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  1. @Keiren They can, actually! You just need to buy a scroll of renaming, but those aren't terribly expensive. If you're still okay with me renaming her and willing to send her over, my FR name is the same as my DC one: SilvaIncognita
  2. @Keiran I would love Lavender, if you wouldn't mind me renaming her to Ryslig. I'm very new but I'm heavy into lore and would love her to be our Fog Witch, in charge of weaving defensive illusions to hide the clan's territory.
  3. This is Twix, who forgot to put his tongue away while he napped today:
  4. I'm big on NorthernLion, Super Best Friends Play/TheSw1tcher, BaerTaffy, MathasGames (not my favorite, but recently started watching his stuff and he's growing on me), and JonTron (angelic chorus as I note that he uploaded something today). I used to be huge on Markiplier and JSE but I sort of fell out of love with their brand of humor. I still watch them sometimes, though.
  5. Never Wanted to Dance - Mindless Self Indulgence
  6. I should be replying to tags but instead I'm flipping through the different forums I'm a part of and looking for ways to procrastinate. I'm just not in a tagging mood ;-;
  7. *sweeping gesture towards signature* I'm a Mercy/whichever tank we could use at the moment main, albeit more out of necessity than choice. Don't get me wrong, I love playing Mercy (and am excited for the upcoming rework), and DVa is my jam, but it seems supports and tanks are always the last to get picked these days. DPS mains are far more common in my experience.
  8. I think I'd hoard bones. Like animal skulls, antlers, partial or incomplete skeletons - stuff like that. And maybe glass bottles.
  9. I just got off of a long RimWorld kick and now I'm getting back into Sunless Sea. I'm really hype for Sunless Skies, too - it's coming to early access soon I believe. Any other fans of the Sunless games out there?
  10. Currently enjoying a hearty bowl of ramen, but I made it slightly too spicy this time and my nose is running ;-;