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  1. I do admit Im terrible at keeping track of what I have done. That said, regarding BSAs done on my hatchies: Influence Influenced all Sadly I wasnt paying attention regarding egg positions Incubate Incubated 2 Left 2 I dont think I noticed change between inc vs left alone. Earthquake EQ’d the lot, 3/4 survived, 2 hatched Order seems unchanged by EQ (my normally hatched egg sorts inbetween my forced hatches). Precognition Precog’d a forced hatch, no change in order I have no leads regarding timing… I may wait for TJs to age before getting any ideas.
  2. Man the eastern mint is great Idk how it came up in that thread, but Im glad it did. Mints of all the varieties would be quite something! Two headed would be the silliest I can think of (maybe a three headed mint for chaos).
  3. NR EQ (inc volc variant): 3/8 Hatched (2 Volcanos, 1 Alpine) 2/8 Killed (1 volcano, 1 Alpine) 3/8 Unaffected (2 Desert, 1 Volcano) My luck that I mainly get volc babies out of that Haha. Ah well, at least they grow up a lil faster. FYI think only 1 egg that hatched was incubated (volc) from what I can see in action logs. Maybe I will pluck up the courage to try again another time, should I find someone to hold the volc(s) I may grab and chuck a few cantos in the mix.
  4. You know, there was someone who suggested Balloons have a Float BSA to protect eggs from EQ. Back then, EQ wasnt such a necessity, now maybe its time to revive this idea? I dont use EQ cuz I dont like the fact that dead eggs take up slots for 24hrs, and its whole clutch. At least relieving one issue may assist with backlash. I took a risk, did EQ. Got more Volc hatchies out than the EQ dependant variants But at least I got a single Alpine one. 3/8 Hatches, 2 deaths others unaffected. Not the worlds worst I suppose.
  5. Have: CB Neo with Mugre code (caps messed). Apparently this is Spanish for dirt. Want: Hatchie offers preferred. CB gemshard/Floret/Sapphire/Canto or offers. Link: https://dragcave.net/teleport/c4ebb7520bddc073c2123ce8f3150053 Thanks!
  6. It appears you have accepting aid on. This means that people are allowed to add your eggs to sites to help them along Sometimes people may see a low time egg/new person and add their eggs to a site with good intent. Sometimes, people do this to be malicious unfortunately. Its possible that a previous owner put it on a site during ownership, and forgot to remove also. I dont think you will ever know who put your egg on sites, unless they confess. Like stormcaller said, Id consider hiding the egg and Warding (white dragon breed specific action) if it gets sick. Edit: Had accepting aid, or I totally red that wrong.
  7. I think theres a good candidate in trades atm Bad luck- me being so darn behind with all previous releases now being hit with another Its a good issue to have tbf.
  8. This would be super useful, I tend to have many potential ‘wants’ and often confuse people I think. Then feel awful for declining bc its not quite what I asked for! Side note- some ppl get huge text in their wants, how does this happen? Very odd.
  9. Seconded! I dont even see CBs, and bred ones I actually catch are either: messy as heck, or PB. Neither lineage type are of great interest to me, Id rather I be able to grab a CB/market purchase or breed specifically and change it myself in whatever way possible. Would support hatching <1000 views as long as its possible with a stubborn breed like saphs
  10. -Taken, enjoy!!- Scratch this! I just picked up an Aceldine egg that could make a nice pair, you may have it also: https://dragcave.net/teleport/112247580b1b334227151a4b1b88834e?new=1 FYI Blue Aceldine x Orange Canto breeding pair
  11. Quite a few here! Thanks to anon(s) for: 2G Sabertooth x Pseudo-Wyv https://dragcave.net/lineage/OcOtI 2G Chrono x Sapphire https://dragcave.net/lineage/ACAVV Breeding Pair In AP (Swallowtail x Speckle-Throated): https://dragcave.net/lineage/HctKm https://dragcave.net/view/7ByJs 2G GON x Ke’maro https://dragcave.net/view/JqQeZ 2G Terrae x Red https://dragcave.net/lineage/wDFLv 2G Aether x Red https://dragcave.net/lineage/kAMW9 2G Tri-Horn x Red https://dragcave.net/lineage/9TxI3 2G Tsunami x Pyrovar https://dragcave.net/lineage/gdUCk Thanks Mu-Cephei for 2G Pharos x Black https://dragcave.net/lineage/d4mU7 So many nice things
  12. Keep breeding the egg I want… but forget Im egglocked T_T Thats the fourth time I think now.
  13. Have: 2G code ELnye. Want: Cool offers, prefer mate(s) for dragons in the below groups: https://dragcave.net/group/109609 https://dragcave.net/group/118682 Trade Link: https://dragcave.net/teleport/fdc85d5061260d8d0708cb0436710350?new=1 Thanks!
  14. Cant even load anything, nevermind!
  15. Thought it was me and wiped my cache but nah, should have looked here first An egg for me magically dont exist as well. I wonder if the Market is working… Edit: there may or may not be a cool and somewhat ironic code in the glitch cave… I seriously hope it doesnt go poof
  16. Having the same issue here… I have seen issues in the biomes as well, when eggs are taken they dont move and when I try to look at them they ‘dont exist’
  17. Got killed by glitches too? I fell through the floor on insane! difficulty, and then the doom wall appeared right behind me Sometimes this glitch saves you if you can actually fall forward, so skip a lot of the level, in this case I was stuck falling straight. - Dino Run DX
  18. I was looking for gold, and I found word code Have: 2G Red from gold with the code ‘TwiCe’ (Caps messed). FYI it is a Red Incubater egg, with a red father and gold mother. At time of post, basically bred a few minutes ago. Want: Well, I am debating on whether or not to keep. As it is 5 letter I may be after 2G SAs, or cool codes of a similar caliber if you think it reasonable on my end. Rare CBs (or bred if ND or something) will also be considered. I am particularly interested in female golds, male silvers, any staterae regarding CB offers. Note- I am not too interested in unbreedables (except ND). Feel free to PM an offer, I can send a lineage image/lineage link that way. Otherwise I may come back and put a trade link at a later time. Thanks!
  19. How odd, I thought that it was in the action log? I mean my latest as typical actually killed the egg, but I assume it says repulsed if it was. Cant recall. But its in the action log from what I see.
  20. Encyclopaedia Helpers may also be of good use: To help as well, a Xeno group: https://dragcave.net/group/157318 (^Should be set to public now)
  21. Yes its just incredibly rare, I have seen one in trades. I think its to do with the biome, not the element. So you breed a xeno with a dragon from the Alpine. Alternatively; get one from the market! At 100 shards they are super cheap and you could literally grind 100 today and buy one.
  22. Think I used up all my luck somewhere else, blamed and was ate anyway
  23. I think I used up any resemblance of luck in my first batch 2/10 Adults 0/7 hatchies And I think 6 dodges 😠 Edit: Meant to post them! 2 Headed Wyrm
  24. Oh, ok I guess I didnt recognise them Pretty dragons!