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“I haven’t felt so bad since that unfortunate story with Dratewka.”

“He definitely felt worse. If I remember correctly, you bit his head off.”

“He probably didn’t even notice, and my stomach burned for a week after his antics! Besides, I’m pretty sure you would do the same in my place.”

Wawel’s Dragon lay curled up in his spot, unable to move even the tip of his tail. His shiny green scales were matted, the golden eyes were still clouded, and dried blood stained a bandage on his paw(…)

“No,” Sara said after a moment. She didn’t look much better than the dragon. Whether she wanted to or not, she also had to submit herself to the healers’ hands, who’d patched her leg up and covered her wounds with some green paste, but she still hadn’t regained her strength. “I wouldn’t be able to open my mouth wide enough.”

“Burn the witch”, Kubasiewicz