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  1. Well, this is interesting. I've been on and off this site since 2011 and have never, ever seen anything like this.
  2. Isn't there some dragon breed out there with the ability to amplify magic powers around itself? Like a Cassare, but the exact opposite. I'm sure it's out there but I just can't remember which it was... I thought it might be Magi or Mageia Xenowyrm, but I checked their descriptions and couldn't find anything that sounded like that. Thanks for your help in advance.
  3. Only one dodge, and two successes! Certainly went better than the last time I tried on the 31st. Got this lovely fellow. I'd like to imagine the mother is very upset. "I miss my poor husband very dearly, but at least his memory lives on in our beautiful son, my one and only child... oh, come on!"
  4. For the longest time, as a little kid, I was deathly terrified of zombies. Just the thought of them was enough to keep me up at night. I've since gotten over that general fear, but one particular zombie that always scared me was the "Buried Alive Man" creepypasta that circulated around Pokemon communities for a while. The story went that if you hacked a copy of Pokemon Green version, you could reactivate some dummied-out code, allowing the Buryman appear in place of the normal miniboss at Lavender Tower. He wasn't hard to defeat, but if you somehow managed to lose, the game would cut to an image of the Buryman eating the player character alive. There exist two images of him on the internet, allegedly ripped from the game's files - one of his "in-battle sprite", and one of him devouring you. They're fanmade, of course - even as a little nine year old, I knew the story was preposterous. But it didn't matter; what scared me most were the pictures. If you google them, you're already braver than me. Now I'm nearly seventeen years old, and I still can't bring myself to do it... People in "mascot costumes" also make me deeply uncomfortable. Like, you know the people who dress up as the mascots for a sports team at the games, or get in some full-body costume at a party? I know there's just a person inside, but I can't stand to be close to them. Probably why I could never be a furry tbh
  5. Someone rejected my description for one of my Undead/Zombie Dragons on the grounds that the dragon was dead. I thought that was amusing.
  6. Thanks so, so much to the anonymous user who dropped this!
  7. Is it acceptable to write a description that deals with cell theory/evolution? For reference, this is what I'm writing: I know DC is based in Medieval Times so if it's like the Earth equivalent, the theories technically wouldn't have been formulated yet? But it's not Earth, so I suppose it's plausible someone might have thought of it.
  8. Sure, I'll do it. I'll probably need a reminder, though... ^^"
  9. This one made me smile. Thanks, purplehaze! Also, thanks to bloodonmyfangs for this one!
  10. I was living under an oppressive regime, and I happened to be in the area when a little girl set fire to a huge dam. The police blamed me instead and I was sentenced to death. Even though I tried to convince them it wasn't me, I was to be executed within the week. For some reason, my mom had to drive me to my own execution, though... luckily, I woke up before they actually killed me.
  11. I tend to play Dragon Cave on and off, so I imagine it's just a bunch of historical records of certain dragons belonging to various different owners all mashed together on one scroll. Each "era" of me playing the game is a different person raising them with different motivations, but there are a few exceptions where they were raised by other "characters" or not raised by humans at all (but were still significant enough in some way to have their names recorded). All of them are on the same scroll because they've been chronicled by the wandering sorceress Kunikunatu (myself ;P) Man, don't worry about it... I once had a description with at least 15 accepts, but because descriptions with more ratings are given lower priority in the queue, it was sitting there for over two years... This was before the Description Force blew through hundreds of them in the queue, though. Yours should get finished pretty soon.
  12. Just killed a bunch of dragons and none of them got revived into zombies!!! Yay!!!
  13. Kunikunatu


    *bursts into thread* LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT GUNNERKRIGG COURT It's a sort of... mystery/fantasy comic, about a girl named Antimony who moves into a mysterious boarding school (Gunnerkrigg Court) after her mother dies. Along the way she meets some pretty cool and not-so-cool people. And there's quite a bit of secrets being kept from all the students, and even the people who work there... Just be warned that the comic is nearly 2,000 pages long and shows no signs of stopping any time soon, so don't expect to read it all in a day (unless you have a lot of time on your hands). It updates on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I quite enjoyed XKCD and Order of the Stick too, but I'd be lying if I said I've read all of the latter, haha.
  14. Bred -removed- but I forgot I was in egglock... ^^; Good luck to whoever catches him. ~Please do not post links to eggs you do not own.~
  15. Do you mean, from the Cave biome (back when they were Bright Pinks)? Or just any CB Aria? If the former, Go Fish. A dragon with a user-written description.
  16. Nebula Dragons are named in a way that implies regular Western physiology, but they are actually wyverns. Will zombifying one create a Wyvern Zombie or a Western Zombie? Also, I was trying to get all the info for Flamingo Wyverns and saw this: As far as I can tell, no other encyclopedia entry requires you to raise/observe this many adults just to unlock the next batch of information... is something wrong, or do Flamingo Wyverns just really, really need to be studied thoroughly?
  17. I played piano for a keyboarding class for about a year, but I never got really good at it.
  18. "The Worst Dragon" was a good one. So was "I M Meen". I guess I'm the only person on this site who watched YouTube Poops...