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  1. Aww its shaped like a friend. Is that perhaps a rosey maple moth? Its beautiful :D I have an adoration for moths and butterflies. 

    Today is already a good day because I released my final painted lady butterfly; I had raised a few caterpillars for my bday, which I purchased :) 

    I had 5 caterpillars, and released 4 yesterday as they were butterflies. The 5th one hatched a few days late, so I released him today. But boy did he make up his lateness with eagerness, he was gone super fast!

    The first to come out was eager too. He flew up into a tree above! 


    The one pictured is one of the first 4 to be released; second to leave the enclosure. It landed on the ground, but since we were in a field, we didnt want it to stay and be stepped on. So the lil guy was carried to a flower. The cheeky thing stayed on the hand and started to feed XD It took some convincing to move him onto the flower. 

    The other 2 didnt want to go, so they had to be slightly convinced. The pair both went off together, it was beautiful. 

    I was happy with the spot picked for the original 4, as I even saw other painted ladies about. I hope the 5th does just as well, its a shame we couldnt go to the far away field a second time for it. Im sure it will be ok, as they are a migratory species found in most places, and flowers are commonplace in peoples gardens.



  2. I Want to Be Added!

    Forum name: Ruffledfeathers


    Prize type: Female Silver Tinsel

    Lineage link: https://dragcave.net/lineage/LUScC

    Prize type: Male Bronze Shimmer

    Lineage link: https://dragcave.net/lineage/UykTl


    Yes, they can and have bred together in the past :) success tends to take a lil while tho.


    I have found silver tinsel is more likely to be successful than my bronze shim; dont ask why cause I dont know either XD  

    Also; I have at least 1 CB of each breed, but like most no female holly, no HM or anything along those lines.


    Trading/other information (optional):  I do enjoy gifting offspring; although I am more likely to initiate a gift by adding it to a contest. These days I often just breed to AP, as I often plumb forget, I am full up or just like the idea of someone randomly finding one :) 


     If you are interested in trading, there are a few options.

    - If you can create a mate for any prize I have, that is good; although most require holiday mates so I get that it may be time based.
    - I love SA/thuwed/HM lineages

    - Finally, I have a few groups containing various dragons whom require mates. A perfect mate for any one dragon will make me happy, even a common one! 
    - I am willing to accept IOUs, as I often have to do these myself anyway!



    Non-Holiday/Seasonal Mates Needed


    Seasonal Or Other Time Specific Mates Needed


    (This group needs more sorting, so some may be in the normal mates by accident!) 


    Holiday Dragons Needing Mates (Non-Holiday Mate)


    Holiday Dragons Needing Mates (Holiday x Holiday)



    Holiday Kin Needing Mates

    (Unless they are gendered wrong and the lineage cant continue using a holiday, I would only like a holiday) 

    Pure Breds Needing Mates


    (I tend to prefer breeding 2 PBs of other species together, so if you were to send a PB of the species or a PB which looks good with it, Id be happy as long as they are the same gen)

  3. I have to agree it was semi exclusive; me being one of the players active when the strats flooded. After that, I dont remember if I even saw one again, although at the time I was only looking for a Jungle Xeno. 

    When I did get them, I was honestly unsure whether they were indeed a glitch or intentional. While Im glad to have mine, its sad so many missed out :( 

  4. Ooh I had my first miscolours, both from ones who bred true previously.


    Red Volcano Parg x Coast Coral = Blue 

    Green Jungle Parg x Jungle Misfit = Blue


    Again; both pairings had bred true at least once before this :) 


    My market parg has bred true every time thus far; although it has only had 3 babies

  5. I realised the prices had dropped so cheekily bought a copper. Then I remembered that it will probably vanish to the ages. Oh well. I just hope the new Xeno eggs I bought dont meet the same fate

  6. Is my patience for this stupid poster basic supplies during a natural disaster, cause Im fresh out with a million more units to remain undelivered XD  

    Also, nice rinse job dishwasher! Bubble bath steak was NOT supposed to be on my menu last night…

  7. The backbutton thing has always been the case for me for the AP; it would sometimes refresh the page tho. The biomes used to refresh after going back, they recently have stopped doing so.

    Im finding a new weirdness! Basically pages randomly become unclickable, i.e. no links work, and I (iphone) have to close and reopen safari/the tab to make it work. Weird. I wonder if its connected to that refresh change, as it started about the same time as it.