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  1. Have: CB Green Gemshard (Will be Male) Want: CB colour/gender swap Trade Link: https://dragcave.net/teleport/9b8c15aacf431eb30fdbcec9bb40c0af
  2. Have: CB Green Gemshard (Will be Male) Want: CB Colour swap or gender swap Trade Link: https://dragcave.net/teleport/9b8c15aacf431eb30fdbcec9bb40c0af
  3. For someone who needs it: 3G Winter Magi x Gold Preferably for someone looking for one/will do this line. No kill, no freezing, and please gender it female!
  4. Oh sorry, I meant to say I was wondering if it had been seen before I really ought to stop trying to communicate in the morning.
  5. Just a question; I just bred an anagellis x stripe checker and got red: I dont think this option is on the wiki, and this pair gave green in the past. But the wiki I think says blue/green, I guess it makes sense a male can give red.
  6. For someone who needs it: 1- 3G 09 Val x Neb (Influenced male, cant promise it will colour right): https://dragcave.net/teleport/8f640a3697211177a35e89a8fdf3b7ed?new=1 2- 3G F Autumn x Black Marrow (influenced female): https://dragcave.net/teleport/df59b22dd740590cb3d6bd9aa78bae61?new=1
  7. 2G Black x Aegis hatch https://dragcave.net/teleport/dc92592051db82cb5ff0870647e53c53?new=1
  8. I can try for one if youd like as I have a male flip mint
  9. Thanks @Terrafreaky for this mint x arsani: https://dragcave.net/lineage/XtnTP I had a mate lined up for him! And they didnt refuse Also, thanks for this cool coded luminia x winter magi, I gotta keep an eye out for a mate over xmas! Also, to name or leave it with its code, hmm. https://dragcave.net/lineage/rocKz Thanks to @Pippyspot for this shallow water, again pairing off another dragon of mine and thanks to whomever hatched and tossed it back. https://dragcave.net/lineage/fq29u Thanks Danye for this lil guy, again its gonna pair nicely with a dragon I have I was actually slightly stunned when I saw it; it was perfect. https://dragcave.net/lineage/Kg4JW
  10. 4G Gold Wing Snow Angel x White Will probs grow up on transfer or within a few hrs. Please either have a mate or plans to get it one. Do not freeze! https://dragcave.net/teleport/084aa339f0755f4b176f3bbe2e44dfd6?new=1
  11. Bred to AP recently: 3G Gold x Solstice 4G Gold x Heart Stealing I also bred various holiday lines a bit late but hey
  12. Have: 2G Black from pacified aegis Want: Either a: - Bloodswap (egg or alt only, cannot guarantee my egg will alt tho). - An unrelated mate for Him. - Perfect mates (3G and up/ Luminia x CL only) for dragons in group 118682 Thanks! https://dragcave.net/teleport/e289c450ee5926230b082d30caf4eeb2?new=1 Have: 4G White from Gold Wing Snow Angel (will be male). Want: - 4G white from tricolour, unrelated to Her - Perfect mates (3G and up/ Luminia x CL only) for dragons in group 118682 https://dragcave.net/teleport/ff81b3170b13ac27518c2ca1828774b3 Thanks!!
  13. Breeding Pair from AP: https://dragcave.net/teleport/5375153e927ab49ad95072cb39970aa8?new=1
  14. I tried to breed some 2Gs to make 3Gs for unmated Halloweens. One was a purple mischecker- it was a male black marrow x purple line, with male marrow dad. I muddled it up and made a female purple x marrow mischecker instead. Whhy: I only realised in my test breed. Im wondering if its passable, seeing as Id have to wait another year. I highly doubt Id find it a mate without making one myself
  15. Correctly influenced coastal waverunner x water: https://dragcave.net/teleport/4fa22baa380fc1b21db51abfec2e7373?new=1
  16. According to the wiki, probably not. That is what I thought. Thanks!
  17. So people know, in a few hours: - A 3G Gold x Winter Magi will drop - A 3G PB silver will drop Be ready! Tomorrow a 3G gold x celestial will hit the AP.
  18. Quite a few eggs of mine that were low time due to the Halloween wall were bit by Vampires. I bred these on Halloween so people could play with super low time eggs. Is it possible to force an egg to hatch by Vampire bite? As in; if it dies instead of turns it will hatch, or is it a coincidence that people decided super low time eggs should be vamped I am just really intrigued is all. Because I have never personally seen this sort of thing happen, nor did I think it could.
  19. Support, because of all the mentioned reasons!
  20. Thanks for the offer, I will keep this pair though as its not a ‘no interest’ just a no egg
  21. Name : Sunny Goldheart III Breed : Celestial Mate/s : StellarStars Constellaheart III Fail to produce : Anything! Progeny: https://dragcave.net/progeny/keOTk I have been trying since September, I think celestials are really hard to get anything from now; especially when it has a rare mate! Good thing I dont need them for a project, it just makes it easier to audit my dragon groups if they have a kid.
  22. Thats exactly why I put this thread up; as well as the Halloweens. Whether they physically dont grow up in the wild, or pop up to the front, I am happy as they both stop the issue at hand.
  23. Many Pretties This Year! I have a fairly big haul, despite being full up on 2Gs I needed to pair off others! Arcana: Thanks Whitecap for this Bright Pink x Arcana Black Marrows: Thanks Ramani for this Autumn x Black Marrow Checker Thanks Lithunati for this Autumn x Black Marrow Thanks Laura-Lana for this Black Marrow x Autumn Thanks Sara4cows for this Silver x Black Marrow Caligene: Thanks Anon for Caligene x Nocturne Sibling 1, Caligene x Nocturne Sibling 2, Caligene x Nocturne Sibling 3 Thank you anon for this Caligene x Albino Thanks FreakyLittleHobbitLover for this Caligene x Red (already has a mate waiting). Cavern Lurker: Thanks Adrak for this Cavern Lurker x Elux Lucis Thanks 5five5 for this Cavern Lurker x Tercorn Thanks Darth Krande for this Cavern Lurker x Gold Thanks Terrafreaky for the PB Cavern Lurker Thanks Spirit_ for these lurkers: Cavern Lurker x Red Dorsal, Cavern Lurker x Royal Crimson, Cavern Lurker x Royal Crimson #2 Thanks anon for these Stripey Lurkers Desipis: Thanks Anon for this Desipis x Stripe Thanks Terces for this Desipis x Falconiform Thanks Avarule for this Desipis x Xeno Grave: Thanks Okura for this Autumn x Grave Thanks anon for this Aqualis x Grave Kohraki Thanks cyradis4 for this Fever x Kohraki Thanks Anon (I like a mischecker) for this Kohraki x Astaarus Omen: Thanks Anon for this Silver x Omen Shadow Walker: Thanks Littleangelamy22 for this Shadow Walker x Nebula Thanks Tishavara for this Shadow Walker x Xol Thanks Forever_Mone for this Shadow Walker x Mistra
  24. So many hatchies are growing wild Can we please just have them pop up in the AP just before they grow up, even if the AP time is low? No doubt theyd immediately be grabbed. Even if it was just 1 line where they could come up. In Holiday walls, holiday hatches at this time could default to the front.