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  1. Last week of work for the year, and I’ve been looking forward to it for longer then I’d like to admit
  2. Was picking up random eggs from AP and found this guy: https://dragcave.net/lineage/j9V7n I love the parents codes, thanks anon! https://dragcave.net/lineage/lnd2g This is pretty, thanks anon https://dragcave.net/lineage/vpplB As is this guy, thanks Neekerisanni123 https://dragcave.net/lineage/YurNg Also found this CB hatchi dropped, again thanks anon!
  3. I love bees, they are fluffy sweet little pollinators, despite being stung by one. I’m a tad cautious, but all around I like touching them and helping them with a sugar water mix or a lift on my shoe if they’re tired. Wasps however seem to be attracted to me, and I repelled by them! They are scary, mean but have not yet *touchwood* hurt me. It’s just they fly in my face, idk why but they just seem to love me. Sorry wasps but it’s not reciprocated!!
  4. It’s worth discussion considering Christmas is coming. After a quick read, I feel stunting would be a good move. Perhaps a risk of death can be present if the dragon is sick for a very long time, maybe over a day or something, but otherwise it would be stunted. If deliberate death by sickness was wanted, it’d leave that open, and those who may not be able to check have a bit longer to do so. Severley ER’d eggs or hatchies don’t often get sick anyways, but ward could help with this as they’re covered for 6 hours. Most hatchies aren’t severely ER’d, so typically should be fine. On a side note, I feel we should have an option to fog all growing dragons, and dragons in trades- the lineage and page would be visible within the trade page.
  5. I’d feel more secure with the option. I don’t usually freeze things, but there are some old CBs Id love to unfreeze- specifically an original bright pink and frill as I think it’d be nice to have an original adult I can breed. A question though (if the hatch was to immediately grow up). What would happen if the hatchi is ungendered, would dragon cave recall the gender it would’ve been as an adult?
  6. I was rather upset when EATW went down, as it was such a reliable site with many useful tools. Ever since, I’ve always felt that things hatch so much slower now I myself wasn’t affected, I got very lucky to have missed it, as I didn’t add my eggs at the time. People who are newer, or not on the forum may not know about viewbombing issues until they fall victim to it, so there should be a way to get the message across. Hatch sites are really important, seeing as they are a the more fullproof method of growing dragons, as is news and updates on them. Maybe the sites should have forum or info section where users can warn of such things- perhaps separate to the site but linked? An idea I thought up was a dragon cave automated hatchery, like a giant incubator which you can opt yourself to put stuff in, and viewing other growing dragons earns shards.
  7. I can do most vegetables when blended, or cut up extremely fine in food, such as spaghetti bolognase. Thanks Feesh for the raffle
  8. Granted, but it’s quite undercooked. I wish time travel existed.
  9. All the babies are too pretty! Thanks to all the donators and Dragoness for running the raffle
  10. Some BSAs Firstly, a BSA to influence dragon type- colour/alt. Secondly a BSA to which can: Completely remove a dead dragons lineage from a particular dragon, for deadlines. Or put a dead dragons lineage back, showing the dead dragons original sprite. It would only affect the selected dragons lineage. Thinking of deadlines, wouldn’t it be cool to have a zombie sprite on lineages? There’s a lot of variety there.
  11. When hunting the Christmas and valentine biomes, I did have a lot of trouble grabbing rarer breeds simply due to the ones everyone already had blocking them up. I did get them in the end but it was really difficult if I recall correctly, as the biome didn’t shift. At Halloween, it was easier as the biome moved effectively, so I even managed to grab the troubling pumpkins! And a fair few cb cavernlurkers from the ap. it’s also easier to gift in Halloween due to the lack of limits, I noticed that people were giving omens this year for example, as they could see and catch them easier. While people did donate cb hollies at Christmas, it would have been quite risky, as there was a chance of not seeing a replacement due to the stuck biome, which would have been off putting for some. I agree with ADP, to make it easier for people struggling having them in the market for relatively cheap is a good idea, along with the limits being raised.
  12. I usually am too lazy to flesh out things, unless I already have pretty lineages I can’t pass up. But what I did was just made a group, and got the idea from the lineage ideas which come after new releases. https://dragcave.net/group/66079 Proud of my truffle x carina line Edit: Thanks @olympe I made this when I was learning how to use groups!
  13. I really wish you could filter while breeding, so it only showed a selected group(s). I have a cave born group, and find it difficult to breed within the group and be free to experiment with different breeds. Also, letting it do stuff like automatically put specific gens in would be great. I had over 800 cave borns to find and add to the group, and dragons I have to keep updating. I have no doubt there’s at least one missing
  14. Realising I don’t have a SINGLE cave born female blue Nebula to help make a lineage rife with them. I never seem to get blue ones
  15. Donated something I hope people will really enjoy christmassy too.
  16. I Want to Sign Up! Forum Name: Ruffledfeathers: https://forums.dragcave.net/profile/234171-ruffledfeathers/ Scroll Name: Ruffledfeathers: https://dragcave.net/user/Ruffledfeathers Group Name: Secret Santa 2018 https://dragcave.net/group/74491 Wishlist: 1. 2G female prize kin from Male bronze shimmer from female blue gemshard, ungendered/Male neglected, CB gold 2. 2G alt black/Undine, 3G Spriter’s alt, 3G thuwed. 3. Purple dino, blue dino 4. CB tan ridgewing, CB red dorsal 5. 2g carina dragon 6. 4G carina x truffle like this dragon but unrelated: https://dragcave.net/lineage/xnxII Egg unrelated to this pretty marrow, but with similar lineage: https://dragcave.net/lineage/aUE6W 7. Red dragon, guardian with pretty lineage, pink dragon (not bright pink) or your favourite dragon lineage. Breeding abilities: Have some Spriter’s Alt related dragons and thuwed dragons, but they will not be perfect checkers: https://dragcave.net/group/70114 Can breed 2G prizes/prizekin from Male bronze tinsel and female silver shimmer, and 2G silver from Male and female silver, 2G gold from Male gold. Can breed 2G holidays. Can breed any cave borns from here: https://dragcave.net/group/66655 Catching abilities: Can catch uncommons, trios can sometimes be caught. Trading abilities: Have quite a few magi dragons
  17. Definitely raising limits, maybe doing them slightly differently? Like you can only take two new cbs of this breed till they grow up- if traded for a day? So then people who are disadvantaged can grab, and there are effectively little limits. Just a random idea, but I’d definitely like 4 so you can do a decent sized checker without risks of losing dragons from killing and such.
  18. The sunset’s facial expression is on point
  19. Hello People! I have been fortunate enough to be blessed with two prizes, a female silver tinsel and Male bronze shimmer, which I love to bits. I feel like sharing that good luck, so I want to make a raffle that people can enter to have a chance to get one of their babies! The rules are simple- If you meet the raffle requirements, you may enter (these will be listed below). NO freezing, killing, abandoning or trading as you will be black listed for doing so. If it dies due to view bombing/sickness, you will be unable to renter for two weeks, and a replacement is not guarenteed, so please take care! You may regift, but please ask me first. Please name them, if you don’t want to fair enough but I like my babies named! Raffle Requirements (Prize Babies): - Bronze trophy and up - Under 10 3G or less prize dragons, or a prizekin which fits the bred dragon, e.g. if you had a falconiform wyvern x bronze shim, and one of the eggs up for grabs is from a falconiform wyvern. Raffle Requirements (Prizekin): - Any trophy level. Please bear in mind, I wouldn’t like the sight of dead eggs! Also, the raffle requirements are subject to change, for example the requirements for actual prizes may be for anyone if I find this suits people better. If you would like to be part of it, please say so, and what you would like to be on the raffle for like below: I would like to enter the raffle! I would like: Prize/Prizekin/Any Please only enter when I have bred and raised the eggs to hatchlings. If anyone has preferences for the mates, do let me know. If anyone wants to join in and breed Prizes, Prizekins or other nice things for the raffle, you are free to do so but please let me know. The eggs have not yet been bred, however both are free to breed. I will see what people are interested in, and put up a poll if it’s a bit varied. Thanks!
  20. Congratulations, you have failed successfully
  21. Haven’t tried it, but probably yuck Marmite?
  22. Thanks @Confused Cat, they are pretty! also I love those autumns!
  23. I’m thinking green fire gems may look nice