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  1. 3G Silver Tinsel from Matchmaker (ST Egg)- TAKEN enjoy!
  2. You are correct, CB Black Sweets were a gift for scrolls affected by that glitch. Those scrolls used to strictly grow Black Sweets. Conversely, unaffected scrolls grow just Pinks. If you trade hatchies, they just converted to the colour, dictated by your scroll. This was controversial and eventually a change happened. Now, Black Sweetling scrolls can grow Pink Sweetlings, providing the Sweetling has pink parents. They can also have Black Sweets, if the parent Sweet is Black. Unaffected scrolls have just pink still, if you trade a black hatch to a pink scroll, I believe it just converts to pink. I hope that makes sense its hard to explain. — Now I wonder. What would happen if a 2G Sweet Salt offspring landed on a Black Sweet scroll. Would it be black or pink?
  3. 2G Rosebud x Anagallis https://dragcave.net/teleport/e2800093269950d0eac8e8427cb19941?new= Enjoy @DarkellaLord I thought so too!
  4. RubyThief and WiltingRose! The newest Holiday Vamps.
  5. Hurray! After 1 auto, I now have my first held Holiday Vamp of this year https://dragcave.net/lineage/kqOXZ Im just celebrating no deaths tbh Also, thanks to many kind players, and some planned breeding, I have now paired off so many Valentines kins! I think about 20ish are now paired? Unless I get some lucky AP grabs
  6. I dont breed so many Holiday x Holiday pairings, they are slowly climbing. I can agree with this. I mean I am of the belief there needs to be some form of change to the breeding page just because it can be difficult to find a mate! But having the Holiday mates stay up would be alright to me, and possibly very helpful to others. Ha, this would be cool, as long as it doesn’t use a breed up. The misclick issue over the hols could be very annoying, but thats the same for any misclick in Holiday breeding. A way to reduce this would be to have a method to ‘forget’ mates, because honestly I think we need this too
  7. More short sighted, found a neat looking 2G HS, hatched and tossed it back. Now looking at trades, someone wanted a blood swap for that exact pair. *Screams internally* Noooo Now Im determined to find another.
  8. Will Freebreed CB Vals With Regular Dragons (Prizes bred already sorry!) I am locked atm, a hatchie is on the DC notice board so will probably be grabbed/grow up. Remaining CBs: 1x Erador 1x Rosebud 1x Val’09 1x Saku 1x Soulstone 2x Sweetling I may peruse the DC trades and to give people needed bloodswaps, otherwise PM!
  9. Low time Val’09 Hatch (AP timed)! https://dragcave.net/teleport/e7f63da121eedf1ff95e9579284fbc86?new=1
  10. Trade cancelled due to kind gift New Trade: Have: 2G Floral Crown x Bronze Tinsel Want: 2G Floral Crown x Bronze Shimmer Also have 2G Bronze Shimmer x Saku or 2G Bronze Shimmer x Heart Stealing if interested in either. Note- Saku that I have is in trade for blood swap
  11. I want either infinate slots or all my eggs and hatchies to turn into adults whenever I snap my fingers So many nice things but alas no room!
  12. I think in there is an influence for me thread; I would reccomend utelising this if you have no pinks
  13. You see eggs with a nice clean lineage then one parent is a totally random CB. Ugh I did that in Xmas by accident 😕 Its annoying misbreeding and always being forever haunted by it.
  14. Some of those were from female only holidays, so you can only get a male with influence, like this guy. As for the others; just dumb luck I feel I had the same issue with silvers; constantly gendering female (or male cant remember) many moons ago. My sister certainly did with golds
  15. Yesterday I was franticly incuhatching eggos to save from the Val wall. I found and gave away a handful of lovelies; some cute 2Gs and a 3G Water x Magma which was an unexpected but lovely pairing! Seeing a flood of Avea x Nilia, I couldnt resist snagging a breeding pair for myself 😍 Avea x Nilia Thanks @RubyEyes
  16. Ha bred a Val egg for an almost cool code. I am now the proud owner of a PuggY https://dragcave.net/lineage/PuggY
  17. Still here! Not here anymore Enjoy @Gwathgor
  18. Moar Erador https://dragcave.net/teleport/1ff330be7d9fd3a6525f87e6fe81602b?new=1
  19. If its still an egg precog it! You may be able to trade for a pink!
  20. Still here! If they dont go in a few hrs they will have to be abandoned, or gifted to my elder sister if I catch her! Water packs gone! Enjoy the wet noodles, thanks @Amberfly