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  1. https://dragcave.net/tree/Ruffledfeathers Changed it completely
  2. I am just curious. I noticed dead inverted mints have upside down graves, like this guy: https://dragcave.net/lineage/LD8BL If they zombify, do they stay upside down, seeing as their grave stones do? Or is this unknown.
  3. How strange. I get what you mean, the link just says lineage 0 or something like that. I wonder if there are any more eggs like these about?
  4. Im wondering if they are deadlined as you can’t click the dragon, as if they died ages ago. Im sure you can see the Dead dragons page when you click it normally.
  5. After that snow angel glitch, I would love for snow angel colouring to be based on the parents. I am stuck with the washed out stripy one. I legitimately hate it so much, the other two are greatly superior. Itd be nice to actually have the nice ones for once
  6. Am looking out for name codes, have been mildly successful. I now found Ciyde (caps messed)… So close yet so far; literally 1 letter away from being potentially super valuable if people like destiny
  7. After growing it up for an xmas dragon, I realised I accidentally influenced it wrong! Am I amazing at this or what, I released it as it only exists now to remind me of my mess up Also, I was tired of seeing so many things which I didnt like from the AP, I went on a biting spree and now have 3 dead christmas eggs. They were all messies, but I must atone for my sins by losing 3 slots for today Least I now have 2 festive vamps which is nice.
  8. Out of 5 tries, 3 died and 2 turned and stayed on the scroll.
  9. Trying and failing to stalk 2G thuweds, they all pop up when Im gone and theres a tonne of random stuff in the way
  10. I need to: erase an influence. Please PM if you can help with bouncing the egg, many thanks! Edit: Thank you @purplehaze and everyone who offered to help
  11. Ooh Id love to select a unique code. I dont care what the dragon is as long as its breedable but I see a badge happening, but would REALLY love a code. My join date is 2008 but I know it would have been xmas time. I remember looking for and never seeing yulebucks and getting annoyed probs cuz I joined when they no longer spawned…
  12. Id love to nab some dragons from the wild. Theres a leetle tree in the wild for goodness sake https://dragcave.net/view/6dOX Defo steal these https://dragcave.net/view/fans https://dragcave.net/view/6buh https://dragcave.net/view/tA6v https://dragcave.net/view/S0PH Also wish unfreezing was a thing. So many old CB stuff frozen
  13. I will probably breed one with my bronze shim, if I remember! The other perhaps a moonstone, yellow floret or frostbite @Kith I have bred with frostbite its in the image
  14. Why did I do this to myself I keep nearly doing it again!
  15. After over 10 years of: ’Try as you might, you cannot seem to find the egg you are looking for in the abandoned area.’ I finally got a CB gold all by myself all cuz I picked up a random nebula in the desert
  16. What happens if you EQ a sunrise/sunset egg outside the hatching window? Does it always just die/do nothing or can it actually hatch.
  17. Id love to be able to unfreeze hatchies, I stupidly froze so many old CB hatchlings back in the day
  18. I am pro-choice because it should boil down to what the pregnant lady wants. I get that maybe sometimes the father may grow attached, but ultimately it won’t be his body undergoing the process of child birth and pregnancy (as someone with a mild phobia of this, I cant see it in any other way than horrific but thats me lol). Also, time and time again humanity proved bans and stigma won’t stop stuff from happening. Illegal drugs for example. Stigmatised? Yes. Illegal? Duh. In some places carrying can give sentences longer than more horrific crimes which is so unjust. But people still use it. And it puts them in more danger than if it were legal, regulated and de-stigmatised. Why? Well some people are afraid to admit they are users and need help, the stigma, fear of being shunned from family, fear of arrest. They may use and be afraid to tell doctors, afraid of any gossip and judgement (someone OD’d while I was at col and damn did that have a lot of gossip for the poor girl). Its the same for abortion, you ban it and only increase risky methods of abortion, therefore endangering those getting them. Even so, when its legal the stigma is there. Those undergoing abortion have to watch videos of babies to change their mind, a bit of manipulation, isn’t that nice. Those who see nothing wrong, imagine if you weren’t allowed to carry a pregnancy to term all of a sudden. Imagine. You are a very maternal woman, and for so long you have wanted a second child. You are an excellent mother already to one child, and now is the right time for another child. Eventually, after some perseverance you become pregnant. You are overjoyed, and begin to plan a wicked baby shower. You even name your soon to be baby becoming SUPER attached and siked for it. But, a new law comes in. Due to overpopulation, all second pregnancies from x date and beyond are to be terminated, which affects yours. This is a permanent ban on second pregnancies. And failure to terminate willingly means being locked up in jail for life, shunned and booed by a hefty proportion of society. Some random people, whom has never met you, or likely any woman in their entire life, have decided FOR you that no, you can’t have this. Takes away YOUR choice, your right to choose whether you want to birth a child or not. Takes away what you wanted in life as you know it. So what would you do to get your right to choose back? Even if our hypothetical woman were in a place with choice, if it were treated like abortions, she would be forced to watch videos displaying the effect of overpopulation, before even being allowed to continue with pregnancy. Like how those aborting have to watch baby videos to try to change their mind. The inability to choose is why desperate people affected by abortion bans crash their cars. In this hypothetical scenario I made up who knows what this woman would do to keep her pregnancy. Obtain fake IDs from the black market for her soon to be baby or her family to escape the country? Have a home birth and keep away from all doctor intervention, which could save her life, plant the child in a bush to retrieve later? Who can blame her. Whatever she would do, it would be tragic, depressing and oppressive, just like what people do to try to get around abortion bans. Apologies if the comparison is crude but its honestly the only way I think you can get through to people with more extreme views. Your body, your choice! None ever said ‘your body their choice’ that is considered inhumane in almost all contexts, pregnancy and abortion is one of them and should be regarded as such by everyone.
  19. 0/5 last time I tried. 1/5 hatchies today https://dragcave.net/view/HdC3
  20. Personally, minor updates are usually best, ones that don’t take away from the feel of the dragon. I have liked the more subtle ones more or not even noticed them! That being said, the silver update was amazing Imo, as was the golds. But, my heart wasnt broken as I had slow internet and didn’t have a gold AT ALL during the update (if I recall correctly). So I had no attachment to the old sprite as I didnt have it. I think I had a messy silver or two at that point but nothing lineage worthy, so nothing got ‘ruined’ and enjoyed the update for them. But I can totally see why people would have been upset. If only we could choose which sprite to display, Id change the reds back out of pure nostalgia 😍 I do like the current sprite tho. Maybe 1 gold to old too just to finally fulfil my old dream of having one way back when
  21. Oof bred mine and loads of ‘no egg produced’. At least my 2G alt kin pair did fine
  22. No problem, I picked them up just because I could pm me know when your ready for them I should send them tonight