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  1. @lexa - I think I've seen that question answered before, and if I recall correctly, the answer is yes - and then as the 'flood' dies down, it starts appearing only in its actual biome. And holidays are supposed to appear randomly in all biomes, too, or something, like rares. I think! Just guessing at what I can vaguely remember here.
  2. BOOYEA! Scroll pages and renaming! *dances with glee*
  3. Hm. Mine would be, in order of ideal/favourite: 1. Egg limits + Biomes 2. Teleport + Fertility 3. Renaming + Pages 4. RxR breeding + Vampire lineages 5. Refusal 6. s1 freezing Funny note on the s1 freezing... I totally find that a little annoying, actually. I've accidently froze some hatchies into s1 as it is. :/
  4. AAAAH. HOLY CENSORKIP THIS IS AWESOME. GAH. I don't know what I'm most excited for. Although the way the egg/hatchling totals are described is slightly confusing. x.x
  5. DAY-UMN. I love them! Now I really regret not trying harder for that second egg! I hadn't originally figured they'd be different sprites, although I've no idea why I thought that. Lack of sleep, probably. But the sprites themselves are lovely! I can't decide which I like better, so instead of influencing my egg, I'll just leave it to chance... love the female's pose - seems very unique, I think. And the male's pose looks pretty awesome too. Fantastic job spriters!
  6. Yay! Just got my first zombie! Took me five tries. I had two blade dodgers, and two disintegrations (which made me cringe! Erk. Poor dragons.) but I finally got an adult albino to turn Zombie. Named Chun Fu Lin, too, which is vaguely epic, in my mind.
  7. @Richyx: You can get a zombie from an adult, yes. Young dragons zombified automatically freeze.
  8. Meridok

    10 on 10-10-10

    Ooooh! Fab surprise, wasn't even on yesterday. Love that the hatchies have already hatched and matured though, lol. Nabbed three black eggs on the most recent drop, yay! All right in a row, too. But I also auto-clicked on a balloon, lol. So I've got three black egss & a bright pink one. Go me.
  9. My opinion on the 'race card' thing is pretty much the same as Tiki's, I'd say. But at the same time, I've seen it used as 'bringing up race to obfuscate matters' every now and then - usually in politics, when someone brings up race when it has little or nothing to do with the issue. Though in that instance, I think you have to be careful about shouting 'race card!' right away, but should listen a bit first to see if they might have a genuine point.
  10. Has anyone mentioned that other thing that goes hand-in-hand with (overt) racism in most of the Western world? Yes? No? Well, anyway, I'm just going to toss this out. White privilege, and White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Backpack (PDF file, written in essay format) and Here's what white privilege sounds like: an interesting article written by one Robert W Jensen. (Oh, and here's a follow-up piece.) Just thought I'd throw those out there. *toddles back out* Owait. I think I posted in this thread once before, but I'm just gonna add now that a) I'm against racism, it's truly unfortunate that it happens and race is such an arbitrary thing that it makes little sense anyway, but hoyay our society is racist so we have to deal with it. :/
  11. I voted 'no', because there isn't enough room for me to properly describe them.
  12. Posting. Will edit with member number. 23, 434, what! Almost a senior!
  13. I... don't even really remember. This username was originally created for this very site (it matches my scroll name), IIRC. It's like "Merriadoc" (Y'know, from LotR, Merry's actual name, so I probably spelt it wrong) except, well, not. I like this spelling better. Very spur of the moment, but I've used it in many places since then!
  14. Meridok

    2010-08-28 - 55 Days

    LOL @ Dr Paine! But OMG!! All so pretty! These are great dragons, concept-wise and pretty-art-wise! Big thanks to the spriters. And I think the tan ridgebacks are growing on me - although I still like the purple best! And the flamingos! Gah! *wants a second flamingo egg very badly*
  15. Meridok

    2010-08-28 - 55 Days

    Oooooooh! My, the winged hatchies are all PRETTY! *squees in an unseemly fashion* Also, note to self: egg hunt at this hour more often. I finally nabbed three of the mountain air eggs! (Got a pink last night... and I think I'm gonna go influence it to be female, just 'cause they look prettier...) I was sad that I hadn't got any of the tan eggs, just three lilac, but they look really pretty, so I'm happy. *clearly needs more sleep to be talking like this at this hour of the day, hah*
  16. Ooooh, this is tough. No, seriously. Because while I'd prefer to keep my fingernails long (I like how it looks/am seriously lazy about cutting them/feel weird with short ones) - although not too long. Once they start breaking/tearing I cut them, usually (and since I do do work with my hands at times, that happens easily) - but at the same time short ones can be more practical for things. Like putting contacts in. Which I have to do, at times. Or opening the tops on pop cans. A seriously not fun thing to do with long nails. Oh, and short nails don't look half as gross when dirty. xP And for me long = maybe a half-cm of white nail, or whatever. Maybe. Maybe only 0.75cm, it's hard to say.
  17. What Vexx said about it being idiotic and any sort of judging people by their covers, as it were. Three little ramblings kinda related to the topic: 1) I went to a private elementary school, which was pretty much all white, Canadian-born Canadians. The only ones who weren't were three people of Asian descent (well, two were Canadians of Asian descent, Yu-Ming was Chinese but living in Canada), and maybe I was completely, absolutely oblivious, but in a very small school (and Yu-Ming only a grade below me, the other two were much younger), I did not once pick up on any racism towards them. This is notable because our school didn't, as a private school, have to teach the public school systems anti-racism curriculum. But who knows, maybe we were just very sheltered, maybe I'm just absurdly oblivious. But. 2) One of my aunts married a Japanese man. Because of this, my grandfather (her father) did not talk to her for over 20 years. They are talking now, instigated by other factors, but because of this, and because of the fact that it essentially isolated her from our family gatherings, I've never really got to know her (or my uncle) well at all. I wouldn't know him if I tripped over him, and I'd have to guess if it were her or not! 3) The other month, one of my IRL friends (who is white) commented that sometimes, just sometimes, they wished they were black. Why? They didn't verbalize it in the following manner, but it was implied from the discussion we were having. Because black people are essentially (and stereotypically) seen as being 'cool' at our high school. I know that that is definitely a stereotype (might as well say that people who are exactly 5'8" are automatically cool...) but is it racism? I've no idea. I suppose, to some extent, it is.
  18. I rather like it - makes it a bit more fun for me, and doubley-delightful when you get the one you were hoping for out of the same description eggs. I can, however, see how it could frustrate some. But I think those who get *really* frustrated and/or rant against it should just chill a little and enjoy it - its a game, not life or death, and you can always freeze the hatchling/abandon the egg or if you really must, kill it.
  19. Meridok

    Egg Drop Soup

    I've been using this site for a while (I love how easy it is!), and I just wanted to pop by and say that it was working really well today - don't know if it was my internet, or a combination of my internet and the site itself, but it was really great! Loading nice and fast. *clickieclickieclick!*
  20. I usually have either some other naming system to use or the code just isn't interesting enough to bother. But some I just can't resist... Aurben is named directly after his code: Aurb. Fuzzy Seaborn got her odd name from the code Fyzy (caps messed), which looks like it might be 'Fuzzy' to me! xP Czumar is from his code of 8Czu. Gwoathylla is from her code of Gw0a (caps messed), and her daughter Twylla has the code TWcl (caps messed). Aaand... that's it.
  21. I keep thinking I took this oath and then realizing that I didn't. xP So yeah, I take the oath. Never had another scroll besides this one, never intend too.
  22. Ooooh! Why am I always late to these things? But anyway YAY!! I got one of the 'reminds of you the sea' eggs and two of the brightly coloured ones (and spotted a new dino egg, maybe?) Plus I finally got one of the Sunsongs. (Took me ruddy long enough!) Can't wait to see what they grow into. ^.^
  23. Wow. That video (from the OP, about visualizing 10 dimensions) was rather mind-boggling, but in a good way! Fascinating, that. ... Just had to say that. I shan't even bother poking into the discussion on the 5th dimension, as I'd have little to no idea what I was talking about. xP But I shall eavesdrop assiduously.
  24. LOL at that article! They make me laugh. . (The Vuvuzelas, that is.) And taking some (or even one) to a Twilight premiere sounds like an excellent idea (if dangerous).
  25. Thanks for the update! And oh, incubators. <3 Haven't used one in so long...