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  1. Personally, I think the limitations for drakes are fine as is. There's still lots of wiggle room and plenty of unexplored idea within the restrictions. I also feel that the restrictions help set them apart for dragons outside of lore. After all, dragons are sapient creatures and drakes are like dogs, but thats only stated in description. Having a visual distinction helps set them apart. If anything, we just need to make more drakes of more colours.
  2. Aaaaaaaaaah! I won a silver eastern!! I'm so happy!
  3. ~~~ Noelle ~~~ Having fallen into the water, Noelle could only be thankful her clothes were fairly bog resistant and a bit of wind magic could dry them off. Nothing would save her from the embarrassment she felt having fallen while trying to help someone however. Oh well, at least she'd conveyed Zephyr and her meant no harm, right? Sighing as she got to her feet once again and heard the dragon, the messanger gave a nod. "...Thank you, I really don't want any fighting," Noelle softly said, trying to smile. Although that smile didn't last long as *more* pa
  4. ~~~~~~~~~ Metal Man ~~~~~~~~~ Metal Man was getting annoyed with these brats and his attacks missing them. Though he supposed it'd also be boring if the fight ended so quickly. While the armoured fellow over here looked like he could take an attack, the same couldn't be said about the human and her bird. Both looked like all it would take is one good Metal Blade to their face. He'd gone far too long- what? a few days -without a proper fight, but at the same time, the bot didn't want to be shown up by a few kids. The blade that was sent at the boy ended up being parried, much to Metal'
  5. ~~~~~~ Noelle ~~~~~~ In this odd situation, Noelle was still trying her best to keep her composure and get to the bottom of whatever was going on. Words could be hard to speak, but on paper, they were much easier. It wasn't because she was shy in the end, more because she overthought what she often wanted to say. That's why writing was truly easier, because she had the time to think about her words and see them before her. Though now wasn't such a time to think everything out with the purple man freaking out. With Zephyr explaining that they didn't know what a stand was, i
  6. ~~~~~~ Vuljak ~~~~~~ Recovering from being blinded for a moment, Vuljak was still able to keep pace with the other two. No amount of light would block out his sniffer, but fortunately his sight was quickly refocusing. Glancing around for a moment as he eyed the surroundings, the Zoroark noticed they were heading away from the most likely more interesting thing. Typical humans... and not human. He had to look almost offended as the wolf human said he smelled funny. "Excuse me, I don't think there's anything wrong with my scent," Vuljak replied, crossing his arms.
  7. ~~~~~~ Noelle ~~~~~~ Noelle wasn't going to figure out what that loud sound was just yet, not when she barely knew the terrain, let alone what threats could possibly be here. She considered herself both lucky and thankful she had a dragon by her side at least. The messenger sure wasn't defenseless- she had wind mana coursing through her of course, her job wasn't an easy one in warring times. But a dragon ally was all the more powerful and helpful if something went wrong. Frowning slightly to hear Zephyr affirm they weren't in Alberia anymore, Noelle could only worry inside about what
  8. ~~~~~~ Vuljak ~~~~~~ Well, this day was only going to get weirder and weirder Vuljak thought. It was already considerably strange, what with the warping to a strange place and now the two woman in front of him. One of them was even crying, but the Zoroark wasn't going to call attention to that. Instead he wanted to put on a good first impresion and hopefully figure out what was going on ...and what that loud crash was. It was sudden, but everything felt like that right now. Having addressed the two of them though, Vuljak was met with the unfortunate response that none of t
  9. ~~~~~~~ Noelle ~~~~~~~ Stuck in a new land with no idea where to go, well, Noelle just had to follow what she thought was the best course of action. That happened to be investigating her surroundings. This place didn't seem like it could be too big, hopefully and the wind carried the sounds of voices from people in the area. That was something easy enough to sense, being attuned to the wind and all ...and that wasn't it she could sense either. Just as suddenly as just had earlier realized she was in this odd place, the messenger could now sense a dragon- Zephyr! Had
  10. One moment she was making her way through yet another town in the Drynell Empire, trying to deliver a message to a group of allies staked out in enemy territory. The next, she was... somewhere else. Noelle was a lot of feelings at the moment, confused, concerned, worried, baffled, etc... As now she was somewhere that looked a lot more... peaceful? Certainly not the war torn land she was living in last she could remember. Glancing around at her area, the messenger was met with the sight of soft, green grass and stone ruins, sunlight flittering down from what seemed to be an upper le
  11. Why RIP? We aint going anywhere and offer different things from the Official server, there's no reason the two can't co-exist. Sometimes fans need a place to shout without the eyes of dragon lord tj on us
  12. is there a way of getting a closer look at the artwork? I cant seem to make the preview any bigger and well, in the cave, there's stuff in the way
  13. @The DragonessOn the form, I can only choose one of the hatchlings to enter for. Is this intentional and we can only enter for one, or an error?
  14. Only if I turn off my ad blocker, I went over and checked 'em. Since the urls for dragon sprites change every so often, if they have 'ad' in them, the ad blocker will get them. Like right now, the female s2 ochredrake's image url is 'ADs0' so it won't show up with an ad blocker up.
  15. It's just being blocked by an ad blocker right now
  16. I have improved my fort with the new trees, now it really is just like outside for me.
  17. with the ap seemingly ticking closer to the holiday end, i have to wonder if we'll get a new egg wall like last year with the garlands and how long that might last
  18. Tis my fort atm, it is ...damaged, but still good (and I'm not fixing things til i have enough trees placed)
  19. I Would Like to Update My List! Scroll name: themod444 Forum name: MiserablePileOfSecrets Birthday: November 4th Revised List: 1. Neglected 2. 3G from any Spriter Alt 3a. Alternating colour lineages (Ex. 1 | 2 | 3) 3b. 2G Hybrids 4a. CB Drakes 4b. Surprise me!
  20. I finally completed a lineage! A rainbow lineage I've been working on for months~
  21. had a hungry vamp today- i needed an egg turned for a lineage, but there's always next week for a new try
  22. *Cries* all my fav lines denied me eggs but i got a number code pair to co-operate
  23. i am so glad to have helped out with that! hey folks want NDs? Join the discord!
  24. Aw yeah, i see y'all down there NDing to success~ I like me broccoli nicely steamed or fried.
  25. Are there any important actions you wanted to do on the eggs? If not, perhaps simply try hatching them and seeing if the problem persists as hatchlings?