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  1. Happy(ish) attempt at an undead (RougeRaider) description, not submitted. — RougeRaider was a purple dorsal, known as Violet. She has a mild temperament, but a boisterous and playful side, particularly towards hatchlings. However, imbedded in her was a deep sense of inadequacy, truly wishing she was a sought-after, red dorsal. Thus, she often attempted to paint her fins red; her one mate believing she was indeed a red dorsal at the time. One day, she was sloppy with her paint job. Her paws in particular were wet with red paint. This was misconstrued as malevolent beha
  2. I have thus far seen no mean comments; positive or good criticism if anything. It does look like someone isn’t a fan of some of my zombie stories and is rejecting/abstaining them with a sad face. How interesting! I have had reject/abstain for typos (or danged autocorrect), fair enough. But not because the story was sad? I’m guessing thats the reason. Unless there is something I am missing? Maybe I will try to make a happier zombie story, but I am always conflicted with how to write about zombies. On one hand, lore wise, they are mindless killing machines
  3. I dont think Nobelshields have extra info
  4. 3/24 overall https://dragcave.net/view/hOfRl https://dragcave.net/view/DkzNc https://dragcave.net/view/w6IdQ First Wyrm! Glad I got an adult for my efforts.
  5. If possible, Id let the password be unhidden to confirm theres no typos/key shenanigans going on! I almost always misstype a character somewhere if it goes wrong! Or use an autofill option (if its secure). You can change it so you type the action to confirm, but if its not liking the password, I dont think that you can switch it on.
  6. Potentially Useful Groups: New Release Dragon Group Aeon And Temp Colour Form Group Zombie Group Misc Unbreedables (No Vamp) Holiday Dragons Vampires I cant think of what else goes in the ‘Temp colour form’ group, let me know if Im missing something! Celestials added, some turned glowy on 31st Jan. Edit: Bolts added, thanks Edit 2: Private groups opened up, thanks @Dinala1641882
  7. Have: FOpsO coded 2G Tan Ridge x Winter Magi Want: Exact Bloodswap unrelated to This or mates for dragons in This Group Trade Link: https://dragcave.net/teleport/098d2a2de44e9b4405d2ed419758f17b
  8. Either this or increase kill slots (or heck, why not both).
  9. I think all of them with Erador look beautiful!
  10. Oh no, I influenced my to be orange ones I thought it didnt have any effect. I will keep them to test! If they are pink Im sure I can trade for an orange one. The first one to hatch was orange! The other should be good too.
  11. Would be lovely! I sometimes make silly mistakes, and it would be nice to not notice that by action log (or worse, having it gender wrong -_-)
  12. I wonder how the Iratus are with Ke’maro’s? Mundus and Sapo also springs to mind. Even Erador! Itus, maybe Lihnseyre and other orangey or bluey dragons. Tetra maybe. Love the idea of stratos, maybe sunset. Sophos are beautiful, but my brain finds them hard to place sapphire maybe?
  13. Oh no, I influenced my to be orange ones I thought it didnt have any effect. I will keep them to test! If they are pink Im sure I can trade for an orange one.
  14. Gone, enjoy! NR for someone with no oranges or for someone who missed the drop: https://dragcave.net/teleport/3365230cce66e7cac5383753dfabf34c?new=1
  15. They are all so gorgeous!! Because Im a sucker for black and red, the incubate variant is my fave. The others aren't without their charms!! White/blue/red always makes me think of Togekiss, so I love that one a tonne as well.
  16. I like these little guys! If I didn’t see info about the potential of BSAs affecting colour, I would 100% be looking at 8 reds, like I think many people are. I have some hatching in a few hours, they should be pinks. But my brain is like, wait did I do something or not Looking through the action log suggests no, aside a cancelled 1 way trade. If they hatch orange I will laugh! I havent even started with the hybrid, too busy prioritising cave babies. Bred a bunch tho. Hopefully people will enjoy.
  17. True, not even socks! Sometimes when I nip outside, I dont wear shoes TPBM plans to give up something for Lent.
  18. I was quite successful (must be about 10 or so). Only 1 had no interest, only 1 had an RC egg I believe. They should drop in the AP a few days later
  19. I bred my Glysteres when they were both Yellow/Red (one got redecorated to yellow now). One gave a White stripe (after so many no eggs I was disappointed) the other gave a red. Red https://dragcave.net/progeny/kILEA White: https://dragcave.net/progeny/laHKb Its interesting redecorate doesn't show in the action log, I was going to show that I did redeco it but its not in there Man that would be so cool! Being able to do a checker with all the stripe colours in would be beautiful.
  20. My 31st Dec attempts all failed (aside 1 normal revive). First batch for the 31st Jan is ready: Lineaged F Western Cave Born Female Jungle Western Cave Born Male Jungle Western Cave Born Female Volcano Western Cave Born Male Coast Wingless Wish me better luck! I can assemble a second batch this time I will have to grab some randoms.
  21. Finally breeds a floret from my one enraged aegis. Is wrong colour
  22. Huh, didnt know that. Thats pretty interesting. I would love a BSA to predict the colour variant of an egg. Even if people doctor images in trades, I think that is a pretty rare occurrence and is possible with any BSA.
  23. 2G Aastarus x Sweetling https://dragcave.net/teleport/4487b999cac63e96b6a8d93842773f03?new=1