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  1. Finished breeding with varied success. There may be some late comers as some mates are growing on my scroll
  2. 3G Guardian x Starsinger Influenced Male
  3. Have: 2G Holly x Black Female Hatchling Want: 2G Pacified Aegis x Black Egg (Or Alt But I am Not Expecting It!) Trade Link: https://dragcave.net/teleport/d9e29cfea220a77e8c6662d405294f71
  4. The restrictions were to compromise; it lets those who want to continue lineages continue them without interrupting everyone else, i.e. you have to keep the egg. Continuing lineages I think is the main reason for wanting the extension. You can gift it or trade, that wont negatively affect those who want the holiday wall to go as normal. Vamps can probs not be a thing, I only thought that cuz they can auto abandon.
  5. What if we were able to remove the fake cooldown, and have an extra week of breeding with the one condition: - Only 1 egg can be produced, and it cannot be abandoned - You may trade it, however the person who receives the egg cannot abandon it. - It cannot be vamped, can be killed. But why on Earth would you do that. - If you are full up, the egg will appear on your scroll the second something grows up/hatches. Thus, the Holiday wall would still go away, but people would be able to breed what they want.
  6. 2G Ribbon x Anagellis https://dragcave.net/teleport/cd4b7d1ca61201df5a408bd94c7bc606?new=1
  7. Will join in and keep my eyes out for the incoming holiday wall
  8. Glad you like it Thanks Loebok for this 3G Brightbreasted wyvern x Ribbon Dancer! https://dragcave.net/lineage/LEheA
  9. Are all number codes popular? Idk what to ask for coded things generally. It is cave born, however it is a drake which will probably make it less popular I assume.
  10. I honestly dont know why people do that with such valuable dragons. They must be fun at parties. It would be very nice to take that malicious ability away from them. It is a good idea. I wonder if it would work if you had it sort by both ‘Time Left’ and ‘Laid On Date’. Alternatively; have a slight differentiation between hatchlings and eggs in that eggs are sorted by Laid On date, and hatchlings are sorted by Hatched date. Idk how capable coding is to do this, though. For this to work well, as many of you have suggested, hatchlings should be incapable of growing wild/can only grow up seconds before death. But eggs may hatch; because having AP hatchlings is incredibly helpful in clearing Holiday walls and saving walled eggs. As agreed here. I dont think low time hatchlings will easily clog the cave, but I would be wary of having all hatchies at 7 days automatically pop up encase they threaten to wall, creating a new problem i.e. eggs dying. I could be wrong, though, but some people can be pretty…determined.
  11. Have: 5 letter ‘Vasal’ Caps Messed code CB xol hatchie will be female: Want: Mates for dragons in groups for 109609 or 118682, or Wife/Gem based codes for HuBbS or rubis Trade Link: https://dragcave.net/teleport/c3269aaa28d2d2c62ead3d881b77a58b?new=1 Thanks Feel free to PM for offers too. I have been a bit picky for this one, apologies. - CB number code traded!
  12. Bred a few, there may be some late comers though!
  13. Pretty 3G Salt (Caligene x GON). https://dragcave.net/teleport/511656254461426235c952d9a0cb8742?new=1
  14. Just found another holiday kin I needed, cool code too. Will post on the great lineages page when he grows, but damn Im pleased
  15. Theres a Cb pygmy dog code up for trade that I wanted as I have a CB with the code ‘HownD’. I only come to find the scroll which the trade is on has been burned Goodbye great mate.
  16. Thank you, what a cutie! I'll make sure to give her a lovely mate. ^^ Im glad its gone to a lovely home
  17. 2G Black x Truffle Hatch (will be female): https://dragcave.net/teleport/13eb0270039ddaec4033e6478ab0a240?new=1 Please make something nice of her, not for freeze
  18. I havent seen a correlation; I try to just use it on AP messies Im sick of grabbing over and over. However lately all died well at least they are gone for good. In the past I have done it on messy holidays, with success, and accidental CB grabs successfully. Id say my success rate is not too different between the two, it can be waves of good and bad luck. I swear certain vamps have a lower success rate than others innately. I have had one just always kill from memory. I have nothing on time of day tho. Because of my timezone I am often on in DC daytime, so that would likely make up most of my bite times.
  19. I keep getting offers on trades which get cancelled immediately before I can react
  20. Have: Anyone after a CB HuBbS? Want: Interesting offers! Trade Link: https://dragcave.net/teleport/f31e24574d32c72574bf4a6476e04b35?new=1 You may PM if you wish. Thanks
  21. 3G Gemshard x ribbon colourfail https://dragcave.net/teleport/d66d3f581b084a1b501a80854360e7f7 Sorry wrong link!
  22. Have: CB Green Gemshard (Will be Male) Want: CB colour/gender swap Trade Link: https://dragcave.net/teleport/9b8c15aacf431eb30fdbcec9bb40c0af
  23. Have: CB Green Gemshard (Will be Male) Want: CB Colour swap or gender swap Trade Link: https://dragcave.net/teleport/9b8c15aacf431eb30fdbcec9bb40c0af
  24. For someone who needs it: 3G Winter Magi x Gold Preferably for someone looking for one/will do this line. No kill, no freezing, and please gender it female!
  25. Oh sorry, I meant to say I was wondering if it had been seen before I really ought to stop trying to communicate in the morning.