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  1. I did the exact same thing not knowing it was only ever one wing! I was so mad because the wing type I am stuck with is my least favourite. Literally I raised several in vain I would love to have different wing colours on my scroll... If we are discussing a BSA, why not just add it to existing CB Snow Angels (or generally speaking all of them)? BSAs always affect any and all dragons of the selected species; i.e. when incubate was added, all red dragons got this ability, not just new ones. Randomness when you have one go per year is a no from me! Make it defi
  2. Right, here is more! Thanks Draconisregena for this lin x winter tide (pretty combo!): https://dragcave.net/lineage/3Xa20 Thanks Angie Baby for this stripe x holly: https://dragcave.net/lineage/pwUSd Thanks Anon for this Lunar Herald x Snow: https://dragcave.net/lineage/65jxV Thanks Affrey for this frostbite x Snow: https://dragcave.net/lineage/ZoTs6 Thanks Spirit_ for this script x Snow: https://dragcave.net/lineage/qbis8 Thanks Alayajoy for this Starsinger x Crysta
  3. Xols are pretty, Aastarus, Elux, Mistra too! Stratos would be nice for the colour changes, I think only Spirit wards also change colour? I could swear I was thinking of a specific dragon but now I cant remember Randomly, I wonder how green coppers would do? Coppers tend to look nice with most things.
  4. This may well not work the way I thought, may as well close the thread. And its true there could be too many caveats. I imagine limits going away would probs distribute better, at least through trades and gift. Happy New Years!
  5. Equinox x Gold Wing Snow Angel https://dragcave.net/teleport/c33ebb6fee2ac5c9b55b102f37da76a5?new=1
  6. Fair enough! It is nice to know that they are well loved I agree that the mix is fine at this moment. I have caught 30+ Xmas dragons this year, with the intent of pairing them off by the next season, or they are already paired. On top of the 91 (roughly) pairs I already have, there will be more higher gens about. Meanwhile, Xmas CBs are at 28 dragons, and only grow by 2 yearly. You can kind of see why it does look like something can arise, eventually. Even with some people filling in missing CBs, or new users collecting them. I have no issue with higher
  7. Ahhh Id love to be rid the CB limit! This is a nice idea as well. I think something like this is being discussed? This solution is going along the lines that, for whatever reason, a change like this is not implemented. I think the jury is out on it still. I would love 2 different breeds, idk if it would be changed. I would love no limit, however I am not 100% confident this will happen. Time will tell! Newer players may still have issues if 2Gs become rare, which they could do, even in a no CB limit set up. The extra breeding period would be helpful coupled wi
  8. A good point! There is no intention for it to be implemented right away, it is more of an implement if and when it becomes needed. It is true not all Hols will be bred; CB and bred. But, I do believe that a lot of people like me love to breed new pairings during Holidays! Its lovely to have them grow. But I would not like the 2Gs becoming rare, it would make the season not so exciting, because I sometimes can find 2Gs which can build up a mate for higher gens. Pretty! It is right, it likely wouldnt be very fair for 2 every time. I may amend how the clutch w
  9. Pinkgothic does a better job of describing it than me The measure is more to counteract the effect of the multiplying higher gens, not to attack anyones play style. I am horrible at explanation, so I do apologise! I didnt consider holiday x holiday, it is a very good point! Maybe that could be taken into consideration when it comes to the clutch rules, but on the flipside, I dont want to complicate things. Thank you for the replies! Agree or disagree, thanks, its good discussion.
  10. Multi clutches will be affected one way or another, because there will simply be too many eggs eventually. To be honest, there are much more breedable lineaged dragons than CBs. Thus theres going to be a load more in the cave than the 2nd Gens. Having more in circulation just allows players who collect them to still have a better shot at it. And the lineaged ones may have a reduction, but honestly something limiting multi clutches going to happen anyway. There should still be plenty to find!
  11. It is a fact that, except in Halloween, the number of CB dragons of a Holiday dragon which will be bred in the Hols will not change much. There will be new users/those who only grabbed specific CBs that year, but I am in the belief that this is the minority. Even during Halloween, I am confident bred eggs still top the CBs grabbed. However, dragons which can produce Gen 3 dragons and above exponentially increase yearly. Because of this, I propose that a clutch producing pair of CB dragons during the Holiday breeding season can maximally produce 4 at
  12. Thanks I cant resist seasonal lineages sometimes
  13. Grab before he grows! https://dragcave.net/teleport/cd57281ca48308609cde93efb72596ba?new=1 3G Kingcrowne x Winter Magi
  14. 3G Bronze Shimmer x Starsinger egg https://dragcave.net/teleport/8a8e3c128735a6f5d06ea4789fa490ca?new=1 No biting/killing/freezing! Please have plans for her
  15. Thank you! Perfect mate for one of my many vine x ribbons! Enjoy!
  16. 4G Ribbon x Vine Hatch https://dragcave.net/teleport/bf6afb53a58705e5c24107b18682cb54?new=1 If you want a mate please PM and I can breed a sibling to This after the Xmas madness!
  17. That is quite some luck! ^ In Holidays I tend to breed for myself/trade for specific things, but this year I have room already! Trying to save for the 2 new dragons to drop tomorrow (but resistance is futile!) I have found a few lovelies! Thanks so much @dustpuppy for this 2G Silver Tinsel x Holly! https://dragcave.net/lineage/ETC8k Thanks anon for this 2G black x Ribbon; I may well try to breed it an alt partner! https://dragcave.net/lineage/76Er5 Thanks Tyto_alba for this 2G Winter Magi x Orange Xeno!
  18. Have: 2G Winter Tide x Aether (2019) Want: Mate for dragons in this group: https://dragcave.net/group/142203 Now public, thanks rinoa26! Sure is a bad habit of mine! Preferably hatch/low time egg Thanks! Edit- Will likely keep him, open to PMs if you do have anything of interest!
  19. I totally forgot about blue/rosey times and think I bred some of my checkers wrong… Whoops! I wish you could tell.
  20. Have: 2G Starsinger x Bronze Shimmer Want: One of the following - A mate for This 2G Winter Tide x Silver Shimmer - A mate for This 3G Undine x Striped Wing Snow Angel - A mate for This 3G Fever x Wrapping Wing - A mate for This 3G Black Tea x Wrapping Wing - A mate for This 3G Blue Fire Gem x Mistletoe - A mate for This 4G Water Horse x Mistletoe - A mate for This 3G Flamingo x Pacified Aegis Trade Link: https://dragcave.net/teleport/3421064a16ad3ba80b8c01f567477002 Thanks!
  21. Ah its mate hadnt yet grown, but when I clicked it I forgot and saw the correct breed. Brain derped but still if it wasnt there I wouldve remembered
  22. PLEASE PLEASE let us forget wrong mates… RIP Ember x Ribbon I was gonna wait for
  23. Cross Posting from DC community notice board https://dragcave.net/teleport/879d03823d53fc83c2b83d24fde6da4f Candle Light x Black Sweet