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  1. I am neutral on this overall. However I do wonder, if your egg slots were full and you were successful, would you not go above the slots? Like you can with hatchies.
  2. Eee finally got an Alt Black from a pacified aegis!!! Finally after 3 years of having This 3G Alt Black x Aegis I have bred him a mate
  3. This does sound good, Id add an ‘are you sure’ button after myself.
  4. So I did an oops and forgot to get the TOD for a sun egg I was playing with. Generally just forgot about it. Im now left at 1hr, so I am just gonna viewbomb and see what happens. I know it probably wont turn because knowing me its got ages to go.
  5. A great haul this year, a thanks to everyone who helped me pair off as many unmated Val kin! Valentine 2009 2G Alcedine x Val’09 https://dragcave.net/lineage/LU8v4 Thanks dragonsforbreakfast Sweetling 2010 2G Sweetling x Moonstone https://dragcave.net/lineage/tQk39 Thanks Alayajoy Rosebud 2011 2G Rosebud x Iratus https://dragcave.net/lineage/c5A8b Thanks Anon! 2G Rosebud x White https://dragcave.net/lineage/RHgXo Thank
  6. For the first time in forever, I saw the hatchling wall Thanks to all the spriters and TJ for this lovely DC Valentines! And thanks for the wonderful event
  7. Quick question; if an egg says “1 hour remaining” in the AP is it exactly 1hr, or could it be any time below it? Ok question answered as the egg died half an hour earlier than I thought it would, dang, I swear Ive seen one at 16 mins in the AP before.
  8. I too have (secretly) been yearning the idea of other breed types getting holiday dragons. Even a two headed holiday would be epic.
  9. 3G Bronze Shimmer x Floral Crown if someone needs it! (Prize egg not Val): Taken!! Enjoy
  10. That was you! I saw some low time stuff in Valley and was crossing my fingers. Congrats I hope to try and make one tonight a bunch of low time eggs flew in the AP and I managed to grab a decent candidate. I am anxious to try, I find I tend to unfog waay too early! This time Im not being a pansy and unfogging at 2/3 mins left. Boo it didnt turn and died!
  11. So many spells with so much potential, I am sure we will not be disappointed I love this event, reading based ones are always good fun to me. Plus it now works on my phone properly, which is a bonus.
  12. I think so unfortunately. Managed to get some good things for the mass breed which cannot happen now. Ah well, I was really excited for that. Maybe I will try and grab one of the eggs I made with the intent of neglecting and have a go. But, at least things people want are being done, so thats nice. I wonder how well it will work in the future.
  13. 3G Silver Tinsel from Matchmaker (ST Egg)- TAKEN enjoy!
  14. You are correct, CB Black Sweets were a gift for scrolls affected by that glitch. Those scrolls used to strictly grow Black Sweets. Conversely, unaffected scrolls grow just Pinks. If you trade hatchies, they just converted to the colour, dictated by your scroll. This was controversial and eventually a change happened. Now, Black Sweetling scrolls can grow Pink Sweetlings, providing the Sweetling has pink parents. They can also have Black Sweets, if the parent Sweet is Black. Unaffected scrolls have just pink still, if you trade a black hatch to a pink scroll, I believ
  15. 2G Rosebud x Anagallis https://dragcave.net/teleport/e2800093269950d0eac8e8427cb19941?new= Enjoy @DarkellaLord I thought so too!
  16. RubyThief and WiltingRose! The newest Holiday Vamps.
  17. Hurray! After 1 auto, I now have my first held Holiday Vamp of this year https://dragcave.net/lineage/kqOXZ Im just celebrating no deaths tbh Also, thanks to many kind players, and some planned breeding, I have now paired off so many Valentines kins! I think about 20ish are now paired? Unless I get some lucky AP grabs
  18. I dont breed so many Holiday x Holiday pairings, they are slowly climbing. I can agree with this. I mean I am of the belief there needs to be some form of change to the breeding page just because it can be difficult to find a mate! But having the Holiday mates stay up would be alright to me, and possibly very helpful to others. Ha, this would be cool, as long as it doesn’t use a breed up. The misclick issue over the hols could be very annoying, but thats the same for any misclick in Holiday breeding. A way to reduce this would be to have a
  19. More short sighted, found a neat looking 2G HS, hatched and tossed it back. Now looking at trades, someone wanted a blood swap for that exact pair. *Screams internally* Noooo Now Im determined to find another.