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  1. Hatchie pack, do not abandon so they dont die in the val wall! Taken Thanks! A lone CB Carmine. Taken, enjoy @PrincessLucy – New: ‘Oops All Water’ Pack https://dragcave.net/teleport/a153a0824f7f7dd6b1e38933211233ce?new=1 Hot and Bothered Male Fell and Female Ash CB Pair! https://dragcave.net/teleport/f096fa87c65f1ce41b7f1e7135f700f9?new=1 — Coming Soon; Oops all water 2, electric boogaloo. Imposter included! I may fall asleep by the time these hatch so if they aren’t posted in a few hrs and you want one feel free to PM.
  2. Right! Thanks bu_flame for this 4G Pyral x Rosebud (I will breed him a mate eventually!): https://dragcave.net/lineage/bnbhZ Thanks anon for this Dusk Pygmy: https://dragcave.net/lineage/gPf3f Thanks anon for this Nobleshield: https://dragcave.net/lineage/OkBrG And thanks to whomever keeps dropping CB hatchies! Sorry that some may end up in my zombie group... I will try and pay it forward by saving last minute babies today where possible.
  3. Hatchie pack, do not abandon so they dont die in the val wall! https://dragcave.net/teleport/1acd4b9ab64bebe27a8dbd89af1185fc?new=1 Should gender right, Khusa not influenced as its PB Taken, thank you and enjoy
  4. Z’code PB (Sophos) Canto Egg https://dragcave.net/teleport/a3f6f286f7cb702e537cb75c481090d3?new=1
  5. I think something like this is especially useful when you are trying to get plenty of/low time eggs of a breed variant that you cant incubate, or when the AP is low time as well as others have said. Id support; so it works if you don’t use incubate.
  6. Just came across the weirdest description. It just said DIE in caps, and I curiously clicked the dragon and it was dead. What! I have a question as well. Some of my descriptions are book related, as the zombies are supposed to be experiments from some a dragon clan who escaped, and were being tracked in these books. I can see that apparently this is sometimes disliked by mods, although I don't really know why. Here is one of them: A dusty old journal, titled The Rogues Of Black Rose- Hitlist, lies on the side, opened on a page titled The Phantom Reaper. A picture of it is on the front, unlike most pages it's a highly detailed drawing as well as a quick picture. It appears to have some gems on its twisted back, and its head is upside-down with a lopsided grin. The entry reads: The Phantom Reaper, despite its intimidating name, is a timid zombie. It relies on sneakiness to ambush its opponents, and using its grotesque appearance to stun its enemies. Its prey often doesn't know what happened, hence its name The Phantom Reaper. Interestingly, its remaining gems do appear to darken when seeing prey, but it has an uncanny adoration for fruit, even though it can't eat them. It can easily be bribed with mango to chew on. What reasons were given for book based descriptions being rejected? I do wonder if there is a way to keep the flavour and not get rejected by mods.
  7. If the egg is sick, you get a special message about a ‘barrier protecting the egg from harm’ or something alike. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to have that barrier bit always at the bottom when an egg is warded.
  8. Maybe it did this but this but it lagged? So the reversion was delayed, lamentably until when the hatchling was frozen.
  9. Thanks @Lagie and @Kakaru_of_DOOM! I will put the edits in after work and submit Then have a look through others to help!
  10. Happy(ish) attempt at an undead (RougeRaider) description, not submitted. — RougeRaider was a purple dorsal, known as Violet. She has a mild temperament, but a boisterous and playful side, particularly towards hatchlings. However, imbedded in her was a deep sense of inadequacy, truly wishing she was a sought-after, red dorsal. Thus, she often attempted to paint her fins red; her one mate believing she was indeed a red dorsal at the time. One day, she was sloppy with her paint job. Her paws in particular were wet with red paint. This was misconstrued as malevolent behaviour; at a time when adults and hatchlings alike mysteriously died. Thus, she was chased into the wilderness by angered dragons with a mob mentality. She, being raised in captivity, she stood no chance in the wild. An unknown being rose her from the dead. Now considered rare “species”, her feeling of inadequacy is gone. She takes zombified hatchlings under her care, whom adore her boisterous, loving side. — Is this too kind for a zombie? I want to write a happyish one now, I have been challenged by frowny guy, but I feel it goes against what a zombie is. Idk. I find that species like zombies/vamps most interesting to write about, as well as tricky.
  11. I have thus far seen no mean comments; positive or good criticism if anything. It does look like someone isn’t a fan of some of my zombie stories and is rejecting/abstaining them with a sad face. How interesting! I have had reject/abstain for typos (or danged autocorrect), fair enough. But not because the story was sad? I’m guessing thats the reason. Unless there is something I am missing? Maybe I will try to make a happier zombie story, but I am always conflicted with how to write about zombies. On one hand, lore wise, they are mindless killing machines. On the other hand, in plenty of the DC games, the characters act like relatively normal dragons. So I tend to go on the notion that whatever breed they were, cause of death and prior personality affects/motivates their behaviour. I feel it sort of a happy medium between the two. Its hard to write happy into that, though. Also, if people see my stuff again and again. Sorry! I didnt realise that some minor typos/edits would be fixed by mods, so I fixed them myself. I don't know why some typos aren't flagged by my phone, never mind.
  12. I dont think Nobelshields have extra info
  13. 3/24 overall https://dragcave.net/view/hOfRl https://dragcave.net/view/DkzNc https://dragcave.net/view/w6IdQ First Wyrm! Glad I got an adult for my efforts.
  14. If possible, Id let the password be unhidden to confirm theres no typos/key shenanigans going on! I almost always misstype a character somewhere if it goes wrong! Or use an autofill option (if its secure). You can change it so you type the action to confirm, but if its not liking the password, I dont think that you can switch it on.
  15. Potentially Useful Groups: New Release Dragon Group Aeon And Temp Colour Form Group Zombie Group Misc Unbreedables (No Vamp) Holiday Dragons Vampires I cant think of what else goes in the ‘Temp colour form’ group, let me know if Im missing something! Celestials added, some turned glowy on 31st Jan. Edit: Bolts added, thanks Edit 2: Private groups opened up, thanks @Dinala1641882
  16. Have: FOpsO coded 2G Tan Ridge x Winter Magi Want: Exact Bloodswap unrelated to This or mates for dragons in This Group Trade Link: https://dragcave.net/teleport/098d2a2de44e9b4405d2ed419758f17b
  17. Either this or increase kill slots (or heck, why not both).
  18. I think all of them with Erador look beautiful!
  19. Oh no, I influenced my to be orange ones I thought it didnt have any effect. I will keep them to test! If they are pink Im sure I can trade for an orange one. The first one to hatch was orange! The other should be good too.
  20. Would be lovely! I sometimes make silly mistakes, and it would be nice to not notice that by action log (or worse, having it gender wrong -_-)
  21. I wonder how the Iratus are with Ke’maro’s? Mundus and Sapo also springs to mind. Even Erador! Itus, maybe Lihnseyre and other orangey or bluey dragons. Tetra maybe. Love the idea of stratos, maybe sunset. Sophos are beautiful, but my brain finds them hard to place sapphire maybe?
  22. Oh no, I influenced my to be orange ones I thought it didnt have any effect. I will keep them to test! If they are pink Im sure I can trade for an orange one.
  23. Gone, enjoy! NR for someone with no oranges or for someone who missed the drop: https://dragcave.net/teleport/3365230cce66e7cac5383753dfabf34c?new=1