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  1. Yea hiding all growing things would be great, and unfog/fog all. Would certainly make my life easier
  2. Congrats to the winners! Will have to breed a pretty to donate for next time
  3. Good point, yes it was, mint is somehow still alive. Ill see if I can find them. Doesnt seem to be the only one tho, so many seem to be getting silly high views for their time left. Maybe people think their immune to sickness?
  4. Keep: Carina Abandon: Mint Kill: Inbred Gold Tinsel Fools mint, CB black sweetling (if you dont already get them, if you do CB pink one) CB alt of choice
  5. Not my bad luck, but clicked on a random fool mint and its really sick, idk if the user has forums to warn seems to be steadily gaining views as well.
  6. Huh, interesting, the sprite for the fog is also upside down for fool mints, correct me if Im wrong
  7. I have taken to fogging everything when offline, that way I get to see things grow but can feel safe they wont get hurt while Im gone.
  8. Im personally leaning towards it, it may cause some drama, but I think pretty much anything does. It would be nice though, your egg above may look quite amusing with both sprites upside down
  9. I like the different body types myself. Personally I feel the problem lies with low numbers for adult kills and chances, as these dont take into account the extra collectables, on top of each gravestone type. Raising kills may help, but if chances are dismal it'll only help so much. Examples of why just lie in people who run several hatchies out of time still having silly low succsess rates. I think maybe at least 10% increase in chance would be fair. To account for revival chances and extra collectables. I think the max chances are 30% on Halloween, but have no idea of what the day time, night time or 31st chances are. I was lucky last halloween as I got 2 out of 5, some people got none. Makes me feel partially bad for succsesses I get
  10. 5 attempts, 1 revive and one new zombie boy: https://dragcave.net/view/76MV I feel so lucky
  11. Added ================ Space
  12. I am for unlimited holiday dragons, but I get that people may struggle to pick them up with higher competition. Maybe you could have the chance to win extra CB holidays from mini daily holiday raffles with a decent winner pool, or maybe complete an event to obtain a CB holiday dragon of choice? Im just trying to think of alternate ways unintrusive to those with poor internet.
  13. I agree, lets hope this can get sorted. Maybe if some more affected post it may pick up steam quicker. Sorry this happened to you
  14. Huh that is interesting, it wouldve had the incubate lifted and lived if it were teleported alive I gather. Strange... I wonder if others are experiancing this too.
  15. Tried with my bronze shimmer: https://dragcave.net/lineage/TL9ca I think gold shimmer would be wonderful The other times I tried breeding there was no interest, waah.
  16. Im trying to grab seasonals from the cave, does it affect cave spawns? If not yeah a spring spree would be amazing! I really adore guardians and red dragons, a massive spree of them would be amazing! I have a few of them which I can breed but not the masses required for a spree
  17. Really lacking in CB gold lunar heralds (only 1 is currently from a market egg) I think I was hunting for some while the gold time was up and didnt find any, idk how much time I have left.
  18. Yes this would be lovely. How would it display on the breeding page tho, thats where I personally would find most use
  19. Thank you so much whoever bred this baby: https://dragcave.net/lineage/V1QT5 Thanks scroll name Mistokitt for this lovely thuwed: https://dragcave.net/lineage/pJTw7 Thanks for this cutie, great code too https://dragcave.net/lineage/CUbbO
  20. Thank you to the donor, good luck everyone
  21. Got a CB falconiform with the code SOwgs way back in 2016, and recentally found a canopy egg with the code sOWgs. Its grown up now and they didnt refuse! Whats the luck of that. https://dragcave.net/progeny/SOwgs Pretty damn happy with that
  22. Username is a carmine wyvern, actual a black tea dragon. I hate tea itself with a passion
  23. I think Ive only ever seen 5ish golds in the cave, and Ive been playing since 2008 christmas time. Got my gold in late Feb, glad I did as the prices went up not long after.