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  1. Today was my first day as a Junior in high school! My friends were all excited to see me(and I was excited to see them, too). All of my teachers are really cool, especially Mr. Bridgers, my GL American History instructor. I had to turn in all of my summer work and I hope he doesn't notice that I literally did not read any of Uncle Tom's Cabin like I was supposed to. Reading is kind of hard for me to do, not because I'm bad at it, but because my attention span is about as developed as that of a goldfish. Not many of my friends are in my classes, but at least I know a couple of folks in each period that I get along with fairly well. Everyone says I'm a very nice person so it isn't hard for me to make friends : - 0 Overall, it was a good day.
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    @StormBirdRising Thank you! I can't exactly remember how I got to that point with the illustration of Muiredach(haha) but I hope I can redo it, maybe change up the composition/perspective. I also like the atmosphere and colors so I don't think that part will change very much. And thanks! I really love red and green, those are my two favorite colors. @skwerl56767 Yeah lighting is such a hard thing to learn(along with perspective lmao), but I'm starting to sort of understand how it works a little better now? And totally!! I'm definitely going to post a topic about my future artshop here, on FR, and on my DeviantART and Tumblr accounts. @deja Thanks! I'd recommend reading the Hellboy comics, or the B.P.R.D. series. Abe Sapien also has his own spin-off if you're interested in reading that : - 0 He's a really cool character tbh. @Dew Appreciate it! I hope to post more soon once I have the time. I think Muiredach and Doc Mortem/Obscurity are my favorites out of them all, too.
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    @fuzzbucket Thank You!!!
  4. I've seen some users have this thing where it displays their rank, but instead of that they have something similar to a broadcast message or w/e. How do I change this? Do I have to have a certain level to customize it? I've looked in my account settings and can't find the place to change it(if there even is one at all).
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    My Art

    @RWyvern Thank you! : - 0
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    My Art

    I posted this before on an FR forum, but I'd like to post it here too: So I've been in kind of an art slump lately. My style is starting to change(for the better, I think) and I just can't seem to get anything to look how I want. Below are some older pieces(most are works in progress) just to show what I'm capable of. These aren't really going to be in any particular order so the dates are gonna be mismatched jsyk. I'm thinking about opening an art shop soon if any of you are interested! An illustration from somewhere around mid to late 2016. It is a drawing of my kelpie OC, Muiredach, inspecting a little frog he found in his swamp. It is a work in progress and one of the first times I actually attempted digital painting. I kind of want to go back to it, but on a different canvas with a different look(because Muiredach's design has changed since this was made): This one is a somewhat more recent work in progress of Abe Sapien from the Hellboy comics. I don't think I'm going back to this one anytime soon: I'm fairly proud of this painting. It's pretty recent, made it around February of 2017. It is traditional-acrylics on 12inx12in canvas paper. I thik I could have put a little more detail into it but for my first traditional painting, I think it is fairly solid. The lighting isn't too bad. Unfortunately, the eyes look a little weird and I'm not too keen on how the mouth turned out, or the bandolier across the chest area. I think the shading on the neck is the best part, haha. The color palette was VERY limited, by the way. All of the colors you see are just variants of two or three main colors(orange, brown, and yellow). I referenced it from a scene in the 1999 Mummy movie(my favorite movie of all time). It's Ardeth Bay, my favorite character from anything ever: This one is actually from 2015, believe it or not! It is a drawing of one of my oldest characters, Hoodiebeast(I named him that because he once wore a really ugly hood and I never felt the need to change his name when he stopped wearing it lmao). Around the time that I drew this, my style was finally starting to shape itself and I began to grasp basic anatomy fairly well. I think the colors and dramatic, exaggerated expression on Hoodiebeast's face really makes this piece stand out. However, the background was a really half-a**ed attempt. The lighting is very off and I'm not sure where it is exactly coming from(it should be coming from the top left). This last one is definitely one of my favorites! These two are from a webcomic my best friend and I plan on making one day. We've been developing the storyline for 4 years now and it is still going. The skeleton's name is Doc Mortem and the Egyptian sheep demon is named She of Obscure Origin(but we just call her "Obscurity" because it takes less time to say, haha). It is a definite work in progress but I do plan on finishing it once I am able to buy a new stylus for my Wacom tablet. There are a few mistakes; for instance, Obscucrity's horn shouldn't be overlapping her staff like that. That will be fixed eventually. I know my work isn't THE BEST but I really do feel that I am improving. I still need work on expressions, color theory, composition, and perspective. Right now I'm in a fairly pivotal point in my work and I'm... a bit worried with how it might turn out. I'm glad school is starting, I really want to get back into the art room and restore some of my mojo through constant routine. I have a hard time staying consistent. Let me know what you guys think! If you have an constructive criticism, feel free to post it down below. I'd appreciate it. Don't take this as an excuse to be outright rude and nasty, though. Keep it respectful(and helpful, too).