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  1. I still can't seem to catch a CB Baikala. It's almost as if they've up and disappeared! They were so darn common and now POOF! They're gone!
  2. New dragons! I love the design of the orange speckled egg.
  3. Same. I just lost an egg I had really been looking forward to and it had 2 hours left till hatching. It died within seconds of me updating my scroll on EATW.
  4. Apparently everyone in the Desert tab hesitated because I skipped to a different area and came back, still managed to grab the CB gold that had popped up there!
  5. My two dorsal derg gendered correctly! I've got no more freeze options left so this is such a relief! (Still upset about my third one though. ;.; )
  6. I have had the BEST luck with my Falconiform x Zyumorph pair and one of their babies finally got a name! https://dragcave.net/progeny/8qrmI
  7. Accidentally killed an egg while my roommate had be distracted with a game he needed a LOT of help with. Thought I was naming something, realized too late that auto-filling my code to hasten the process had just murdered the dorsal egg I'd worked so hard to get. ; x;
  8. Traded an egg that was influenced, instead of waiting for it to hatch and gender properly, and it didn't keep the influence. This has happened twice. You think I'd learn!
  9. Just got done wondering why baikala eggs weren't popping up anymore and I managed to grab one! It's the alt colour too! Hooray!
  10. I'm not sure if you'd classify it as bad luck per say, but I've not seen any CB Baikala eggs in quite a while. Been wanting to snag a couple but they haven't been showing up in any of the habitats they're supposed to drop in. Maybe I've just been too slow. lol
  11. Happy Halloween everyone! I managed to catch three so I'm hoping I'll have a breeding pair. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll get pairs for the past Halloween dragons too. I'm very close to it!
  12. I'm a little apprehensive about the new breed only being around for 24hrs. If the Halloween biome and the recent new release in August has taught me anything, it's that the huge influx of people rushing in to get the eggs bogs the site down and no matter how quick you click, someone's beat you to it. A refresh clutch is gone within seconds. It's going to be extremely touch to get the new dragon unless the eggs are flooded into the biome instead of being dropped every five or so minutes. I will cross my fingers and hope for the best though.
  13. I caught four red eggs. @-@;;;;; Both pairs came from Volcano AND Desert. Mmmm. I have a feeling the greens will be difficult to catch.
  14. I can't wait! It'll be my first and I'll get to have a pair of CB holidays~
  15. Wanting to create an all CB scroll but realizing that that's probably going to be an extremely arduous task with metals, dinos, and the more rarer breeds. 8l I've already given up on the CB holidays since I joined so late in the game lol.
  16. All three of my Coastal Zyumorph & Falconiform Wyvern's eggs have been Zyumorphs! Unfortunately, none have been named. ; v;
  17. I have yet to see any Silvers, Golds, and Xenowyrms. My friend caught their first Leetle tree about a month ago and I've not seen one since.
  18. A friend of mine catch and gave me two CB Seasonal dragons! I'll have to wait till next year to grab summers but the fall ones are just as cute. Can't wait for the winter ones though! They are my favorite out of the breed.
  19. Some of the 2nd Gen eggs I've bred, commons and rares, have been named by the folks who picked them up! I love seeing what people can come up with or decide to do.
  20. I've entered two raffles so far and I'm glad they exist, even if I've not yet won. Good luck everybody! Can't wait to check the status at the end of the month~
  21. I've not yet detailed a story for my scroll but I've given them all matching last names based on an old character I used to write for way back when. Clan MacDermott! Probably going to have them be something along the lines of an old Irish clan that'll have real history laced into its story. Just got to do some quality research and set aside some time to begin writing again. If work wasn't so crazy, I'd do it now!
  22. Grabbed two eggs of the recent release and a 3rd cb Nebula! Very happy with them!
  23. They look cute so far! I'll have to try and catch a few Ridgewings in the near future it seems.