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  1. have not caught any at the moment probably will wait in the morning to catch them should be better.
  2. Yes we are getting another Pooton. ahh well that is understandable though so it gives more the dog that space and running of that high energy
  3. my favorite celebrity will be hugh jackman, been a huge fan of his when i was little.
  4. i am watching a lot of anime but im mostly addicted to free! and banana fish
  5. i jumped off the building and got impaled by broken pieces of a building. (shadows of the Tomb Raider)
  6. between witcher 3 and i started shadows of the tomb raider.
  7. Witcher 3, tomb raider, or uncharted games.
  8. umm in 9th grade in high school and we kissed by the cafeteria. it was awkward. he tried to stick his tongue down my throat but i closed my mouth and was uncomfortable.
  9. mmm i was in a video game setting, it was the witcher 3 game. i was a daughter of yen and geralt which was interesting. I was like a half sorceress and witcher. it was great since i did good and bad things and i actually die in the game couple times and some i did it on purpose and i will be right were i was. it was funny. anyways i dont have much of this dream that i can describe.
  10. the game of life, monopoly, or candyland when i was little
  11. i love potatoes especially red potaotes there are yummy.
  12. Trust in yourself to do better, if down think positively.
  13. actually nothing. just browsing and ready for a talk with a possible job offer in the afternoon
  14. I have a leopard gecko who is about 2 years old, hes my baby boy. but i wanted really a bearded dragon but i didnt have the room for one and plus a little more high maintenance. but other then that i really do like geckos i may want another one in near future if its possible.
  15. I am more a cat person but we have one dog but we are getting another dog in the beginning of october. so we are excited about it
  16. umm boring since im at the bookstore mostly till the afternoon, so meh. and im browsing on my computer fun life
  17. i finished college on may 2018 with a BS in early childhood education yessh
  18. i do not play the game but have friends play it and its interesting when they are fighting monsters and i enjoy when fighting big monsters and the hardest ones
  19. i never did play Origins but im excited for Odyessy so hopefully ill play that one
  20. Uncharted, fallout, and tomb raider
  21. I am a Slytherin 3rd year and its going pretty well and i have a cat for myself.
  22. i have no skills of creating cosplays but i do want to start or have friends to help me