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    lost in a book
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    W I S H L I S T
    - s1 and s2 MALE CB White and FEMALE CB Daydream hatchies
    - Xenowyrms (any but Chrono)
    - Neglecteds (in my dreams lol)
    - BSA hatchies (any lineage is fine)
    - Unwanted hatchies (alt. fails, etc.)
    - CB Xenowyrms (or low-gen. color doesn't matter)
    - Prizes
    - CB Gold/Silver


    T H A N K Y O U
    (friends who have helped me along my DC journey <3)

    I should start with angelicdragonpuppy, who gave me an Avatar of Creation and influenced an egg for me, as well as set me up to start influencing for myself by giving me a Pink! I can't thank you enough, you've done so much for me and I hope I can return your kindness to you someday!

    angelicdragonpuppy (AoC, Pink) | ewi (Chrono Xeno) | dragoness22 (Golden Wyvern) | Shadowdrake (Vampire, Blue Zyu) | Vixendra (Soulpeace) | Awdz Bodkins (8 hatchies) | The Dragoness (Soulpeace) | Dirtytabs (Azure Glacewing) | FoxintheBox (Olive hatchie) | Wiz (Speckle-Throated) | Confused Cat (Pink Zyu, Tidal) | Zimtie (Pink hatchie) | Bodecia (Black Zyu) | marienine (Undine) | tjsweepers (Vampire) | Luxrayx (Yellow Zyu) | Metal-n-Monster (Night Glory hatchie) | Feesh (Red Zyu) | Ornithogalum (Icicle)

    And whoever gave me a Silver hatchie! Can't remember your username or find the initial post you made, I'm so sorry ):