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  1. Thanks I love it: https://dragcave.net/lineage/8F8Vq Next year it will have a mate, that being said the SAs will be missing but never mind!
  2. Thank you! I will put a reminder for that on the 17th
  3. 0/5 all disintigrates most recently (night time). I have a question. When do you kill 5 dragons so you have them stay as gravestones on Halloween, and have your 5 kills back so you can have 10 attempts? I am really unsure on how long the kill cooldown actually is, and I dont wanna screw it up. Thanks!
  4. Im egglocked and decided to click a Gaia xeno to see the lineage to tell myself I didnt miss out, because they are usually messy... Its one of the prettiest SA lineages I have seen! Dang I wish I could pick it up. Mind you I probably couldnt make the best use of it.
  5. That you can remove tombstones from lineages, now I have to find a new pair for 2 reds It makes me so scared for most of my dragon pairs, actually. I have a lot of beautiful lineages that I dont want ruined.
  6. If anyone wants any SAlt kins I can breed some. Count me in as well, I may just need a reminder.
  7. Scroll Name: Ruffledfeathers Christmas Dragons I Can Breed Dragons in this group all have mates: https://dragcave.net/group/146004 Done some minor reorganisation so normal checks are first after hol x hol. I will happily breed these free out of season if you are looking for a mate. I have some space this year so am happy to freebreed these pairs I am very forgetful so do poke on the day! Execpt the: Aegis x Flamingo line only for bloodswap unrelated to This dragon 3G Stripe x Holly Reserved 2G Candle x Bronze Shim Reserved 2G Silver tin x 2020 Xmas (Glyster). All These Christmas Dragons Are CB: https://dragcave.net/group/74970 PM to discuss. CinnamonSpirit and SweetSpirit (Holly x GW) are dedicated mates though. Christmas Kin I Need 2G Enraged Aegis x Autumn Note: Would prefer winter for mixed colour checker, but if I could have an Autumn baby I will enrage the current one. 3G Water Horse x Mistletoe This gendered wrong unfortunately, but Id still like to find him a mate! 4G Bronze Tin x BW Will take any unrelated lower gens also. Will trade any breedable thing for this (awful at catching). Christmas Dragons I Need Bold = Willing to trade any breedable dragon, prize or kin (including 2G prize/kin). They are taken this year though but another time! 2G Starsinger x Silver Tin 2G Silver Tin x Holly 4G Water Horse x Mistletoe Will take unrelated lower gen 2G GON x Solstice 2G Flamingo x Solstice 3G Blue FG x Mistletoe 3G White x Ribbon 3G Black Tea x Wrapping Wing 3G Snow Angel x Undine Thanks!!
  8. Haha, I was very good with that when it comes to Xols at 7 days. I derped once when I found an AP CB hours away from hatching... My brain has crosswiring, and when it said to NOT INCUBATE the egg it translated to incubate it so I did For me rn, its to breed time dependent dragons at the right time. Its getting better, but I sometimes thoughtlessly breed one only to realise, oops, its blue fire gem hour not red
  9. Ok so my card is damaged. The site says ring this number or securely message us. I ring the number, theres no option for damaged card. I use the secure message, theres no option for damaged card. Whhhhyy
  10. How strange! Out of curiosity; can you see the egg when you click the view page? If so, if you can see your scrollname/trade partners scrollname, does that show up? Its more of a curiosity thing, but I think if you can see that its supposedly on the scroll, Id think it was lag.
  11. ^ This, but to add never be afraid to get a second opinion if it doesnt feel right. A second opinion saved my mums life twice.
  12. I wish everything could either grow up instantly or I can have infinite egg/hatchi slots
  13. If you want it back you can always rename your parents with your forum info and that youd like it back, most people are quite nice and will return it For me, I was supposed to keep 1 space free to buy a stat from the market, impulse picks an egg up and is now locked for a while Luckily one will hatch soon, I will just need to remember to get the stat before locking myself again.
  14. Wow, very eloquently put! I tend to lose my words when upset, lol. When Dominic Cummings broke the law and had no consequence, I lost any trace of respect I had for Boris Johnson. Im sure a lot of people feel the same. I have seen someone fire their best friend because of a proven allegation so to speak - I know people have it in them to be true leaders. @trystan I am so sorry its hit so close to you I feel so terrible for those its hurt or worse because it can be so disastrous. Its scary how unpredictable the severity can be. Be sure to get flu jabs this year! Glad I had one last year to try and shake off my needlephobia.
  15. I am also bummed, its depressing. We are nothing but money signs to the PM. Its blatantly obvious he isnt concerned with saving people, but the economy. I mean I know its important. But still. He probably doesnt care cuz he thinks, oh Ive had it I cant get it again. So it doesnt affect me anymore. I am almost certain that this is his attitude. Tories care for nothing and none but the 1%. I really cant understand why the working class vote for them, because they dont care less if they die. And thats been so obvious through this whole ordeal. I hope Labour get in at the next vote, but so many people I talk to seem to vote for their parents with boomer attitude (not the age the mindset) and not for themselves.
  16. A few interesting progeny things; someone successfully created an ND which sadly died, and this holiday lineage has had a consistent pattern
  17. Forum Name: Ruffledfeathers Halloweens I Can Breed: I will breed pretty much anything in this group for free: https://dragcave.net/group/135427 I have reordered things a tad! As Halloween has a lot of possibility for misgender, I have organised as such as well as putting holiday/refused pairings up front. Misgenders/strange lines are the last listed. I also have: At least 1 female and 1 male CB of each Halloween (including Pitfire alt forms) At least 1 female and 1 male of most CBs (if I am missing a relevant one I can probably buy from Market). One female and one male upside down mint A female CB silver tinsel A male CB bronze shimmer A link to my Halloween CBs: https://dragcave.net/group/72692/2,0,0 Halloween Dragons Needing Mates Black Marrow: 1- Black Marrow x Blue Neb (With Shadow Walkers) https://dragcave.net/lineage/aUE6W Cavern Lurker 1- 3G PB Cavern Lurker x PB Black https://dragcave.net/lineage/GRANz 2- 4G PB Grave https://dragcave.net/lineage/NcMh5 Halloween Dragons Needed: In this group I may breed 2Gs for myself, however will accept trades for them. I am more interested in 3G+ though. Thanks!
  18. Of those (misgender & dimorph), I only do those where *both* breeds have dimorphism, so it actually would make sense to show up all their beauty. Sounds pretty!
  19. Trying to make pairs for pretty much every even gen on my scroll That leaves me at hundreds to do, including holidays and holiday kin, so I am going to do a couple of audits and maybe not do those that have gendered wrong + have dimorphism (unless it has sentimental value).
  20. I find Apex fun, I havent played in a while though. I tend to play games with my boyfriend, and we recently picked up a new one. Thus thats been the focus, it is very enjoyable in fairness! I main Bangalore, because I like the simpler things. Popping smokes is really useful, I have accidentally killed someone with it before Same with Pathfinders grapple, actually while panic mashing. The air strikes are great for drawing people out or making the enemies go away quite simply. Getting the high ground in this game is pretty crucial to winning, although this is coming from someone who won only once Luckily the game is fun win or lose. Most close losses were because the enemy had good ground and we simply could not get them. I am not sure about the lore, but it does sound interesting.
  21. Thanks to anon for this guy: https://dragcave.net/lineage/rbwpl I am hoping to get an orbidar mate for an interesting lineage. Thanks Infinis for this gold x aceldine (I picked up about 4 of this lineage, only one wanted to be blue!): https://dragcave.net/lineage/kIh8h Perfect for a gold I have waiting! Thanks to anon for these two: https://dragcave.net/lineage/J3v6Z https://dragcave.net/lineage/keOTk These will pair very nicely with 2 other gold dragons I have!