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  1. 7 minutes ago, Shokomon said:

    That aside, I'm now up to 2 eggs from each biome and STILL no luck getting a hybrid 

    I was quite successful (must be about 10 or so). Only 1 had no interest, only 1 had an RC egg I believe. They should drop in the AP a few days later :) 


  2. I bred my Glysteres when they were both Yellow/Red (one got redecorated to yellow now). One gave a White stripe (after so many no eggs I was disappointed) the other gave a red. 





    Its interesting redecorate doesn't show in the action log, I was going to show that I did redeco it but its not in there XD 


    On 1/15/2021 at 9:28 AM, Raphy said:


    All except Black (I wish!)



    Man that would be so cool! Being able to do a checker with all the stripe colours in would be beautiful. 

  3. 4 hours ago, Ruby Eyes said:

    (There was a site outtage some years ago that resulted in the database being restored to an earlier point in time, and some eggs that had hatched as alts before and were reverted back to eggs hatched regular afterwards, while a few other individuals did that the other way round.)

    Huh, didnt know that. Thats pretty interesting.


    I would love a BSA to predict the colour variant of an egg. Even if people doctor images in trades, I think that is a pretty rare occurrence and is possible with any BSA.

  4. I wonder if it would help:


    - Having the encyclopaedia link show what specific snow angel variant it would be.

    - As others have suggested altering the wings so it’s obvious what wing variant it is before growing. 


    I think that having the colour default to that of the parent, and also being able to influence eggs would be best imo. Thus in the AP it will just hatch with parent wing colour. 

    A time based system could work, it could be like Fire Gems! If it were time left, I would hate that because we have very little time over Holiday periods. I feel that a clear indication of what colours are bred when, and what colour you have, is going to be extremely helpful. 

  5. Scroll Name: Ruffledfeathers

    Valentine Dragons I Am Willing To Breed


    Even Gens


    The below group contains all my mated valentine dragons:




    This group is organised so that mates are next to each other, and it is arranged according to val breed name. 



    3G Purple x Rosebud


    Cave Borns


    Additionally, I have CBs of each Valentine dragon; not all are from the original year:




    I have CBs of pretty much everything. My silver tinsel is reserved for me along with a Mutamore, but my bronze shimmer is unspoken for. 


    Valentine Kin Needed


    This below group contains all of my unmated holiday dragons:




    Valentines specifically:


    Heart Seeker:

    • 5G Heartseeker x Gold Wyvern (Thuwed)



    Note- the lineage says 6G but it is a liar!

    • 2G Heartseeker x Starsinger



    Note- Probably will breed one 2021 Christmas.


    Radiant Angel

    • 4G Radiant Angel x Vine (SA)



    Will accept lower gens of Radiant Angel/Vine (not alts though, sorry).


    Valentine Dragon Needed


    For any of these I will trade anything in or out of season. 



    • 3G Valentine x Purple Nebula



    I think the miscolour is cool!

    • 4G Valentine x Daydream



    Will accept unrelated lower gens



    • 3G Sweetling x White (Double SA!!)




    • 2G Rosebud x Royal Blue



    Heart Seeker

    • 2G Heart Seeker x Vine


    • 2G Heart Seeker x Red Dorsal




    • 2G Arsani x Spotted Greenwing


    • 3G Arsani x Canopy



    Heart Stealing

    • 2G Heart Stealing x Pyro Xeno (x5 all same parents, what was I thinking XD)


    • 2G Heart Stealing x Silver


    • 3G Heart Stealing x Nocturne




    • 2G Mutamore x Silver Tinsel



    Will breed for myself

    • 3G Mutamore x Silver Tinsel



    Will breed for myself

    • 2G Mutamore x Thunder



    Floral Crowned

    • 2G Floral Crowned x Undine


    • 2G Floral Crowned x Silver


    • 2G Floral Crowned x Bronze Shimmer



    Will breed Male Bronze Shimmer for this, or Silver tinsel (prize baby only for ST).



    Valentines Rough Plan


    Assuming No CB Limits Change, the breed order may not be exact but its an idea!


    8th Feb

    • 2G Arsani x Winter Magi
    • 2G RA x Ribbon
    • 2G Heart Seeker x Ribbon
    • 3G RA x Silver
    • 3G Rosebud x White
    • 3G Soulstone x Kingcrowne
    • 3G Heartseeker x Black
    • 3G Heart Stealing x Deep Sea

    10th Feb

    • 3G White x Sweetling
    • 2G Rosebud x Royal Blue
    • 2G Heart Seeker x Vine
    • 2G Heart Seeker x Red Dorsal
    • 2G Arsani x Spotted GW
    • 2G Heart Stealing x Silver
    • 2G Mutamore x ST*
    • 2G Floral Crowned x Silver*
    • 2G Floral Crowned x Undine

    12th Feb

    • 2G Heart Stealing x Pyro Xeno
    • 2G Mutamore x Thunder 
    • 2G Valentine x Daydream
    • 2G Valentine x Purple Nebula
    • 2G Arsani x Canopy
    • 2G RA x Vine


    Updated 17th Jan 2021!




    Should CB limits be changed, the priority will shift. I will try to max out CBs but still breed any agreed upon trades, and the dragons starred in the list. 

    Additionally, trades/gifts (italic) may affect these plans. I will update in accordance to this.


    I am willing to do blood swaps on all of these listed dragons. Dragons in bold I will be hunting down a bloodswap/trade for!


    Additionally I am willing to swap 2Gs from free caveborns, e.g. Erador, for specific 2Gs of other breeds. PM to discuss :)

    Helpful Info:


    As of now, DC time for me is 5hrs behind, i.e. DC’s 12am is 5pm for me!

    IRL, val may be busy due to exciting personal events, but I will do my best!



  6. 6 hours ago, Murkydepths said:

    Mostly because it'd completely mess up so many lineages. If we still keep the 2 cb limit (I think it should be four) then people would either feel pressured to keep their not-favourite wing colour to keep their lineages intact, or mess them up by switching to their favourite. 


    I still think the best solution is to just up CB limits for v day and christmas to 4.


    Ooh, I see! To be honest I assumed it was gonna be used on fresh eggs.

  7. On 12/31/2020 at 1:37 AM, Long_Before_Sunrise said:

    I've raised Snow Angel after Snow Angel trying to get wing varients. I keep getting the plain gold wing. I wish there was a way to see if the Snow Angel will be a varient before it matures, so I can abandon it for someone who wants a hatchling.


    I did the exact same thing not knowing it was only ever one wing! I was so mad because the wing type I am stuck with is my least favourite. Literally I raised several in vain XD 


    I would love to have different wing colours on my scroll... 

    If we are discussing a BSA, why not just add it to existing CB Snow Angels (or generally speaking all of them)? BSAs always affect any and all dragons of the selected species; i.e. when incubate was added, all red dragons got this ability, not just new ones.


    Randomness when you have one go per year is a no from me! Make it definite. 

  8. Right, here is more!


    Thanks Draconisregena for this lin x winter tide (pretty combo!):




    Thanks Angie Baby for this stripe x holly:




    Thanks Anon for this Lunar Herald x Snow:




    Thanks Affrey for this frostbite x Snow:



    Thanks Spirit_ for this script x Snow:




    Thanks Alayajoy for this Starsinger x Crystalline:




    Thanks @Aqub for this floret x enraegis:



    Thanks anon for this Aso x Aegis:



    Thanks Anon for this Yellow Xyu x Starsinger:




    Thanks Fateweaver for this Aeria Gloris x Ribbon Dancer (have one already, I can probably build something bigger now!):



    Thanks anon for this mistletoe x winter seasonal:




    Thanks Fateweaver for this undine x ribbon dancer:




    Thanks Ticktokism for this GON x Ribbon dancer:




    Thanks anon for this Venturis x Holly:




    Thanks Flower0999 for this Aastarus x Winter Magi




    Thanks Windnose for this LH x Snow:



    Thanks Anon For this Labradorite x Solstice:




    Thanks Aola for this Spinel x Yule:




    Thanks Djengis for:


    This Fever x Wrapping wing (has a mate waiting!)



    This WH x Mistletoe (will at least have a mate by next year):




    Thanks Waldmensch for this Mistra x Candy Cane:



    Thanks Jashypoo for this Garland x Khusa:




    Finally, thank you @bloodonmyfangs for this 4G Frill x Snow Angel (Great for this Lonely dragon) :




    There will likely be a few more in time :) 

    Until then, Happy New Years!

  9. Xols are pretty, Aastarus, Elux, Mistra too!

    Stratos would be nice for the colour changes, I think only Spirit wards also change colour? 

    I could swear I was thinking of a specific dragon but now I cant remember XD 


    Randomly, I wonder how green coppers would do? Coppers tend to look nice with most things.

  10. Fair enough! It is nice to know that they are well loved :)

    I agree that the mix is fine at this moment.

    I have caught 30+ Xmas dragons this year, with the intent of pairing them off by the next season, or they are already paired. On top of the 91 (roughly) pairs I already have, there will be more higher gens about. Meanwhile, Xmas CBs are at 28 dragons, and only grow by 2 yearly. 

    You can kind of see why it does look like something can arise, eventually. Even with some people filling in missing CBs, or new users collecting them.


    I have no issue with higher gens, they can be really good finds! I just wonder whether they will eventually dominate the AP Holiday wall, and make 2Gs comparatively rare, as they do grow because of people like me who like to create lines. I would be sad if they became a rarity as they would limit my play.

  11. 3 minutes ago, VixenDra said:

    I'd rather see multiclutches reduced to 2 eggs (allowing thigns like SAs still abailable to regular players at all) and a 2-week breeding season (to sompensate for half the size of a multiclutch), still allowing 4 holiday eggs per parent a year but spread out over twice the time. This would also work best if accompanied by the AP tweak that would allow non-holidays to be caught instead of JUST holidays.

    And no CB limit.Those eggs just sit there 90% of the last day.


    Ahhh Id love to be rid the CB limit!


    This is a nice idea as well. I think something like this is being discussed? 

    This solution is going along the lines that, for whatever reason, a change like this is not implemented. I think the jury is out on it still. I would love 2 different breeds, idk if it would be changed. I would love no limit, however I am not 100% confident this will happen. Time will tell!


    Newer players may still have issues if 2Gs become rare, which they could do, even in a no CB limit set up. The extra breeding period would be helpful coupled with no CB limit tho, no doubt. 

  12. 1 hour ago, HeatherMarie said:

    To me, this seems like a suggestion to combat something that *might* become a growing issue in the next handful of years but doesn't actually seem to exist as a real issue yet. Which means it doesn't actually need such a limiting and biased 'solution' yet.

    A good point! There is no intention for it to be implemented right away, it is more of an implement if and when it becomes needed.


    It is true not all Hols will be bred; CB and bred. But, I do believe that a lot of people like me love to breed new pairings during Holidays! Its lovely to have them grow. But I would not like the 2Gs becoming rare, it would make the season not so exciting, because I sometimes can find 2Gs which can build up a mate for higher gens. 

    3 hours ago, Shadowdrake said:


    I can breed siblings of this only twice a year. I wouldn't be happy if they only ever made 2 eggs.


    It is right, it likely wouldnt be very fair for 2 every time. I may amend how the clutch works in this hypothetical scenario. 


    2Gs are fairy new player friendly, while higher gens can be very useful in specific situations, or inspire new lineages.

    However, it is likely that, especially Val and Xmas 2Gs will comparatively become harder to find than 3G+. 

    I breed higher gens, but I often times did not put them together by myself, i.e. they came via trade/gift. I do think its amazing the work put in for them! I would love to myself, but never find the time nor space to bring it past 4/3G.


    Evening the playing field in the coming future is what this suggestion is for, but I am open to criticism. 


    The specific clutch rules for 3G and up are not set in stone, but the idea was to have 2G producing pairs breed 4 eggs, to just counterbalance the eventual increase.

    Perhaps leave it at 2Gs can get 4, 3G+ can get 3? You can still get a good number with 3, but it gives the 2Gs just a little chance to populate. Especially when coming from the newest Holiday! 

    This solution only came into my mind when I remembered seeing something about clutches of 4 potentially disappearing in future. Something will change with clutches, I am sure of it.

    Higher gens can be beautiful and are wanted. But 2Gs are as well! They just need a little extra I believe to compensate for their limited number. Could be wrong! But it may make more sense in future.


  13. Pinkgothic does a better job of describing it than me XD 


    The measure is more to counteract the effect of the multiplying higher gens, not to attack anyones play style. I am horrible at explanation, so I do apologise! 

    I didnt consider holiday x holiday, it is a very good point! Maybe that could be taken into consideration when it comes to the clutch rules, but on the flipside, I dont want to complicate things. 

    Thank you for the replies! Agree or disagree, thanks, its good discussion.

  14. Multi clutches will be affected one way or another, because there will simply be too many eggs eventually. To be honest, there are much more breedable lineaged dragons than CBs. Thus theres going to be a load more in the cave than the 2nd Gens. Having more in circulation just allows players who collect them to still have a better shot at it. And the lineaged ones may have a reduction, but honestly something limiting multi clutches going to happen anyway.

    There should still be plenty to find!

  15. It is a fact that, except in Halloween, the number of CB dragons of a Holiday dragon which will be bred in the Hols will not change much.


    There will be new users/those who only grabbed specific CBs that year, but I am in the belief that this is the minority.

    Even during Halloween, I am confident bred eggs still top the CBs grabbed. 


    However, dragons which can produce Gen 3 dragons and above exponentially increase yearly. 

    Because of this, I propose that a clutch producing pair of CB dragons during the Holiday breeding season can maximally produce 4 at say 70% chance, 29% chance of producing 3, and 1% chance of producing just 2 in a multi clutch. 

    Conversely, any pair which produces a Gen 3 egg and up can only maximally produce 3 eggs; maybe something like 60% chance to produce 3, 40% for 2?

    Additionally, dragons which, say when paired produce a Gen 5 egg, will only ever produce 2 eggs. Note- Gen 5 is an arbitrary suggestion.


    I feel as pretty as some are (and I myself have and breed affected dragons), unless people scanning the AP specifically want the pairing, or care not for lineages, it will take a longer time to be taken. And if it is, often it is hatched and tossed again.

    Spaces are very very tight, and it just makes little sense to take it up with something you cannot hope to pair (at least in my view) or will never use anyway. I used to not care about lineages, much to my regret XD However back then, there was much less Hol dragons on scrolls.


    I feel that this will help with the evident, ever growing imbalance. Additionally, it should help cut the number of less popular eggs which you keep accidentally grabbing over and over, much to your insanity! At least they make good Vamp fodder :P


    I am aware that higher gens or messy lineaged dragons are liked by some/useful for freezing. But, the numbers of these in circulation only seem to grow every year, because enough people breed the newer ones too; or breed their Hols with a random messy. 

    Hopefully it will balance the scales without removing multi clutches entirely. 

    I do not know how popular this will be, but it is obvious something needs to be done because the imbalance is becoming more and more evident every year.

    I have no issue with higher gen dragons; I love seeing all the pretty things people create! However, their numbers grow, while 2nd Gens dwindle in comparison. Even in higher numbers, lots of people would not say no to a pretty 2nd Gen in the AP.

    Unusual pairings may take slightly longer of course, but they are likely easier to stomach than other unusual AP grabs, especially during the low times. Plus, 2nd gen swaps are not uncommon trading requests which can be fulfilled.


    I am personally someone who does have some higher gens to breed. I dont give a donkey if they produce just 2; hell even 1 (I wouldnt go that far tho). I can still gift/trade/keep the one, and one other user can grab the other. If there is a burning to produce 4 7th gen eggs, I am dying to know! Because I have no doubt that very few people specifically will look for that. 

    Id much prefer 2nd Gens to be in a clutch of 4; because then that would be 4 eggs rapidly cleared away rather than 4 eggs grabbed and dropped repeatedly (happens with most high gen eggs, as well as low gen steps/spirals or messies- my Holiday Vamp experiments are such eggs).

    I tend to always breed my prizes with hols too, so that would give someone 3-4 chances of grabbing something nice; I also see SAlts and HMs are bred too, it would spread the love a little and maybe give someone a better chance to catch one!


    What do people think? 

    I know the idea may be controversial and perhaps catered to certain players, but these players are the majority as far as I am aware, and honestly, it is not like there is massive competition for them in the first place. This just makes the AP selection fairer to those who want 2nd Gens.