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  1. Good luck everyone, thanks Feesh this is really kind
  2. Set butter on fire, forgot that there was foil on the butter tub when I put it in a microwave to slightly melt it 😳 Cant say how many times I hurt myself in a morning as my depth perception is shot when I’m not awake, but I think the best was thinking a door was open just a little, but it wasn’t and walking into it
  3. On Halloween, have all zombies on the scroll bite 1-5 random dragons each, perminantly zombifying it.
  4. Something I’m still salty bout today. Its great snow angels have different colourations, but not so great when the one your stuck with happens to be your absolute least favourite and you can’t change what you have. When I didn’t know this, I confusedly and frustratedly grabbed a bunch not understanding why I was super ‘unlucky’ until I realised!
  5. First almost cool code, least as I noticed S5XcY Beast
  6. Keep: Ember Abandon: Imperial Kill: Antarean Gold tinsel, silver tinsel, bronze tinsel
  7. My very first was a Guardian. Then I had a red, which I released and regret doing so, white and skywing. I joined after Xmas in 2008 so attempted and failed to get the Xmas eggs
  8. Very happy, got a bronze shimmer I have a deep fondness for shimmers. Also was wondering, is it just the eggs which can’t die from sickness or hatchlings too? Want to see how many views I can get, but don’t want to kill it.
  9. Maybe if you could put a note on the refused offer as to why it was declined may help. So if someone were to accidentally reoffer the same thing you could say I have already declined this, and maybe they’d get it.
  10. I usually bite in hopes of a repulsion, when I accidentally lock myself with a cb I don’t want it can be useful in that regard, it’s worked a few times
  11. Haha same but with veg in general. I’m too carnivorous. Whenever something is cooked by him or his mum, I always have to ask what’s been slipped in this time! I guess broccoli wouldn’t be too hard to hide, so if I had to that’d be it!
  12. Got this lovely thing a few Halloween’s back: https://dragcave.net/lineage/xz64N I’m not sure what looks nice with it. I tend to breed it with a CB stripe, but I wanna make something a bit more interesting
  13. I think I saw that too, when I clicked it it lead to the fogged egg/hatch page. Sadly I don’t have the link, but I do remember something similar happening in the abandoned page.
  14. This could be fun! Personally I like my broccoli binned
  15. I want to be able to take some wild dragons from the wilderness. I have seen some pretty cool stuff in there, including a neglected!
  16. Very pretty tea x 2012 holiday dragon checker! Thanks tishavar!
  17. Bred an egg which I was going to gift. Forgot I was egg locked 😶 I guess I have gifted it to the world now!