don't receive prizes from the following hunts. At least, that's how I remember it. Unless they've changed something, that's how it should be.
  7. Wow, congrats! @Nectaris: If you already have a Shiny Shinx, why are you concerned about the number of Trapinch? Was the Shinx not part of the Shiny race...?
  8. We're reeeaaally close, so I hope so! I'm doing my part to help.
  9. Fiiiiiiinally I am done with all those berries. Now onto the interactions step.
  10. Yes you caaaaaaaaan. I believe in you. I'm breeding Surskit now, for Holly, since they don't seem common in the Shelter. @.@
  11. Yessss. Sassy nature, ha. #231.
  12. Yeah, I remembered being worried that you wouldn't finish. D: Good luck, FluffyPillow! I hope you get one before the day is over. o:
  13. Huh. Well, now I'm feeling sheepish. I've been clicking for hours to try and finish this thing (I just looked at my stats, and apparently I have 12k clicks today? @.@) and it turns out I needn't have worried at all. Yes, I did! I had a lucky little Shiny a few days ago, I believe. Egg no. 73, I think. I honestly didn't think I would make it, since I've been so inactive, but I got lucky. @FluffyPillow, thank you for telling me! Now I don't have to sweat it.
  14. Whaaaaaaaaaa, really? How long has that been a thing? How have I not known this before now???? @Holly: Yeah, the multipliers have really worked wonders for me.
  15. Congrats, Holly! Are you going to hatch more Surskit now? Bluh, Celebi's less than halfway through her berries. I don't think I'm going to finish in time. @.@
  16. Please feed him/her a spicy berry. I'm trying to do the whole exploration today. @.@
  17. Wow, I really wasn't expecting this. Only #73, my shortest hunt in a long time. Good luck to everyone else that is still hunting!!
  18. Haha, sounds good to me! Congrats on the Squirtle. I hope you get a Shinx soon! Thanks to all you other guys, too. My birthday was pretty good overall (technically there's still 50 minutes to it, I guess, but whatever), and I'm glad to be back on GPX+, at least for the moment. <3
  19. Oh. Ha, that's fine then.
  20. Thanks! Sorry I left your PM hanging, by the way. I was just off the site for a long time and then when I came back I don't think there was anything relevant that I could have said. I wasn't ignoring you on purpose, or anything. D: @Watanuki: Tiger? o: Congrats on the Feebas, I want one of those someday too. @.@ He needs some Pecha berries, if you don't mind~
  21. Hey, guys! It's been awhile since I've been active here again, ugh. Just been really busy with senior stuff lately, but this past week I've dabbled a bit again. There's pretty much no way I'll win the Shiny race, but I'm hoping for at least a birthday Shiny today, maybe....|D Started the Exploration too, hm.
  22. LOL, my Walker is still jumping quite a bit (only about 23 levels or so). It has been doing so for a long time now, since I think I messed it up somehow (?). Before it would only jump if I switched from mobile to computer or vice versa, but now it moves 20-30 levels just when I'm stationary. EDIT: Also, you all realize Gulpin requires 16.5k per level, right? That thing is a pain to level.
  23. I remember back when 30,000 was a feat. A FEAT, I TELL YOU! /twitch
  24. YOU. ARE. A. GOD. Can't wait for the beta to be out for everyone, fffff