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  1. Have:


    2G Kyanite from Pumpkin


    FYI I will zombie attempt the father Kyanite! I cannot promise it will turn, and state that if it properly revives, I will let it live. If it dodges, it dodges however I will retry another time. 




    2G Zombie attempt x Pumpkin.


    I accept the same terms as above :) 


    I will also accept any from holiday as I kinda wanna try and start a line (only zombies at base tho). Any zombie type as long as its a 2nd Gen baby (and the holiday is not killed but partner as Im unprepared to match that).

    Trade Link:




  2. 4 hours ago, 0x08 said:

    Any standard dragon should work. Pygmies, two-headeds and non-dragons won't turn.

    Oh, I should clarify! I mean as effectively as using Prizes/Zyus/GONs when using insta hatch methods.

  3. Missed a gold in the cave, all because theres too many random breeds with ‘metallic’ in the descrip :( First I have seen in a stupidly long amount of time, not for lack of trying.


    Note: if double posted sorry, having some trouble with physical mobility as its getting colder :(

  4. Took several weeks maybe months to finally get a different Xeno from a miscolour pair, of course it refuses despite fertility 😠 


    Please at least have fertility not allow refuses. Its near impossible/aggravating to replace certain mates…